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  • good afternoon good afternoon guys greetings from sunny Busan South Korea

    大家下午好 來自陽光燦爛的釜山韓國的問候

  • I'm thrilled to let you know that we are heading to a baseball game which is

    我很高興讓你知道我們是 前往棒球比賽

  • known as yagu 야구 in Korea we are coming here to watch the local team the Busan

    在韓國被稱為yagu야구,我們即將到來 在這裡觀看當地的釜山隊

  • Lotte Giants and it's a nice sunny day it's a weekend guys if you want to get

    樂天巨人隊,這是一個美好的晴天 如果你想得到這個週末的話

  • baseball tickets in South Korea is such a popular sport especially want to watch

    韓國的棒球票就是這樣 一項特別想看的流行運動

  • on the weekend make sure you get your tickets early in advance it's my biggest

    在周末確保你得到你的 門票提前提前,這是我最大的門票

  • tip it's gonna be so much fun it's a real experience I mean the food the

    提示這將是一件非常有趣的事情 真實體驗我的意思是食物

  • atmosphere the chants it's so much different from MLB before I even go in

    氣氛吟唱它是如此之多 在我進入之前與MLB不同

  • my goal is to hopefully buy a busan lotte hat I want to get a giant's hat

    我的目標是希望買一個釜山 我想得到一頂巨人的帽子

  • and then I can't wait to show you what a Korean baseball game is like here in

    然後我迫不及待地向你展示了什麼 韓國棒球比賽就像這裡一樣

  • South Korea you excited for this man dude I haven't been to a baseball game

    韓國你為這個男人興奮 老兄,我沒去過棒球比賽

  • since the Marlins won the World Series back in the 90s that's crazy man

    自從馬林魚隊贏得世界大賽冠軍 回到90年代那個瘋子

  • it's crazy I can't believe I'm here in Korea gonna watch a baseball game we're

    我很難過,我無法相信我在這裡 韓國將觀看我們的棒球比賽

  • gonna watch the Lotte Giants they're gonna beat the other team I don't know

    要看樂天巨人他們是誰 要擊敗另一支我不知道的球隊

  • who they are we're cheering for the local team but

    他們是誰 我們為當地球隊歡呼,但是

  • I'm true the local team but I'm excited because I'm gonna buy a Jersey I'm not

    我是當地的球隊,但我很興奮 因為我要買一件球衣我不是

  • gonna spend a hundred bucks though no so inside of the team store here we took a

    雖然不是這樣,但要花一百塊錢 在這裡的團隊商店裡面我們拿了一個

  • look at some hats and jerseys it's a little bit expensive jerseys are running

    看看有些帽子和球衣,這是一個 有點貴的運動衫正在運行

  • at 90 bucks so we're gonna go outside and see if we can find you know like the

    在90塊錢,所以我們要去外面 看看我們是否能像你一樣找到你

  • non official ones hopefully they're a little bit cheaper I think this is gonna

    非官方的希望他們是一個 我覺得這會便宜一點點

  • be my hat guys came into the store found one for thirty-nine thousand won so I'm

    是我的帽子男人來到商店發現 一個三萬九千韓元,所以我

  • deciding whether or not I'm gonna get it team jerseys and hats are not cheap here

    決定我是否會得到它 球隊的球衣和帽子在這裡並不便宜

  • in Korea you're looking at like 30 40 bucks for a hat you're looking at just

    在韓國,你看起來像30 40 你正在尋找一頂帽子

  • under 100 for Jersey like 90 something won yeah I do like it so take up

    100歲以下澤西島就像90年代的東西 贏了是的我喜歡它所以接受

  • overpaying grab one come fill me down for just helping us cut our the tags off

    多付了一個人來填補我 只是為了幫助我們減少標籤

  • of our hats so that we can wear them Giants game Giants game in Korea Lotte Giants

    我們的帽子,以便我們可以穿它們 巨人隊比賽巨人隊在韓國樂天巨人隊比賽

  • before we go watch the game what we absolutely have to do is go

    在我們去觀看比賽之前 我們絕對要做的就是去

  • check out some of the Korean Street food options you can get before you go in the

