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  • guys it is time for the meal we both been waiting for I don't know if we've

    伙計們,是時候吃飯了 一直在等我不知道我們是否

  • all been waiting for it but the two of us they've been waiting for it

    所有人都在等待,但是兩個 我們他們一直在等待

  • definitely waiting for it we are going to eat parrilla parrilla

    肯定在等待它,我們要去 吃parrilla parrilla

  • sam says it with a way better Argent's fine accent you know I work on your

    薩姆(Sam)說的更好 很好的口音,你知道我為你工作

  • Argentine accent I feel like I'm faking it when I say parrilla it's not natural

    我覺得自己是阿根廷人的口音 當我說parrilla是不自然的

  • about how I feel so it is Argentine barbecue this is how mommy tried to grab

    關於我的感受,這就是阿根廷 燒烤,這是媽媽試圖抓住的方式

  • for lunch you're unsuccessful because the place was closed so we're attempting

    午餐你不成功,因為 這個地方已經關閉,所以我們正在嘗試

  • take two and we have to we have a strong feeling in if you open it tonight

    拿兩個,我們必須有一個強大的 如果今晚打開它的感覺

  • ATM you're showing up before they open make sure we can snag a good table and

    開門前顯示的ATM 確保我們可以擺好桌子

  • you know place the first order so we get the food first

    你知道先下訂單,我們得到 食物第一

  • want some strategy with our meal planning myself

    想要在用餐時採取一些策略 計劃自己

  • well guys we arrived at the restaurant a bit too early they're still setting up

    大家我們到了餐廳 還為時過早,他們仍在設置

  • so we've gone on this little Riverwalk there's a nice little quiet area with

    所以我們去了這個小河濱步道 有一個不錯的小安靜的地方

  • this dirt path you can go for a stroll there's people riding bikes so yeah

    這條土路你可以去逛逛 有人騎自行車所以

  • we're just chilling a bit of time and also enjoying nature before we go have

    我們只是在消磨時間, 我們去之前也享受大自然

  • our dinner our delicious barbecue Argentine barbecue it's gonna be so good

    我們的晚餐我們美味的燒烤 阿根廷燒烤會很棒

  • I've brought my appetite


  • so we have just sat down at the table we bit oddly we're ridiculously early I

    所以我們剛坐在桌子旁 有點奇怪,我們可笑的是我早

  • mean the one thing about being in Argentina is that place is sort of open

    意思是關於 阿根廷是一個開放的地方

  • at 8 o'clock yeah you actually go to eat at 8 o'clock when no one's there it's

    是的,你八點真的去吃飯 在八點沒有人的時候

  • just us at 8 o'clock we're like the super team students day to be fair we

    只是我們八點鐘,我們就像 超級團隊學生節,公平的我們

  • are used to eating at 5 o'clock that's like actually even 4:30 it would be my

    習慣在五點鐘吃飯 甚至是4:30都是我的

  • dinner time by our standards ridiculously early by Argentine standard

    晚餐時間按我們的標準 按照阿根廷標準可笑

  • yeah another cool thing to mention look at her plates it's a cow well

    是的,還有一件很酷的事情要提一下 在她的盤子上,那是一頭牛

  • wait the menu quite the menu lots of offerings in the meat department we

    等待菜單相當多的菜單 我們在肉類部門提供的產品

  • decided to go with a buddy data for two people with chorizo just sausage or see

    決定使用兩個好友數據 香腸的人只是香腸或看到

  • that blood sausage Qin Qiu Lina and pretty sure it's intestines there is Ren

    那血腸秦秋麗娜和 很確定這是腸子

  • Yan which I'm pretty sure our kidneys voseo a cut of beef a salad Dida it's

    我很確定我們的腎臟 牛肉切成薄片的牛肉沙拉迪達

  • also meat beef with a bone and some fat in between different cuts the different

    也有骨頭和一些脂肪的肉牛肉 在不同的削減之間

  • cuts yeah there's also chicken or pork and you basically get like you get this

    削減是的還有雞肉或豬肉 基本上就像你得到這個

  • massive platter to share your dad's the expert about all the different kinds

    共享您父親的大盤子 各種專家

  • yeah I I do not know mine eat well I just like

    是啊,我 我不知道我喜歡吃得好嗎

  • to eat I show up things are good and Sam here had fun selecting the wine had

    吃我現身的東西很好,山姆 在這裡選擇酒有樂趣

  • quite an extensive selection guys yeah you can get all different kinds I mean

    相當廣泛的選擇,是的 你可以得到各種不同的意思

  • the most famous in Argentina obviously when you're having padishah is to get a

    阿根廷最著名的人 當你有帕迪沙的時候得到一個

  • Malbec yeah and we're going with one of the

    馬爾貝克 是的,我們要與其中之一

  • most popular ones that rep BJ wine wine gonna be good you're white river view

    最受歡迎的代表BJ葡萄酒的葡萄酒 會很好,你是懷特河景

  • sitting across and I'm glad you enjoy it just as much as I do so I like my food

