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  • Eat Sleep Dreamers welcome to Norway. I've come to Bergen with my friend Luke. This is my

  • first time ever in Norway or even in Scandinavia. I'm really excited to see what this city is

  • like. I'm looking forward to some hiking, we're going to go hiking. We're going to eat

  • some amazing food and I think we're going to go to a football match as well to sort

  • of get a feel of the local culture.

  • Alright, it's our first day in Bergen and we are heading to the top of that mountain

  • up there, well hill, to get a view of the city. I think it's the best way to see a city

  • is to go as high as you can and look down on it and then you get to understand it better.

  • Guys, I have the most amazing view of Bergen right now. We're in Bergen and we walked up

  • a hill into a snowy wonderland. The trees have snow on them, it's really magical up

  • here. And I have an amazing bird's eye view of Bergen. Have a look.

  • Alright, we are at the top of the hill. We've just had a hot chocolate to get us nice and

  • warm and now we're back outside and it's freezing. It is absolutely bitter. It's bitter, we're

  • thinking about words to say 'cold' we've got bitter, chilly, freezing, biting, yeah chilled

  • to the bone, it's bitterly cold you could say, Siberian yeah. It's glacial. Brass monkeys,

  • it's a nice informal one there from Luke. I'm so cold and my hand is getting really

  • cold as well, it's frozen to the camera. Anyway, we're going to get warm, we're going to move

  • to get warm, go back down into Bergen and get warm again, maybe get some more hot chocolate.

  • Definitely, that's a good plan.

  • Alright, Luke and I are going to a football match we're going to SK Brann, it's the local

  • team and we're walking to the stadium and the party has already started. There are flares

  • out already.

  • Ok, we're inside the stadium. Luke's got a coffee. Are you excited Luke? I'm really looking

  • forward to it, I think it should be interesting to see what the standard of the league is

  • over here. The whole town has come down, it's their only sports team, yeah, quite excited.

  • Yeah and it's a spectacular scenery. The mountain is just, we were up there this morning and

  • it's right behind us. It's an incredible stadium. And if I turn just over here, that's where

  • all the singing and dancing is going to happen. Pyro. Pyro, yeah they've got flares, it's

  • gong to be quite exciting. I think that's the thing I'm most interested to see.

  • Alright, the show's begun.

  • We're now singing. I don't know why they are singing.

  • Goooooooaaaallllll

  • Alright, another day and another hill. This time we're going up Mount Ulricken and we're

  • not walking this time, we're taking a cable car. The views are spectacular.

  • Wow! Eat Sleep Dreamers, this is spectacular. It's like a winter wonderland up here. It

  • feels really arctic and cold and now Luke is throwing snow balls at me but it's amazing

  • up here. The views just, the scenery stretches out for miles. You can see everything around

  • you.

  • One of the first things you notice about Bergen is the colourful houses. And especially when

  • the sun is shining and you've got the blue sky up above they just shine out and they

  • look absolutely incredible. The architecture is really beautiful and really different to

  • London and to anything I know.

  • It's also really quiet here. So you are walking down the streets and there aren't many cars,

  • there aren't a lot of people. I guess everyone is inside because it's quite cold. It's really

  • peaceful, it's such a nice change from London where it's hectic and busy and there are people

  • everywhere. Yeah, it's just such a nice place to walk around. There's Luke! It's just such

  • a nice city to walk around.

  • It's time to go home Eat Sleep Dreamers, I've had a wonderful time. But I will return because

  • there's so much still to do here. I always think leave something still to do so you have

  • a reason to return to wherever you've been. Anyway thanks for watching and please check

  • out all my other videos on my YouTube channel which is Eat Sleep Dream English. Until next

  • time this is Tom the English Hipster saying goodbye.

Eat Sleep Dreamers welcome to Norway. I've come to Bergen with my friend Luke. This is my


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