    看看一些韓國街頭的美食 你可以在進入之前獲得的選擇

  • most classic thing that you can find something like O-Jing-O dried

    你能找到的最經典的東西 像O-Jing-O幹的東西

  • squid I mean where else you gonna get that would you get a us game never never

    魷魚我的意思是你要去的地方 那你永遠不會得到我們的遊戲

  • it's amazing and there's water and it's like some hot behind thinking soju I

    這太棒了,而且還有水 像一些思考燒酒的熱門我

  • think there's something so just help soju I sell beer dude it's gonna be

    認為有一些東西只是幫助 燒酒我賣啤酒花花公子它會

  • crazy like to get dried squid here in Busan it's symbolic of the city because

    瘋狂喜歡在這裡曬乾魷魚 釜山它是城市的象徵,因為

  • man this is the seafood capital of Korea let's go get some soju maekju mul water let's get a beer and a squid

    男人這是韓國的海鮮之都 我們去買一些燒酒maekju mul water讓我們喝啤酒和魷魚

  • Oh Oh jingle oh my ultimate 5,000


  • so the ultimate Korean Street food snack before you go to watch the baseball game

    所以最終的韓國街食品小吃 在你去觀看棒球比賽之前

  • you've got to get something called a squid hojung oh it's 5,000 won

    你必須得到一個叫做的東西 魷魚hojung哦它是5000韓元

  • you see them selling it outside of the stadium the guy just grabbed the big

    你看到他們把它賣掉了 體育場的那個傢伙只是抓住了大個子

  • squid heated it up a little bit put it in a paper cup just like this we're

    魷魚把它加熱了一點點 在這樣的紙杯中,我們就是這樣

  • gonna share it and to wash that all down we went over to the next vending lady

    要分享它並將其全部清除 我們去了下一個自動售貨員

  • she's selling ice cold cass maekju Korean beer so we're gonna have cold

    她正在賣冰冷的cass maekju 韓國啤酒讓我們感冒了

  • beer and squid before we can watch the game I can't think of a better way to

    啤酒和魷魚才能看到 遊戲我想不出更好的方法

  • start man come back time to dry some whole gumbai it was just super hard you

    開始男人回來的時候乾一些 整個孟買,你只是超級努力

  • gotta like basically just twist it off oh man that's not coming off your Drive

    得好像基本上只是把它扭曲了 哦,那個人沒有從你的驅動器上掉下來

  • tentacles here there we go oh I'll keep it you threw it I was like chewing on a

    觸手在這裡,我們去哦,我會保持 你扔了它我就像在咀嚼它

  • tire oh my gosh yes all do so very strange stuff Geoffrey not usual having

    輪胎哦,我的天哪,是的,所有人都這麼做 奇怪的東西杰弗裡不常見

  • this I've looked at doing on rubber know what I kind of like you apply the

    我已經看過橡膠做了 知道我有點喜歡你應用的

  • weirdest thing I like in the whole world I'd say like anyone didn't grow up with

    我喜歡整個世界最奇怪的事情 我會說像任何人都沒有長大

  • this probably not like it some reason I do mmm it is super tough though I almost

    這可能不是我喜歡它的原因 儘管我差點兒,但是這是非常強硬的

  • broke a tooth with mine beers awesome gumbai gumbai

    和我一起咬牙 啤酒真棒gumbai gumbai

  • all right dude so we're heading up the ramp to the second level what's the deal

    好吧伙計,所以我們正在前進 達到第二級的是什麼交易

  • we just went up the ramp onto the second level where they sell the tickets yeah

    我們剛剛上坡進入第二個 他們賣票的水平是的

  • here is where you entered the game of stadium yeah we're in the outfield we're

    這是你進入遊戲的地方 體育場是啊我們在外野我們

  • in the outfield I think we have to go to wherever it says our gate is yeah and

    在外場,我想我們必須去 無論它在哪裡說我們的大門是耶和華

  • they're there security exactly what we're gonna do there to put our cameras

    他們確實存在安全問題 我們要去那裡放我們的相機

  • yeah we'll see you inside see inside look who got jerseys we got jerseys free

    是的,我們會看到你在裡面看到裡面 看看誰有球衣我們得到了自由球衣

  • free thank gosh it has been 90 100 we're so close to buying them and now we have our own jerseys

