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  • are we doing over here in Brampton Ontario Canada your parents basement one

    我們在布蘭普敦做這件事嗎 加拿大安大略省你父母的地下室之一

  • trading apartment indeed and it's exciting because we're

    交易公寓 的確,這令人興奮,因為我們

  • gonna be doing something fun today so we're going to be doing an Indian snacks

    今天會做點有趣的事 我們要去做印度小吃

  • taste test yeah go along with the India video series that we've been releasing

    味道測試是的,和印度一起去 我們一直在發布的視頻系列

  • so we're gonna be taste testing ten different Indian food items and we

    所以我們要進行味覺測試 十種不同的印度食品,我們

  • just picked those up at the grocery store in fact there's a really big

    剛在雜貨店買的 店裡實際上有一個很大的

  • grocery store an Indian grocery store just three blocks from this house we

    雜貨店印度雜貨店 離這所房子只有三個街區

  • didn't have to drive we just walk just walked over there we just walked about

    不用開車我們就走 走到那邊,我們只是走來走去

  • like maybe a ten minute walk yeah what's it called it's called an Asian food

    大概步行十分鐘,是的 它叫做亞洲食品

  • center okay yeah yeah so we decided to cap it off at ten but honestly we could

    中心好,是的,所以我們決定 上限為十點,但老實說我們可以

  • have brought over like fifteen acts because there is a huge selection of us

    帶來了十五項行為 因為我們有很多選擇

  • I'd say I'd say a hundred yeah you were being modest up here I mean we could

    我會說我是一百個,是的 在這裡謙虛我是說我們可以

  • have brought a hundred snacks to show this we'll probably do more of these

    帶來了一百種小吃來展示 我們可能會做更多這些

  • it's basically a combination of savory and sweet Indian snack exactly we

    它基本上是鹹味的結合 和印度甜零食正是我們

  • decided we were gonna buy ten and like after the first two minutes of being the

    決定我們要買十個 在開始的前兩分鐘之後

  • store we already had eight in their cart I'm like oh you're gonna stop Audrey

    商店,我們的購物車中已經有八個 我就像哦,你要阻止奧黛麗

  • we're gonna go through all the different aisles yeah that's just how much variety

    我們將經歷所有不同的 過道是啊,到底有多少種

  • there is but I can't wait to try everything and there are a few things

    有,但我等不及要嘗試 一切,還有幾件事

  • that I do recognize from her gift these trips to India and others that are

    我確實從她的禮物中認出了這些 印度和其他國家的旅行

  • completely and new and foreign to me so you know fun trying what's the most

    對我來說完全陌生 你知道最有趣的嘗試

  • recognizable thing for you I think yeah let's say beer so we actually have

    對你來說可識別的東西我想是的 假設啤酒,所以我們實際上有

  • shared memory of yeah having this weird you so she ate this one I remember like

    是的,共享記憶 你讓她吃了我記得的那個

  • the overnight train ride and just like loading up on snacks exactly yeah so it

    過夜的火車,就像 裝滿零食是的,所以

  • was almost almost always

    幾乎差不多 總是

  • every time we took a train riding idea we would get these chips there's a

    每次我們乘坐火車的想法 我們將獲得這些芯片,

  • joyful magic masala flavor yeah please yeah you pick them up at the train

    快樂的魔術masala風味,是的,請 是的,你在火車上接他們

  • station super cheap you can actually see the price here this one is 20 rupees and

    站超級便宜,你實際上可以看到 這裡的價格是20盧比,

  • you know what's interesting is that each country tends to have like its own ship

    你知道有趣的是每個 一個國家傾向於擁有自己的船

  • flavor like here in Canada it's all about the ketchup chips I'm pretty sure

    像加拿大這裡一樣的味道 關於番茄醬芯片,我很確定

  • you can't get it in the US just in Canada ketchup chips and an India masala

    你不能在美國得到它 加拿大番茄醬和印度咖哩

  • chips yeah but okay before we go through all the snacks I thought that we could

