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  • good afternoon and good afternoon guys greetings from Gyeongju South Korea

    大家下午好,下午好 來自韓國慶州的問候

  • really excited to be visiting this particular place because it is a UNESCO

    真的很高興能夠參觀這個 特別的地方因為它是聯合國教科文

  • World Heritage Site and one of the most traditional areas you can visit in South

    世界遺產地和其中一個 您可以在南部參觀的傳統區域

  • Korea what makes this place so famous is that there are royal tombs that date

    韓國是如何讓這個地方如此著名的 有皇家墓葬約會

  • back from the Shilla dynasty period which ranges from 57 BC up until the

    從新羅王朝時期回來 從公元前57年到公元前

  • 10th century anyways when a visit a couple of tombs check out a few sites

    反正10世紀的時候去參觀一個 幾個墓葬檢查了幾個網站

  • and then we've got a delicious Korean Chinese meal that we're gonna have for

    然後我們有一個美味的韓國人 我們要吃的中餐

  • dinner so let's get started let's go


  • we're here in like a little Park area yeah they have a nice little path and as

    我們在這裡就像一個小公園區 是的,他們有一條很好的小路和

  • you can see lots of trees over here and then over here we have like a wall yeah

    你可以在這裡看到很多樹木 然後在這裡,我們就像一堵牆,是的

  • right and on the other side we have the the village I guess it's a village it's

    對,我們有另一邊 村莊,我想這是一個村莊

  • a very small town yeah I mean it's tiny but very traditional you can see I love

    一個非常小的城鎮是的,我的意思是它很小 但非常傳統,你可以看到我愛

  • the rooftops and yeah we're about to enter the tomb right now let's go inside

    屋頂和是的我們即將到來 現在進入墳墓讓我們進去吧

  • okay guys so we have entered into the royal tomb area the mounds behind me

    好的,所以我們已經進入了 皇家陵墓區域背後的土墩

  • that you can see those are the tombs and apparently they were for a royal couple

    你可以看到那些是墳墓和 顯然他們是為了一對皇室夫婦

  • and so yeah that you can obviously can't walk near or around them but they are

    所以是的,你顯然不能 走近他們或周圍,但他們是

  • very fascinating alright the moment we've been waiting for we are gonna go

    這一刻非常迷人 我們一直在等待我們要去

  • inside of the tomb let's do it


  • all right so here we have the tomb as you can see so obviously the person who

    好吧所以我們這裡有墳墓 你可以很明顯地看到這個人

  • was buried here is not there anyone they removed him but all his treasures are

    埋葬在這裡不是他們的任何人 除去了他,但他的所有寶藏都是

  • here so he has like some bands bracelets necklace his sword his belt and the

    所以他喜歡一些樂隊手鐲 項鍊他的劍和他的腰帶

  • crown the crown is the most impressive part as you see I don't know the exact

    皇冠是最令人印象深刻的 部分如你所見,我不知道確切的

  • date this dates back to it for sure over a thousand years because the Capitol was

    這個日期可以追溯到它肯定結束了 一千年,因為國會大廈

  • here that Silla Kingdom until the tenth centuries this is incredible this entire

    這里新羅王國直到第十個 幾個世紀以來這一切都令人難以置信

  • exhibit over here it's just things that were placed over the horse and I mean

    在這裡展出它就是這樣的東西 被放在馬上,我的意思是

  • it's incredibly elaborate it shows the item and it shows the area where that it

    它顯示了令人難以置信的精緻 item,它顯示了它所在的區域

  • was located on the horse right there so these were the three kingdoms that

    位於那裡的馬 所以這些是三個王國

  • were located in what today is it's presently South Korea and North Korea

    位於今天是什麼 目前韓國和朝鮮

  • over here you had the Shilla Kingdom which is where we're visiting youngju

    在這裡你有新羅王國 這是我們訪問youngju的地方

  • and then you had the back J Kingdom to the southwest and to the north

    然後你有J王國的後背 西南和北方

  • he had Goguryeo Wow getting a chance to go inside of the tomb was a fascinating

    他讓Goguryeo Wow有機會 走進墳墓裡面是一件令人著迷的事

  • experience remember the first time I came to Gyeongju I think over 10 years

    經驗記得我第一次 來到慶州我想了10多年

  • ago I didn't have the opportunity to do this I believe this is a new addition to