    免費謝謝gosh它已經90 100我們 如此接近購買它們,現在我們有自己的球衣

  • I would have been so mad and so bad well we have to go up actually a little more

    我會非常生氣,非常糟糕 我們實際上還要多一點

  • one level up so third level zoo and it's 57 that is the gate let's go upstairs

    這是三級動物園的一級,它是 那是門讓我們上樓

  • the first of many ice-cold beers here tonight to make you 504 4001 defenders

    這裡有許多冰鎮啤酒中的第一種 今晚讓你有504 4001名後衛

  • come over really easy to get them ice-cold delicious my gosh such a nice

    過來真的很容易得到它們 冰冷的美味我的天哪這麼好看

  • temperature right now the home teams winning five nothing crazy man down this year is

    溫度現在主隊贏了 今年五個沒有什麼瘋狂的男人

  • intense so happy that my jersey my beer baseball in korea guys


  • Wow Jorn experience electric man baseball Korea

    哇喬恩體驗電動人 棒球韓國

  • sooo what do you think of the game so far I've been experienced so cool

    sooo你怎麼看待這場比賽 我經歷過這麼酷的經歷

  • chanting the fans are into it when the main team Busan is at bat it is an experience when the other team is at bat it is like super quiet crickets

    吟唱粉絲的時候是這樣的 主力球隊釜山是蝙蝠,這是一種體驗,當其他球隊蝙蝠時,它就像超級安靜的蟋蟀

  • but it's like super get birthday


  • the inning is over we're hungry we're gonna get some food what do you think

    局對結束我們很餓 會有什麼食物你覺得怎麼樣?

  • man you hungry oh man I'm alright look at this there's a line you know what

    男人你餓了哦男人我沒事 在這有一條線,你知道什麼

  • there may be some other places that we can find so we found a place that was

    我們可能還有其他一些地方 可以找到,所以我們找到了一個地方

  • serving tteokbokki you may go back we're not sure we're gonna scout it out

    服務tteokbokki你可以回去 我們不確定我們會去偵察它

  • the 7-eleven with the huge line look at this oh it's a big line there's a big

    7-11,巨大的線條看 這個哦,這是一條大線

  • line for the bathroom


  • what are we having dudes gouge on cream KFC Korean fried chicken fried chicken

    我們有什麼人在奶油上挖鑿 肯德基韓國炸雞炸雞

  • double double fried right so we're any the big one my own little bit yeah a

    雙倍油炸,所以我們都是 我最大的一點是啊

  • little bit come up somebody


  • putting in lab for tteokbokki it's worth the wait huh and this is the line

    為tteokbokki投入實驗室 值得等待吧,這就行了

  • guys wait the wait so we starting it off with some fried chicken get some KFC

    伙計們等著等我們開始吧 用一些炸雞得到一些肯德基

  • reunion it looks like an amazing sausage sets a little spice sweet and sour but

    團聚它看起來像一個驚人的香腸 設置一些酸甜的香料,但是

  • spicy sweet sour but I


  • gamsahamnida ne

    gamsahamnida ne

  • time to indulge it some Korean Street food here at the baseball games

    時間放縱一些韓國街 棒球比賽的食物

  • literally the stuff we grabbed on the street this afternoon you get street

    字面上我們抓住的東西 今天下午你去街上

  • food quality items here at a baseball game unbelievable

    這裡的棒球食品質量項目 遊戲令人難以置信

  • we did the deep-fried chicken you tried it already said it was really spicy more