    是的,但是在我們經歷之前 我認為我們可以做的所有小吃

  • make ourselves a cup of tea because one of the things we bought is chai masala

    讓自己喝杯茶,因為 我們買的東西是柴馬薩拉

  • chai and it's instant chai latte


  • that's great we've already boiled the kettle yeah we're good in that regard

    太好了,我們已經煮沸了 水壺是的,我們在這方面很好

  • ten in a box yours unsweetened it says zero sugar just I get water you have

    一盒十個,你不加糖的說 零糖就給我水

  • spices cinnamon cardamon ginger clove and black pepper yes it contains milk

    香料肉桂荳蔻姜丁香 黑胡椒是的,它含有牛奶

  • okay trouble opening this I feel like I'm going to need scissors unless you

    好吧麻煩打開這個我感覺 除非你我要剪刀

  • can do it it might work good okay there we go

    可以做到這一點可能很好 我們去

  • pour this into our cups yeah as such and we'll get some hot water I'm gonna smell

    把它倒進我們的杯子裡 我們會喝些熱水,我會聞到

  • it oh man you smell good I smell the ginger

    它 哦,你聞起來很好,我聞到姜了

  • I saw I smelled a ginger and the cinnamon really well for your water he's

    我看到我聞到姜味了 肉桂真的很適合你的水,他是

  • close why he doesn't trust me I've already knocked down the set we have we

    結束為什麼他不相信我 已經擊倒了我們擁有的場景

  • have light behind us like the real one I tripped on the cord I almost knocked our

    像真實的我一樣在我們身後照亮 絆倒了,我差點敲了我們的

  • camera down man goodness that didn't fall but I knocked one of the light down

    相機倒下的人天哪 倒下,但我把其中一盞燈打倒了

  • yeah I'm having a bit of a clumsy uncoordinated day

    是的,我有點笨拙 不協調的一天

  • cheers Cheers tea time T time yeah it's a perfect time

    歡呼,歡呼,下午茶時間,T時間,是的, 完美的時光

  • oh the aromas are just sensational yes Wow and this reminds me of like

    哦,那香氣令人著迷 是的哇,這讓我想起

  • having chai when we're riding the trains as well it when you pull into a stop

    我們坐火車時有柴 當你停下來的時候

  • them on board yeah it's better chai wallah tight

    他們在船上是更好的柴 緊身衣

  • becoming through the you know down the aisle and we would drink like an

    通過你知道下來 過道,我們會像喝

  • impressive amount of chai yeah by the time our train trip is over we called it

    令人印象深刻的柴耶 火車旅行結束的時候我們稱之為

  • a stack of child amount o little paper cups a little bit our one on top of the

    一疊孩子的數量或一點紙 杯子一點我們的頂部

  • other yeah the leaning tower of China yeah Paul that's nice

    是的,中國的斜塔 是的Paul很好

  • and I like it I'm sweetened yeah me too good I mean typically when we've had it

    我也喜歡,我也很甜 好,我的意思是通常在我們吃完之後

  • in India has very City it has been Sweden but it gets flying on his own I

    在印度有非常城市 瑞典,但是我自己飛

  • feel like we should start with something sweet perhaps some cookies since we've

    覺得我們應該從某件事開始 自從我們以來,甜蜜的也許有些餅乾

  • already got the chai going you know started dunking them in sounds good what

    你已經知道柴去了 開始用聲音灌籃

  • do you think what about this why don't we start with this sure so this is make

    你覺得呢為什麼不 我們從這個確定開始,這就是

  • Miata cookies for new Greek wheat cookies and it says it tastes even

    新希臘小麥的Miata餅乾 餅乾,它說甚至味道

  • better than it looked yeah zero trans fat and cholesterol what

    比看起來好 是的,零反式脂肪和膽固醇是什麼

  • comes to mind smells like spices yeah this mmm nice crunchy and buttery that's

    聞起來像香料一樣 這個好吃的鬆脆的黃油

  • my first impression of how I like these yeah they're not overly sweet I would I

