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  • hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech today with your pronunciation

  • question we have four words today dough what we use to make bread doubter a

  • skeptic daughter a female child and laughter giggling the core of this

  • question is spelling irregularities and it should be fairly easy to learn the

  • pronunciations today once you see this crazy English spelling

  • so our first word dough the ough is pronounced as O

  • here we have o u again and we are going to pronounce that as ow and in

  • this case in this word the B is silent so I'm going ahead and cross that out

  • for you and then in daughter a ugh is one sound the oh and then in laughter

  • the a U is an ah and actually I circled this the gh is pronounced as an F super

  • confusing I know but if I treat all these words I think you're going to be

  • able to pronounce them all so for word number one we have dough D and then end

  • with a long O Dough Dough for word number two Dow der

  • we're going to say ow open and then pucker it's nice and long

  • let me put a nice long symbol over top of that and then we're gonna end with

  • the der which is that flap T I know it's technically not a flap T but just try to

  • say that and it'll sound close enough and people will understand you doubter

  • and then for daughter we're gonna have that open oh sound with your mouth and

  • an oval that gets your tongue nice and low in your mouth with a back pulled up

  • and that vowel is short and again we're gonna end with that der which is that

  • flat t daughter and then we have laughter and for this vowel it's going

  • to be that open American ah sound with your mouth in a round circle again

  • that helps you get your tongue low in your mouth with the back pulled up

  • focusing on where your tongue is is super difficult for most of my students

  • so I found that the mouth shapes really really help so let's go ahead and try

  • all of these words dough doubter daughter laughter now I actually say a T sound

  • here but you can say der laughter which is totally fine or laughter both are

  • acceptable variations so we have dough doubter daughter laughter or laughter

  • laughter laughter dough doubter daughter laughter laughter I'm going to add one

  • more word here that I actually had someone recently asked about and that

  • word is do and to say the word do just think of this ew

  • sound that very puckered long ew sound so again the spelling here really gets

  • confusing because we don't say dough dough which would make more sense we actually

  • say do so let me try these one more time for you dough doubter daughter laughter

  • and do so do you think my dough will rise or are you a doubter my daughter

  • will have lots of laughter if you doubt my dough skills so give it a try I know

  • people are going to notice a difference have you found this helpful we would

  • love a like and a share and a subscribe don't forget to check out our products

  • on Google Play on iTunes and if you want to take some classes check out what we

  • have to offer on Tarle speech dot com thanks so much and hope to see you soon

hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech today with your pronunciation


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如何發音DOUGH, DOUBTER, DAUGHTER, LAUGHTER, DO - 美式英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce DOUGH, DOUBTER, DAUGHTER, LAUGHTER, DO - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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