    我們做了你嚐過的炸雞 它已經說它真的很辣

  • spicy and sweet this time mm-hmm way more spicy richer sauce - mmm double

    這次辣 - 甜的方式 更辣的更豐富的醬 - mmm雙

  • fried chicken that's insane this one year was ten thousand one nine one four

    炸雞這個瘋了 一年是萬一九一四

  • nine ten US dollars medium sized bucket such good chicken the value you get it

    九十美元中型水桶 這樣的好雞肉你得到它的價值

  • the concessions here in Korea is unreal one day I'm going to like hock your

    韓國的讓步是不真實的 有一天,我會喜歡你的

  • baseball games at Canadore us like the prices at the concessions they're almost

    在加拿大我們喜歡的棒球比賽 他們差不多的優惠價格

  • prohibitive it's like the one have a beer you want a hot dog or a piece of

    禁止它就像一個人有一個 啤酒,你想要一個熱狗或一塊

  • pizza it's like spend a fortune but here prices are similar to what you find on

    披薩就像在這裡度過一筆財富 價格與你發現的相似

  • the street maybe a little bit higher here but not too much this makes this

    街道可能會高一點 這裡但不是太多這使得這個

  • like experience like accessible for and kind of any working person which is

    喜歡和可訪問的體驗 是一種任何工作的人

  • green now we got the tteokbokki the spicy rice cakes

    綠色現在我們得到了tteokbokki 辣米糕

  • holy long talks all about let such a potent sauce really spice it woo left

    神聖長談所有關於讓這樣的 強烈的醬汁真的很香,它離開了

  • thing for me to try is the odeng the fish cakes let's try that

    對我來說,嘗試的是odeng 魚餅我們試試吧

  • delicious food here at a Korean baseball game and we're having here does it be

    這裡有韓國棒球的美食 遊戲,我們在這裡做到了

  • really hard to film it sitting down on our seats the seats are great but it's

    真的很難拍到它坐下來 我們的座位座位很棒,但確實如此

  • like you're kind of crammed in there so out here getting some fresh air

    就像你在那裡擠滿了一樣 在這裡獲得一些新鮮空氣

  • we're gonna go back and watch the baseball game definitely gonna order

    我們要回去觀看 棒球比賽肯定會訂購

  • another beer we're cheering for the home team

    另一種啤酒,我們為家庭歡呼 球隊

  • go Busan to Sam I'm gonna do something a little special for you what are gonna do

    去釜山去山姆我會做點什麼的 對你來說有什麼特別之處

  • I'm gonna get tteokbokki yeah hold on all the mother of all bites

    我會得到tteokbokki是的 抓住所有咬傷的母親

  • everything here we got lost spice that's a mamoth bite a monster bite it yeah yeah we

    這裡的一切我們都失去了香料 這是一個咬著怪物的媽媽咬它是的,是的,是的,我們

  • mix the doing things are amazing in Korea chicken fish rice

    混合在韓國的服務是驚人的 雞肉飯

  • what do you got no it gives me a bottle of soju a bag of Gombe

    你有什麼不,它給了我一瓶 燒酒袋一袋貢貝

  • Korean vodka gotta love it do it's good


  • here are so friendly we've had people give us soju chips and now grapes

    這裡很友好 我們有人給我們燒豆片和現在的葡萄

  • know what great the van behind us is gave us great power than super nice

    知道我們身後的麵包車是多麼偉大 給了我們巨大的力量而不是超級好

  • hello no seeds the bus


  • what's so sweet I love them seventh inning seventh inning everything stretch

    什麼是如此甜蜜,我愛他們第七 第七局一切都拉伸

  • we're going to be singing


  • I don't know where they started passing out these bags every single person got

    我不知道他們從哪裡開始經過 每個人都得到這些袋子

  • one Hey where he sponsors are you supposed to open it wanna find where to

    嘿,他贊助的是你 應該打開它想找到哪裡

  • open era


  • open it


  • my head too big for the thing no I didn't get there like this

    對我來說,我的頭腦太大了 沒有像這樣到達那裡

  • another beer dude a beer we waited a while for this hello read the call the

    另一個啤酒花花公子我們等了一杯啤酒 而對於這個你好,請閱讀電話

  • guy over yeah I mean it was crazy cuz no one came by for like a half an hour yeah

    是的傢伙我是說這是瘋了因為沒有 一個人來了半個小時,是的

  • it looks like only you look at the guy with a yeah yeah I was like amazing I we

    看起來只有你看那個人 是的,是的,我真是太棒了

  • were so far away he came running over 4000 again the quintessential experience

    他走得太遠了 4000又一次典型的體驗

  • at a Korean baseball game you have your beer you have your chicken you let your

    在韓國棒球比賽中你有你的 啤酒,你有你的雞肉,你讓你的

  • tteokbokki you cheer your heart out and you root for the home team Lotte!

    tteokbokki你為自己的心臟而歡呼 你是樂天隊的主隊!