    以前我沒有機會這樣做 我相信這是一個新的補充

  • this particular tourist site and anyways like going inside and seeing the

    這個特別的旅遊景點,無論如何 喜歡進去看看

  • different treasures and and the different burrial grounds was really

    不同的寶藏和 真的是不同的墳場

  • fascinating if you come to Gyeongju you'll

    迷人 如果你來慶州,你會

  • definitely want to make time to do this activity so quick FAQ for you guys you

    絕對想浪費時間做這件事 活動如此快速常見問題解答你們

  • know there's 150 tombs here but only 57 of them have been identified so they

    知道這裡有150座墓葬但只有57座 他們已被識別出​​來了

  • only know who's been buried in 50 cent of them so it's like roughly a hundred a

    只知道誰埋葬了50美分 它們就像大約一百個

  • little more have not been identified since over a thousand years old each one

    還有一些尚未確定 因為每個人都有一千多年的歷史

  • of these yeah behind

    這些是的 背後

  • but the thing I liked the most was actually the walk up to here it's very

    但我最喜歡的是 實際上走到這裡是非常的

  • scenic peaceful tranquil and if you go a little bit further it leads to a force

    風景優美寧靜,如果你去 它進一步導致了一股力量

  • we don't have time to do that but if you do check it out so we have arrived in

    我們沒有時間這樣做,但如果你 檢查出來,所以我們已經到了

  • the restaurant and my initial impressions are this is very nice it's

    餐廳和我的初始 這是非常好的印象

  • like we've got our own private little dining hall with two different tables so

    就像我們有自己的私人小 餐廳有兩個不同的表

  • the first course of the Chinese Korean meal has arrived we are starting off

    中國朝鮮族的第一道菜 飯菜已經到了,我們正在開始

  • with Tangsuyuk (탕수육) one of my favorite dishes to be honest basically what it is

    和Tangsuyuk(탕수육)一起,我最喜歡的 菜餚老實說基本上是什麼

  • is it's fried pork that's kind of been breaded and then you have this really

    這是炒豬肉嗎? 麵包屑然後你真的有這個

  • thick sweet-and-sour sauce that goes along with it

    厚厚的糖醋醬 隨之而來

  • there's also onions there's pineapple there's carrots so I'm just kind of

    那裡還有洋蔥菠蘿 有胡蘿蔔,所以我只是一點點

  • grabbing a little bit of everything the nice thing about this restaurant is you

    抓住一點點的東西 這家餐廳的好處是你

  • can put all the dishes right here and then spin them around so everyone gets

    可以把所有的菜都放在這裡 然後旋轉它們讓每個人都得到

  • to don't take too much let's try that so I've got it easier ok chopsticks I'm

    不要太過分讓我們試試 我已經把筷子弄得更輕鬆了

  • coating it in the sauce I'm so much sweet used-to-be it's very sour and I

    把它塗在醬汁裡我真是太棒了 甜蜜的過去,它非常酸,我

  • just love how the the porks been breaded it's got like a fried crispy nice on the

    只是喜歡豬肉如何被包裹 它就像一個油炸脆脆的

  • health side there's a bit more tender in the middle this is really tasty if any

    健康方面有一點溫柔 中間這真的很好吃,如果有的話

  • of you guys have had anything like ginger beef or any other kind of Chinese

    你們有什麼喜歡的 生薑牛肉或任何其他類型的中國人

  • food like that this would be right up your alley very good food so excited

    像這樣的食物,這將是正確的 你的胡同很好吃的食物太激動了

  • for Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) going this is my next dish this is curry or Korean Chinese noodles with

    對於Jjajangmyeon(짜장면)這是我的下一道菜 是咖哩或韓國中國麵條

  • a black bean paste basically a sauce there should be some meat there should

    黑豆醬基本上是醬 應該有一些肉

  • be some different vegetables in there before any of that let's have some beer

    那裡有一些不同的蔬菜 在任何之前讓我們喝點啤酒

  • so here's the beer oh thirsty I hope it's cold

    所以這是啤酒哦口渴 我希望它很冷

  • ice-cold but anyways I can light perfect for this and now I'm gonna try a bit of