    我對這些東西的第一印象 是的,他們不是太甜蜜,我會

  • would describe them being as like to have a little bit more of a buttery

    會形容他們就像 多一點黃油

  • taste yeah yeah then a sugary like buttery cookies and like perfect for tea

    是的,然後像糖一樣 黃油餅乾,非常適合泡茶

  • or coffee I would say perfect for dunking really who are we kidding like

    或咖啡,我會說很適合 扣籃真的是我們在開玩笑嗎

  • this is what I want to be doing show us how it's done

    這就是我想做的向我們展示 怎麼做

  • I really like dudes like give me a nice cup of chai and a box of these cookies

    我真的很喜歡帥哥給我一個好 一杯柴和一盒這些餅乾

  • these would have been great on that how they train right sup with our job it's

    這些本來很好 他們在我們的工作中訓練了正確的習慣

  • nice how the chai resets your palate yeah it's gonna be great as we continue

    很高興柴會重設您的味蕾 是的,隨著我們的繼續,它將很棒

  • this tea we're gonna use it as our pellet cleanser guys

    這茶我們會用它作為我們的 顆粒清潔劑傢伙

  • one down nine to go Oh what do you want to try Lays chips well let's go with it old

    一倒九走哦,你想要什麼 很好地嘗試Lays籌碼讓我們把它變老

  • familiar favourite okay the chippies joyfull magic masala lays

    熟悉的最喜歡的好嗎 嬉皮士歡樂滿魔瑪薩拉奠定

  • I'm excited worthy I like leadership I like trying a new flavors and stuff but

    我很高興值得我喜歡領導 喜歡嘗試新口味和新東西,但

  • so long we've had these so much that's gonna be like you just got written in

    很久以來,我們有這麼多 就像你剛被寫

  • for the first time Oh some is awesome yeah it does memories yeah we

    第一次哦,有些是 很棒,它確實有回憶,是的,我們

  • can we can we could be on a train you know one of my favorite train rides ever

    我們可以在火車上嗎 知道我最喜歡的火車之一

  • was when we went from Delhi to jaisalmer what a journey that is super long

    當我們從德里到齋沙默爾時 多麼漫長的旅程

  • overnight uh-huh the scenery changes completely by the time you arrive in

    一夜之間,呃,風景變了 完全在您到達時

  • jaisalmer desert desert oh yeah a magic masala oh and you know a

    傑伊瑟爾梅爾沙漠沙漠 哦,是神奇的瑪薩拉哦,你知道嗎

  • little bit of a burn in the back delayed on seven yeah yeah this is this is a

    背部有點燒傷延遲 在七個是的,這是一個

  • real deal it's authentic if you won't like it

    真正的交易,如果你不這樣做,那是真實的 喜歡它

  • it's basically an explosion of flavors and ingredients it's so good those

    基本上是口味的爆炸 和成分都很好

  • chippies feel like watching Netflix or something with you and for those of you

    芯片感覺就像在看Netflix還是 和你在一起的東西

  • who have been watching the Indian series so far with Sam and David a few people