  • look I'm back I'm back early on in the game we thought was gonna be a blowout

    看起來我回來了,我早早回來了 我們認為這場比賽會很糟糕

  • win for the home team ride 5 nothing now it's five five high five but way team is

    贏得主隊5現在沒什麼 這是五個五高五,但方式團隊是

  • score three runs they've been chipping away we got to tie game in the eighth it

    得分三分,他們一直在削減 我們得到了第八局的比賽

  • isn't over until it's over right to the last seconds over

    沒有結束,直到它結束了 最後一秒鐘

  • what an experience baseball in Korea is more than just the game would you agree

    在韓國體驗棒球是什麼 你不同意遊戲嗎?

  • it's an experience on its own you have to do when you come to Korea yeah even

    這是你自己的經驗 當你來到韓國甚至是

  • if you're not a baseball fan you can have a good time I was here I'm not a

    如果你不是棒球迷,你可以 我在這兒過得愉快,我不是

  • baseball fan yeah I always thought was boring but this is not boring at all the

    棒球迷是啊我一直以為是 無聊但這並不乏味

  • crowd makes it so cool I mean it's amazing it really is like

    人群讓它變得如此酷 我的意思是真的很棒

  • they're chanting they're cheering and singing the the players names everyone

    他們在念誦他們的歡呼聲 唱著球員的名字叫大家

  • has their own song yeah hey Sam Sam Sam funny that's really amazing see funny

    有他們自己的歌是啊嘿Sam Sam Sam 有趣的是真的很神奇看到有趣

  • but yeah coming to a game it's relatively affordable you can get

    但是,這是一場比賽 相對實惠,你可以得到

  • tickets but some of the cheaper seats like 15 20 bucks food the concession is

    門票,但一些更便宜的座位 像15 20美元的食物,特許權是

  • super reasonable also it's just like I don't know what it is but like it's so

    超級合理也就像我一樣 不知道它是什麼但是就像它一樣

  • fun like we had so many people who were so kind to us we had someone give us

    像我們這麼多人一樣有趣 對我們很好,我們有人給我們

  • soju you with someone give us grapes we had someone give us chips everyone when

    你和某人一起給我們葡萄吧 有人在給我們籌碼時

  • they saw that we were filming wanted to be in the video they wanted to be now

    他們看到我們正在拍攝 在他們想要的視頻中

  • it's just like you know what what a great memory yeah and I definitely

    就像你知道什麼是什麼一樣 偉大的記憶是的,我絕對

  • recommend booking your tickets in advance yeah at least a day or two

    建議您預訂門票 提前約會一兩天

  • yeah maybe more means it depends how popular that game is exactly but you

    是的,也許更多意味著它取決於如何 流行的那個遊戲正是你而已

  • have to do this when you're in Busan on you're in South Korea so guys if you

    當你在釜山時,必須這樣做 如果你,你在韓國這麼傢伙

  • enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up leave a comment below subscribe both of

    喜歡這個視頻給它豎起大拇指 在下面留下評論

  • us and we will see you soon with more travel food and maybe baseball

    我們很快就會見到你 旅行食物,也許棒球

  • adventures in Korea for sure peace peace


good afternoon good afternoon guys greetings from sunny Busan South Korea

大家下午好 來自陽光燦爛的釜山韓國的問候


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韓國釜山驚人的韓國棒球比賽!樂天巨人隊加油 (Amazing KOREAN BASEBALL GAME in Busan, Korea! Go Lotte Giants!)

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    Summer 發佈於 2021 年 01 月 14 日