    冰冷,但無論如何我可以點亮完美 為此,我現在要嘗試一下

  • soju because winning Korea you gotta have your beer and you gotta have your

    燒酒因為贏得韓國你必須得到 喝啤酒,你必須得到你的啤酒

  • cell do you maekju and you and your soju


  • one shot that goes down powerful I am for the Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)

    我的一擊有點強大 為Jjajangmyeon(짜장면)

  • so guys one minute stir this around check out these noodles I mean you kind

    所以大家一分鐘就攪拌一下 看看這些麵條,我的意思是你好

  • of what you want to do is you want to mix it around in the sauce evenly

    你想做什麼就是你想做的 將醬汁均勻地攪拌均勻

  • distribute it a little bit and I'm really going for my first bite it's hard

    分發它一點點,我 我第一次吃它真的很難受

  • to separate them guys so what makes Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)n so delicious is the sauce is


  • that black bean paste sauce to be honest it's greasy this is a very greasy meal

    那個黑豆醬要老實說 油膩這是一頓非常油膩的飯

  • but in a good way like you have this and you have your Tangsuyuk (탕수육) and you

    但是好像你有這個和 你有你的Tangsuyuk(탕수육)和你

  • don't worry about your waistline you kind of have to undo the buckle from

    不要擔心你的腰圍你 有點必須撤消扣

  • from your pants cause your belly is expanding so quickly it's so tasty so

    從你的褲子導致你的肚子 如此迅速地膨脹它是如此美味

  • greasy I'm gonna grab a bit of it there's a bit of pork here hmm one more

    油膩我會抓住它的一點點 這裡還有一點豬肉

  • bite I'm loving this Chris from yellow productions ordered something different

    咬我愛這個克里斯黃色 製作訂購了不同的東西

  • what do you have over there hey guys well the classic dish is a Korean

    那邊有什麼嘿伙計們 這道經典菜是韓國菜

  • Chinese restaurants are Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) as you just saw but also Jjamppong (짬뽕) which is

    中國餐館是Jjajangmyeon(짜장면) 你剛才看到的還有Jjamppong(짬뽕)

  • a spicy seafood noodle soup so there's big noodles in here and there's also

    辛辣的海鮮湯麵就這樣了 在這里和那裡也有大麵條

  • seafood and it's red for this soup mmm it's quite spicy it's got this good kick

    海鮮,這湯米的紅色 它非常辣,它有這麼好的踢

  • oh yeah it's not just in the media spice but it's kind of a spice that lingers

    哦,是的,這不僅僅是媒體的香料 但它是一種徘徊的香料

  • the noodles you cut them because otherwise they're really long and yeah

    你切的麵條是因為 否則他們真的很長,是的

  • that's like that's like the Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)you'll see you go on and on nice and caught by

    那就像Jjajangmyeon(짜장면)那樣 看到你繼續好好被抓住了

  • that way yeah and it's just the right level of soft and chewy there's

    是的,是的,這是正確的 有柔軟和耐嚼的水平

  • happiness in a bowl and last but not least we have Gun-Mandu (군만두)

    一碗幸福,最後但不是 至少我們有Gun-Mandu(군만두)

  • these are the Chinese Korean pan-fried dumplings these are delicious you know

    這些都是中國人的韓國煎炸 餃子這些都很美味你知道嗎

  • I'm actually gonna put in a bit of the Tangsuyuk (탕수육) sauce

    我實際上會把它放進去 Tangsuyuk(탕수육)醬

  • do you provide goodness there's a bit of work in there a little bit

    你提供的善良嗎? 那裡有點工作

  • vegetables mostly pork important so good this food what I'm craving like if I've done

    蔬菜大多是豬肉這麼重要 如果我做的話,我渴望的食物

  • a lot of worker worked out or a busy day how do I keep this Korean Chinese food is

    很多工人鍛煉或忙碌的一天 我該如何保留這種韓國料理

  • exactly what I've become


  • delicious greasy noodles those are great huh hmm poor fine as well very greasy

    美味的油膩麵條那些都很棒 嗯嗯好可憐也很油膩

  • Billy I mean if you're gonna eat this I would suggest 92 much of the appetizers

    比利,我的意思是,如果你要吃這個我 會建議92大部分的開胃菜

  • so much of that pork fried pork yeah I had noodles with pork yeah then then man