    誰一直在看印度系列 到目前為止,還有山姆和大衛

  • have asked where's Audrey why didn't Audrey go there she is

    問過奧黛麗在哪裡,為什麼不 奧黛麗去那裡了

  • I'm here but honestly it was a boy's trip and these two guys planned it's so

    我在這裡,但說實話這是男孩的 旅行,這兩個傢伙計劃的是如此

  • last-minute well so quickly in all fairness David

    最後一分鐘 公平地說,大衛如此之快

  • had planned it well in advance but it was so nice of him to invite me on the

    提前計劃好了,但是 他很高興邀請我參加

  • trip yeah I I think I got ready within just a few weeks ended up going with

    是的,我想我已經準備好了 僅僅幾個星期就與

  • David on that trip yeah it was awesome like we have so many more episodes to

    David在那趟旅程中,很棒 就像我們還有很多情節

  • come out what we're planning on doing actually is we're gonna be filming a lot

    得出我們計劃做的事情 其實我們要拍很多東西

  • of videos together about India related content and we couldn't be in a better

    關於印度的視頻在一起 內容,我們不能處於更好的狀態

  • location right now because Brampton has has a really big Indian population in

    因為布蘭普頓有 在印度有很大的印度人口

  • Canada and that means a lot of amazing Indian restaurant Indian markets like

    加拿大,那就意味著很多 印度餐廳印度市場如

  • the food here in Brampton is really good so we'll do some takeaways because

    布蘭普敦這裡的食物真的很好 所以我們將做一些外賣,因為

  • restaurants obviously aren't open at the moment to dine in we're also gonna

    餐館顯然不營業 吃飯的時刻我們也要

  • attempt trying some Indian cooking for the first time so yeah there's gonna be

    嘗試嘗試一些印度烹飪 第一次,是的,將會有

  • a lot of Indian content which will involve not just me but you too

    很多印度內容 不僅涉及我,還涉及你

  • I'll be around but I have been to India before twice actually

    我會在附近但是我去過印度 之前兩次

  • so it's not like I skipped out on the whole trip and I haven't experienced it

    所以這不像我跳過了 整個旅程,我還沒有經歷過

  • my first trip I did to India was actually with my sister and we went for

    我去印度的第一次旅行是 其實和我姐姐一起,我們去了

  • a family friend's wedding yeah yeah also my boss it was like family what was your

    家人朋友的婚禮也是 我的老闆就像家人一樣,你是什麼

  • job back then I was working at a cafe young this is before we met and I also

    那時我在一家咖啡館工作 年輕,這是在我們見面之前,我也

  • did a big trip to India before we met that was actually one of the one of the

    我們見面之前去了印度大旅行 那實際上是其中之一

  • best trips I've ever done and we're actually gonna be telling stories from

    我做過的最好的旅行,我們 實際上會講故事

  • our past India trips I'll go I'll go more into that in another episode let's

    我們過去的印度旅行我會去 在另一集中,讓我們更多

  • do one more savory one how about these awesome so this is called spicy parm

    再做一次美味的這些 太棒了,所以這被稱為辣醬

  • spicy wheat flour chips you look like this they're kind of like squared ships

    看起來像麻辣的小麥粉 這有點像方舟

  • oh man good let's melt again the smell you know what was it smells a bit like a

    哦,天哪,讓我們再次融化氣味 你知道那聞起來有點像

  • samosa yeah thing yeah yes yes yeah I wonder if it's like the samosa dough and

    samosa是的,是的,是的,是的,是的,我 想知道它是否像薩摩薩麵團和

  • it's just like the little pieces have been chopped and fried it could be if it

    就像小碎片 被切碎和油炸,如果

  • is please let us know cheers Cheers you know what it does it

    請讓我們知道 歡呼,你知道它做什麼

  • tastes like the corners of a samosa all you need is a sauce green sauce red

    嘗起來就像薩摩薩的角落 您需要的是醬綠色醬紅色

  • sauce the spicy song yeah exactly okay so would go great with the Chinese

    調味辣歌是的 好吧,中國人會很棒

  • or even like a yogurt sauce because this has got a lot of spice like it packs

    甚至像酸奶醬一樣,因為 有很多喜歡的香料

  • some punch yeah that's good so far I want to say like everything that's like

    打了一拳,到目前為止還不錯 想說一切像

  • three out of three my turn to choose we're gonna be going for something real

    輪到我選擇的三分之三 我們將要去追求真實的東西

  • sweet okay Indian fudge guys and this is cold

    甜美的印度軟糖傢伙,這是 冷

  • besan barfi but he said boy defeat its chickpea fudge Wow Wow super interesting

    貝桑·巴菲,但他說男孩打敗了它 鷹嘴豆軟糖哇哇超級有趣

  • I've only ever had like milk lunch milk chocolate fudge this is like the real

    我只吃過牛奶午餐牛奶 巧克力軟糖,這就像真正的

  • deal like this is like thick fudge like this is heavy in the end and this was

    這樣的交易就像濃密的軟糖一樣 最後很重,這是

  • the one thing that your mom was telling us she wanted to try them oh yeah yeah

    你媽媽講的一件事 我們她想嘗試他們哦,是的,是的

  • the groceries sandwich showing her everything you got she was like yeah

    雜貨三明治向她展示 你得到的一切她都像是的

  • she's like I had footage yeah we're not gonna eat the whole square and

    她就像我有鏡頭,是的,我們不是 要吃整個廣場

  • guys let me tell you Sam love fudge like he is obsessed while you

    伙計們讓我告訴你山姆 愛軟糖,就像他迷戀你一樣

  • eat I can share some embarrassing story right there there have been occasions

    吃我可以分享一些尷尬的故事 就在這裡

  • like we also have fudge here in Canada but it's like maple syrup flavored and

    就像我們在加拿大也有福吉 但是就像楓糖漿的味道

  • especially around the holiday time it's really popular and Sam has bought fudge

