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  • A final experiment that I want to mention to you is our Fairness Study.

  • This became a very famous study and there's now many more because,

  • after we did this about ten years ago, it became very well known.

  • And we did that originally with Capuchin monkeys

  • and I'm going to show you the first experiment that we did.

  • It has now been done with dogs, and with birds, and with chimpanzees.

  • But we started out with Capuchin monkeys.

  • So what we did is we put two Capuchin monkeys side by side.

  • Again, these animals live in a group.

  • They know each other.

  • We take them out of the group and put them in a test chamber.

  • There's a very simple task that they need to do.

  • And if you give both of them cucumber for the task,

  • the two monkeys side by side,

  • they're perfectly willing to do this 25 times in a row.

  • So cucumber, even though it's really only water in my opinion, is perfectly fine for them.

  • Now, if you give the partner grapes...

  • the food preferences of my Capuchin monkeys correspond...

  • ..exactly with the prices in the supermarket.

  • If you give them grapes, as a far better food,

  • then you create inequity between them.

  • So that's the experiment we did.

  • Recently, we videotaped it.

  • It was new monkeys who have never done the task,

  • thinking maybe they would have a stronger reaction

  • and that turned out to be right.

  • The one on the left is a monkey who gets cucumber.

  • The one on the right is the one who gets grapes.

  • The one who gets cucumber noted...

  • ..that the first piece of cucumber is perfectly fine.

  • The first piece he eats.

  • Then she sees the other one getting grape and you will see what happens.

  • So she gives a rock to us. That's the task.

  • And we give her a piece of cucumber and she eats it.

  • The other one needs to give a rock to us.

  • And that's what she does.

  • And she gets a grape.

  • And she eats it-- the other one sees that.

  • She gives a rock to us now.

  • Gets, again, cucumber.

  • (audience laughs)

  • She tests her rock now against the wall.

  • She needs to give it to us.

  • And she gets cucumber again.

  • (audience laughs)

  • So this is basically the Wall Street protest that you see here.

  • (audience laughs and applauds)

  • [go to to make a personal request]

A final experiment that I want to mention to you is our Fairness Study.


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