    坐在對面,我很高興你喜歡它 和我一樣多,我喜歡我的食物

  • with yeah that's for sure I like your company and

    是的 可以肯定的是,我喜歡您的公司,

  • I like food so we're good good we're good the wine is here Sam made a very

    我喜歡食物,所以我們很好,我們 很好,這裡的酒山姆做了非常

  • good selection at BJ my BIC yeah they're one of the most famous producers in

    BJ的好選擇我的BIC是的 美國最著名的製作人之一

  • Argentina we have that brand in Canada yeah I've noticed it abroad I've noticed

    阿根廷,我們在加拿大擁有該品牌 是的,我在國外注意到了

  • a lot of it in Argentina must be one of the biggest bodegas which is owned

    阿根廷的很多地方一定是其中之一 擁有的最大的酒窖

  • another word aside from B Nobi we have ice cubes

    除了B Nobi,我們還有一個詞 冰塊

  • cheers Cheers Argentina oh man that wine is awesome it's velvety

    乾杯阿根廷 哦,老兄,那酒真是太美味了

  • smooth velvety smooth it's packed with flavor so good if you if you guys if you

    光滑柔軟 如果你們的話味道很好

  • guys ever come to Argentina and you're wondering what kind of wine to try with

    來過阿根廷,而你 想知道嘗試哪種酒

  • your Argentine barbecue you have to get them all back that is the classic one to

    您必須獲得阿根廷燒烤 他們都回來那是經典的

  • try and it just goes so well together try some of that bread how British oh

    嘗試,它是如此順利 嚐嚐那些麵包怎麼樣英國哦

  • yeah I'm gonna try not to eat too much bread because today I stuffed myself

    是的,我要盡量不要吃太多 麵包,因為今天我塞滿了自己

  • we finished your basket of bread before food or pigs at lunch know what lentils

    我們之前完成了你的麵包籃 午餐吃的食物或豬知道小扁豆

  • with Brendan that's a good combination yeah this is our complete salad this is

    與布倫丹的搭檔很好 是的,這是我們完整的沙拉,這是

  • what I order anytime we go to a party that restaurant to eat steaks or any

    我們去參加聚會時我點的菜 那家餐廳吃牛排或任何

  • great really something light it's a salad with like lettuce tomatoes carrots

    很棒,真的很光 像生菜西紅柿沙拉胡蘿蔔

  • onions hard-boiled eggs beetroot corn potato it's a little bit

    洋蔥煮雞蛋 甜菜根玉米土豆有點

  • of everything I'm actually really looking forward to

    一切 我真的很期待

  • the salad it's a nice compliment for a barbecue it's perfect cuz it's

    沙拉是一個不錯的稱讚 燒烤是完美的,因為

  • refreshing like calories for me and I'll also mention we have the

    讓我像卡路里一樣清爽,我會 還提到我們有

  • first portion of the meat you know divided into two parts this one is

    你知道的第一部分肉 分為兩部分,這是

  • called a Judas well some of these things are like the intestines and kidneys and

    其中一些東西叫做猶大 就像腸子和腎臟

  • blood sausage and the little chorizo and then after that we're gonna get like the

    血腸和小香腸和 然後,我們將變得像

  • finer cuts of meat it's cool it's like route route around one of the meat are

    細切的肉,涼爽的,就像 繞路線之一的肉是

  • you ready for this so ready these are the more of the organs and the sausage

    你為此準備好了,這些都是 器官和香腸越多

  • cuts I believe that's the intestine grab ahold peace my friend oh and what would

    削減,我相信那是腸子的抓 保持和平,我的朋友哦,那會怎樣

  • this be the kids this would be the kidney

    這是孩子,這將是 腎

  • I believe so that's also all yours you can have a double portion blood sausage

    我相信那也是你的全部 可以有兩份血腸

  • and you tried blood sausage for the first time the other day I loved it when

    你嘗試了血腸 前幾天我第一次喜歡

  • we cook the barbecue with my dog it looks like black pudding basically yeah

    我們和狗一起煮燒烤 看起來像黑布丁

  • like the black pudding we have in the UK for breakfast bogum literally crispy on

    像英國的黑布丁一樣 早餐薄脆片實際上是脆的

  • the outside I have a soft texture in the middle yeah it's very smooth isn't so

    外面我的手感柔軟 是的,很順利,不是這樣

  • smooth sole rich in flavor if you were to know all the ingredients you might be