    特別是在假期附近 真的很受歡迎,山姆買了軟糖

  • like whole bricks to give away as a gift and then he's eaten them all they didn't

    像整塊磚一樣贈予禮物 然後他把它們吃掉了

  • make it they didn't make it through the recipient which is usually my favorites

    他們沒有通過 收件人,通常是我的最愛

  • yeah or my parents just never arrives they arrive it's like crawling it's nice

    是的,否則我的父母永遠不會到來 他們到達就像爬爬一樣

  • yeah it's very different from North American or UK style fudge I find the

    是的,它與北方有很大的不同 我發現美國或英國風格的軟糖

  • texture a little bit it's a little bit lighter and more crumbly crumbly and

    有點質感 更輕更脆弱

  • like almost a little bit grainy yeah not sandy because it's not drying I just

    好像有點粒狀是的,不是 桑迪,因為它不干,我只是

  • smoother texture than if I died on my house and you kind of have to look for

    比我死於我的質地更光滑 房子,你有點需要尋找

  • the chickpea flavor because I associate chickpeas with savory dishes I was gonna

    鷹嘴豆的味道,因為我聯想 鷹嘴豆配上美味的菜

  • taste like but it's it's like a little hint and the back you do taste the

    有點像,但是有點像 提示和您確實品嚐到的背面

  • chickpeas but sweet it's not it's not abundantly sweet though it's a subtle

    鷹嘴豆,但甜不是不是 非常微妙,雖然很甜

  • sweetness isn't it which means you can eat more you can eat more funny like

    甜蜜不是嗎,這意味著你可以 多吃點就好吃

  • honestly Sam see prolly make this disappear and one afternoon in one

    老實說山姆見多 消失了,一個下午變成了一個下午

  • sitting art are we kidding he's not gonna make it upstairs dear

    我們是在開玩笑嗎 他不會在樓上親愛的

  • parents that's really good that's very interesting this is actually my first

    父母真的很好,非常 有趣的是,這實際上是我的第一個

  • time trying something like this I like it why you - there's a lot of good

    嘗試這樣的事情,我喜歡 這就是為什麼你-有很多好處

  • Indian sweets I mean remember on the trip I did with David we had some had

    我的意思是印度糖果記得 我和戴維(David)做的旅行,我們有一些

  • some amazing sweets in Kolkata that's gonna be an episode coming up and we

    加爾各答一些很棒的糖果 即將發生的一集,我們

  • also had some really good sweets in a medevac ok it was our final stop you

    也有一些非常好的甜點 急救車好吧,這是我們的最後一站

  • know this also I feel like there's like a little hint of almond yes yeah yeah

    知道這一點我也覺得 一點杏仁味,是的,是的

  • like marzipan III get that almond marzipan kind of feel we're out of 4 we

    像小杏仁餅III得到杏仁 小杏仁餅的感覺,我們是4分

  • don't win it when are we gonna find something we don't like

    我們什麼時候找不到會贏 我們不喜歡的東西

  • okay I'd like to try this one next it's another sweet the Shakkar Pare

    好吧,我想嘗試下一個 另一個甜蜜的Shakkar Pare

  • what does it say it just says authentic Indian sweets lightly sugar-coated

    它說什麼才說地道 印度糖果略加糖衣

  • crunchy squares you can see the the sugar granules covering it yeah this one

    鬆脆的正方形,你可以看到 糖粒覆蓋它是的

  • looks like it's gonna be very sweet you got that okay let me tell ya and a lot

    看起來你會很甜蜜的 知道了,讓我告訴你很多

  • of these are from the company we've got a couple things from Bikaneer Bikaneer sweet factory

    其中的一些來自我們擁有的公司 比卡內爾(Bikaneer)比卡內爾(Bikaneer)甜工廠的幾件事

  • years dr. air okay glance it reminds me of gnocchi the past I like that kind of