    這麼多的豬肉炒豬肉是的我 有豬肉的麵條,然後是男人

  • the dumpling and the dumplings of pork and I'm drinking beer yeah and soju it's a

    餃子和豬肉餃子 而且我正在喝啤酒是的和燒酒這是一個

  • it's definitely uh really filling 2,000 calories our wives are not going to be

    它絕對是你真的填2000 卡路里我們的妻子不會

  • impressed with our waistline so at home but you know what here in the Korea yeah

    我們的腰圍給家裡留下了深刻的印象 但你知道在韓國這裡是什麼

  • very light yeah it's all veggies so well your breakfast this morning

    很輕,是的,所有的蔬菜都很好吃 今天早上你的早餐

  • dude I'm lost weight regain Wow all right dude what did you think of the

    老兄,我體重減輕了哇所有 對你有什麼想法的

  • Korean Chinese food your first time having it oh my god it was so delicious

    你的第一次韓國中國菜 擁有它哦,天哪它真好吃

  • I loved it the noodles oh so greasy yummy greasy goodness huh

    我喜歡它的麵條 哦,油膩美味油膩的善良啊

  • delicious and now you know what our time in the Busan like Gyeongju area is over

    好吃,現在你知道我們的時間了 像釜山一樣的釜山地區已經結束了

  • we're heading back to Seoul yeah I'm gonna believe it we're here I zoomed on

    我們要回首爾了,我是 要相信它我們在這裡我放大了

  • to station and we're getting a bullet train two hours straight by the Seoul

    到車站,我們得到一顆子彈 首爾連續兩小時火車

  • yeah the the train station in Gyeongju isn't on this on the bullet train route

    是的慶州火車站 在子彈頭列車路線上不是這個

  • so this was slightly outside of Gyeongju but yeah it's gonna be a two-hour ride

    所以這稍微偏離了慶州 但是,這將是一個兩個小時的車程

  • it's already dark and we're gonna get back pretty late in town let's do it so

    它已經黑了,我們會得到的 在城裡回來很晚讓我們這樣做

  • unlike the Seoul and Busan train stations this one here just outside of

    不像首爾和釜山的火車 這個站在這裡就在外面

  • Gyeongju is ultra-modern but there's hardly anybody it's basically just us

    慶州超現代,但有 幾乎沒有人,它基本上只是我們

  • which is kind of fantastic but yeah anyways we have about 15 minutes before

    這真是太棒了但是是的 無論如何我們還有大約15分鐘

  • we catch the train so we're gonna go out to platform for and board any minute

    我們趕上火車,所以我們要出去了 任何一分鐘的平台和登機

  • and we're back in Seoul we are I was address all it was good I guess how you

    我們回到首爾我們就是這樣 解決一切都很好,我想你是怎麼回事

  • do the video editing I did I got 60% of it uploaded and now my pocket Wi-Fi is

    我做了視頻編輯,我得到了60% 它上傳了,現在我的口袋Wi-Fi是

  • about 400 degrees oh man what a day so we got up so early with the monks this

    大概400度哦男人一天一天如此 我們和僧侶這麼早起來了

  • morning I've just been go go go go all day but in terms of what we did in this

    早上我剛去的所有去 一天,但就我們在這方面做了什麼

  • video going to see the tombs was great Chinese meal always fun to take

    視頻去看墓葬了 偉大的中餐一定很有趣

  • the KTX and yeah that was a pretty amazing day and if you love this video

    KTX,是的,這很漂亮 令人驚嘆的一天,如果你喜歡這個視頻

  • give it a thumbs up comment below subscribe to our channel Samuel and

    在下面給它一個豎起大拇指的評論 訂閱我們的頻道Samuel和

  • Audrey David's been here We've got tons more Korea content coming ciao ciao

    奧黛麗大衛來過這裡我們已經有了很多 更多韓國內容即將到來

good afternoon and good afternoon guys greetings from Gyeongju South Korea

大家下午好,下午好 來自韓國慶州的問候


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吃韓式中餐 嘗淨土面(짜장면) + 韓國慶州一日遊。 (Eating Korean Chinese Food Trying Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) + Day Trip to Gyeongju, Korea)

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