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  • You might think this is a hotel, but it's not.

  • My first impression of digital nomad life?

  • It's pretty fancy.

  • They've even got the flower on the bed, the bathtub made of stone in the bathroom

  • and yoga classes in the morning.

  • So I'm going to try to sleep so that I can wake up for that.

  • Well, I didn't actually wake up in time for yoga, but I did manage to explore my new home,

  • which is a co-living space called Roam in Bali, Indonesia.

  • So, what exactly is a co-living space?

  • That's what I'm trying to find out so I'm here for two nights.

  • Usually though, guests are asked to stay for at least seven nights, especially if it's their first time.

  • Hey Oktay, how's it going?

  • That longer-stay criteria goes to the heart of co-living, which creates communal living arrangements,

  • often for professionals who have jobs which can be done remotely.

  • First things first, I want to check out the rooftop co-working space

  • and that's where I meet Matt and his girlfriend, Haley.

  • Matt is an augmented reality designer from Britain, who's been living in the U.S., while Haley is a coder.

  • They've both taken a year-long sabbatical from work.

  • Would you describe it as like, a glorified youth hostel?

  • Oh yeah.

  • That's not a bad explanation for it.

  • Co-living is maybe another word, for like an adult youth hostel.

  • That sounds worse.

  • That sounds worse?

  • Adult youth hostel?

  • Not in that way, but more of a, I guess, a youth hostel for people that also

  • want to get some personal pet projects done and work done.

  • For Matt, digital nomad life has been a chance for him to build up

  • the portfolio of work he's more interested in pursuing.

  • But he's stayed at several Roam spaces and likes the co-living lifestyle,

  • mainly because it attracts a community with more like-minded individuals.

  • That's a sentiment echoed by Aaron, who's a cybersecurity consultant from the U.S.

  • Hi.

  • Hi, good morning!

  • Over breakfast at a totally raw and vegan restaurant next to Roam,

  • he told me he's been traveling around the world for more than a year.

  • He's been staying in hotels, hostels and Airbnbs but he's finding that co-living hits a sweet spot.

  • When you're doing a co-working space or digital nomad space like this,

  • you tend to meet more people in a similar sort of realm as yourself.

  • Maybe not the same industry or business, but the same, a similar lifestyle and mindset.

  • They're working professionals who enjoy traveling as well.

  • Meeting people is the main draw.

  • I'm not sure how I feel about having to socialize while on vacation but hey, you only live once.

  • Luckily for me, Roam is an easy place to meet new people, even if you are an introvert.

  • You get a comfy room, but the communal spaces are so relaxed

  • that you'd want to make your own food in the kitchen, or just relax by the pool.

  • Roam emphasizes community and is one of the most successful co-living businesses.

  • It's raised at least $3.4 million and has spaces in Miami, San Francisco and Tokyo,

  • with more set to open in New York and London.

  • In fact, co-living is set to get even bigger around the world

  • as there is a mix of established companies and start-ups throwing their hats into the ring.

  • Real estate giant CapitaLand has launched a co-living brand called Lyf

  • which it's trying out at a university in Singapore.

  • It's a concept that will appeal to young professionals, and the company will be taking

  • the concept to countries like China and Thailand.

  • Meanwhile, startup Hmlet is using co-living to solve a problem

  • for those living in cities where housing is expensive,

  • think Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Sure, digital nomads can just work out of cafes,

  • but Aaron thinks co-living has the potential to become a staple for them.

  • Hi!

  • Hey!

  • Well, I'm not quite a nomad, but my verdict on staying at Roam?

  • I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I did.

  • But it's really hard not to like staying in a community where people, for the most part,

  • have jobs they're passionate about, and big dreams.

You might think this is a hotel, but it's not.


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