    年博士空氣好一眼,它使我想起 湯糰的過去,我喜歡那種

  • shape yeah like giant yogi but solid and

    形狀 是的,就像巨型瑜伽士,但紮實而且

  • coated in sugar I can feel the feel the sugar yeah that one's quite sweet mm-hmm

    塗上糖衣我能感覺到 糖是的,一個人很甜蜜mm-hmm

  • it's not bready it's it's heavier than a bread in the middle that cool that goes

    它不麵包,而是比麵包重 麵包在那涼爽的中間

  • really well with joy yeah it would go well with China I'm trying to find

    真的很高興,是的,它會走 我想找到的中國很好

  • something to compare it to like the bready party yeah it's you like I'm just

    東西比較像 麵包聚會是的,你就像我只是

  • enjoying it I'm drawing a blank yeah be honest dense too dense yeah yeah

    享受它,我在畫空白 是的,說實話,太稠密,是的,是的

  • the thing is if I had a choice between this and an Indian fudge I would go for

    問題是如果我可以選擇 這和我會去的印度軟糖

  • the Indian fudge for me I prefer when things are like sweet throughout with

    我喜歡印度軟糖 整個過程就像甜蜜

  • this one I feel like it's a little like bland in the middle but then lots of

    我覺得這有點像 在中間平淡無奇,但隨後很多

  • sugar coating it yeah so it's not quite even so I find it like too sugary when I

    糖衣是的,所以它不是很 即使如此,當我發現它也太含糖

  • first bite into it yeah out of everything we've tried this I try ranked

    首先咬進去是的 我們嘗試過的所有內容

  • this in last place but it's I still I still enjoy it I would still eat it

    這在最後的地方,但仍然是我 仍然喜歡它,我仍然會吃

  • though that's yeah as I'm biting another one all right my turn

    雖然那是的,因為我咬了另一個 輪到我了

  • all right Bruce oh we've had sweets so let's go for the patty patty

    好吧,布魯斯,哦,我們吃過糖果,所以 讓我們去吃小餡餅

  • so these are these are really like these are roasted

    所以這些就是這些 烤

  • Makhana gorgon nuts Corrigan nut or fox nut we're gonna our peri peri I've never

    Makhana gorgon堅果Corrigan堅果或狐狸 堅果,我們永遠都不會

  • heard of it come with peri peri seasoning series usually used for

    聽說它附帶了peri per 通常用於的調味料系列

  • chicken no like a spicy chicken seasoning yeah let's open it let's open

    雞不像辣雞 調味是的,讓我們打開它,讓我們打開

  • it so this one comes with a really easy to open care

    因此,這一功​​能非常簡單 打開護理

  • it's also resealable - oh this is gonna be savory yeah you're gonna be sweet no

    它也可以重新密封-哦,這會 很好吃,你會很甜蜜的

  • peri-peri yeah


  • I'm sure I'm sure I was trying to alternate up there the last one is

    我確定我想嘗試 交替在那裡,最後一個是

  • really really sweet it reminds me of corn you know like puffed rice no I like

    真的很甜蜜,讓我想起 玉米你知道像膨化米,不,我喜歡

  • the peri-peri seasoning this seasoning is great yeah it's a familiar texture to

    調味料 太好了,這是一個熟悉的紋理

  • popcorn pop right yeah I feel like I want to keep this in the basement that

    爆米花流行吧,是的,我覺得我 希望將此保留在地下室中

  • that was the bank of the masala masala chip please that would be much I'm

    那是masala的銀行masala 芯片,請我多

  • Lauren - I'm wearing - savory and spicy things now and then sweet maybe 5 10

    勞倫-我穿著-鹹辣 時不時甜蜜的事也許5 10

  • years ago that was more of a sweets person but you give me this and a bag of

    年前更像是糖果 人,但你給我這個和一袋

  • that those leis and I'm good this would be a good train snack as well yes okay I

    那些雷斯和我很好,這會 也是很好的火車小吃,好吧,我

  • feel like we need to go for something sweet next because that's still burning

    覺得我們需要去找點東西 接下來的甜蜜,因為那還在燃燒

  • um I look sweet okay have we made a mistake here this is

    嗯,我看起來很甜 好吧,我們在這裡犯了一個錯誤

  • called saga Sevilla wafer it's a colored wafer but I wonder if you're meant to

    被稱為佐賀塞維利亞薄餅,它是有色的 威化餅,但我想知道你是否打算

  • eat it with like something sweet like a serum or honey it could be or it could

    像甜的東西一起吃 可能是血清或蜂蜜

  • be similar to a jello be where you are those usually like soaked in syrup

    就像果凍一樣 那些通常喜歡浸泡在糖漿中的

  • let's look at the ingredients oh so it's tapioca which is sog oh and then there's

    讓我們來看看成分哦 木薯很香哦,然後有

  • the food coloring


  • yeah no water please do another do you want another TV no I'm gonna water that

    是的,沒有水,請再做一遍 想要另一台電視,不,我要澆水

  • one down a bit there we go there you go I really

    一個下來一點,我們去那裡,你去 我真的

  • pick your color think I'll go with yellow we have no idea if we're supposed

    選擇你認為的顏色 黃色我們不知道我們是否應該

  • to be doing it like this or not oh come on this cook are we eating raw

    像這樣做還是不做 哦,來這廚師,我們是生吃嗎

  • noodles right now we're definitely doing this wrong it was like what the snack

    麵條現在我們肯定在做 這是錯誤的,就像小吃

  • section turns to pasta Wow I feel like we need to Google this you

    部分轉向麵食哇 我覺得我們需要Google這個你

  • know what what have we done I think what you may have to yeah we're not going

    知道我們做了什麼我認為 你可能不得不,我們不會

  • ending it like this boggle wait it's hilarious there are a recipe here

    以這樣的結尾結束它等待 有趣的是這裡有食譜

  • recipes here so we are obviously supposed to do something with it

    這裡的食譜,所以我們顯然 應該做些什麼

  • not eat it so that's the one that's the one fail that's for sure everything else

    不吃它,那是那個 一個失敗肯定是其他一切

  • for sure I know we can eat yeah that's hilarious

    當然,我知道我們可以吃,是的 搞笑

  • that's showing the showing our innocence here we are trying new things this was

    展示了我們的純真 在這裡,我們正在嘗試新事物

  • in the section where like the wall literally goes from snacks that's what

    在像牆一樣的部分 字面意思就是零食

  • happened and I was like oh not okay so we were trying to have something sweet

    發生了,我就像哦,不好吧,所以 我們試圖吃些甜食

  • let's go with this then yeah we know what we know you know we're getting here

    讓我們一起去吧,是的,我們知道 我們知道你知道我們要到這裡

  • cookies so these are called black bourbon cream sandwiches and vanilla

    餅乾,所以被稱為黑色 波旁威士忌三明治和香草

  • flavor a little bit like an Oreo but in the shape of a rectangle not a circle

    有點像奧利奧的味道,但在 矩形而不是圓形的形狀

  • there we go looks like it's got lots of cream in the middle

    我們去那裡好像有很多 中間的奶油

  • let's go sugar granules it does smell like an Oreo will it taste like an Oreo

    我們去聞聞它的糖粒 像奧利奧的味道會像奧利奧的味道

  • wait similar taste like an Oreo I love Oreos hello Mario so this is a this is a

    等我喜歡的奧利奧口味 奧利奧你好馬里奧所以這是一個這是一個

  • familiar familiar taste for us yeah whenever we buy like a pack of Oreos to

    對我們來說熟悉的味道 每當我們購買像一包奧利奧

  • treat ourselves to a little snack it usually vanishes within 12 hours six

    請給自己吃點零食吧 通常會在12小時內消失6

  • hours dare I say it doesn't make it pasta it doesn't it does

    幾個小時我敢說這沒有做到 意大利面不是嗎

  • make it through the name those are good black bourbon since you're on a roll -

    用那些很好的名字來命名 黑色波旁威士忌,因為您在滾動-

  • cookies why let me try these these are coconut cookies from sarathi brand nice

    餅乾為什麼讓我嘗試這些 薩拉蒂品牌椰子餅乾不錯