    光滑的鞋底,富有風味 知道你可能是所有成分

  • turned off a bit like me guys blood like the leg is moving on now we have the

    像我一樣關掉了 腿在前進,現在我們有

  • other little scent so what do they pack with flavor curious to see how you'll

    其他的小氣味,所以他們打包 好奇地想知道你會如何

  • react let's get a little more exotic here on the kidneys here I believe it's

    反應,讓我們變得更加異國情調 我相信這裡是腎臟

  • kidney hmm tougher tougher but oh my gosh just taste a lot like liver yeah I

    腎臟,嗯,更堅強,但哦,我的 天哪,味道很像肝臟,是的,我

  • don't love that I mean I don't love that oh man does it really taste like an

    不愛那個我是說我不喜歡那個 哦,男人真的嘗起來像

  • organ moving on to them to eat them you've had in Peru I remember one of the

    器官繼續向他們吃 你在秘魯有過,我記得其中之一

  • first times I took you to Peru and we went out to buttery that with them they

    我第一次帶你去秘魯,我們 和他們一起出去黃油

  • had this on the menu I didn't tell you what it was this is delicious it's so

    我沒告訴你菜單上有這個 這是什麼好吃的

  • greasy and chewy it's so much better than like kidneys or liver I think for

    油膩耐嚼,好多了 比起我認為的腎臟或肝臟

  • me for yours if we don't really eat intestines in

    我為你的 如果我們真的不吃腸子

  • Canada but man they're good mind you I don't love

    加拿大但是 男人,他們是好主意,我不愛你

  • liver or kidneys on but this I'm not really right oh well I am more than

    肝臟或腎臟,但我不是 真的對,哦,我比

  • happy to share my chin chilena with you all your husband so it sounds

    很高興分享我的下巴 和你所有的丈夫在一起,聽起來

  • like we're off to a pretty good start for round one amazing this is amazing

    就像我們有一個很好的開始 對於第一輪來說,這是驚人的

  • I'm the best cuts of meat and I've got to come hey Audrey it's your turn to try

    我是最好的肉塊,我有 來吧,奧黛麗,該你該嘗試了

  • everything from the first plate I'm not going to laugh I already know but that

    從第一盤開始的一切我都不是 要笑,我已經知道了,但是

  • but that that's what makes it fun blood sausage the more CEO okay this is

    但這就是讓它變得有趣的血液 香腸越多首席執行官好吧,這是

  • something that I used to eat a lot as a kid when I lived in Argentina yeah and I

    我以前經常吃的東西 當我住在阿根廷的時候,我是的

  • really liked it yeah but it's not something that I haven't seen a blood

    非常喜歡它,但是不是 我沒見過血的東西

  • sausage in like 20 years basically I'm thinking about it I'm just like oh

    大概二十年後,我 想著我就像哦

  • that's just like liquid blood and I made a sausage

    就像液態血,我做了 香腸

  • but it's delicious it's so rich in flavor so everything yeah kind of like

    但是很好吃 味道,所以一切都是這樣

  • fluffy creamy it's almost like pudding pudding like now these are some other

    蓬鬆的奶油,就像布丁一樣 像現在這樣的布丁還有一些

  • things to try you guys man I didn't even if I just tried sampling these for the

    嘗試的東西,伙計,我什至沒有 如果我只是嘗試採樣這些

  • Spanish video and it did not go up more solid kidneys immortal kidney the kidney

    西班牙影片,而且漲幅不大 堅實的腎臟不朽的腎臟腎臟

  • I can best describe it kind of has like this rubbery chewy texture to them I

    我最能形容它像 這種橡膠質的耐嚼質地對我來說

  • don't love for me it's the texture that's off-putting more than its the

    不愛我是紋理 這比它更令人討厭

  • organ texture of it guzzle some more wine alright let's have some intestine

    它的器官質地更加複雜 好酒,讓我們來腸

  • now no I just put it again oh my god the grand portion has arrived there is that

    現在不,我再放一遍,哦,天哪 大部分已經到了

  • the star of the show the start of the Argentine grill meat is filling too so

    節目的明星 阿根廷烤肉也很餡

  • we have chicken even the option if we wanted chicken our pork which is a

    我們有雞肉甚至選擇 想要雞肉是我們的豬肉

  • chicken we have this cut which I believe is the vacío

    雞肉,我們有這道菜,我相信 是真空

  • the liver see oh yeah and then we have a solid data which has boned it at Osborne

    肝臟看到哦是的,然後我們有一個 紮實的​​數據在奧斯本

  • benefit you know it feels like a marathon I feel like I've been running

    受益,你知道這感覺就像 馬拉松,我好像一直在跑步

  • for a few hours I regret the bread that we had we could

    幾個小時 我很遺憾我們擁有的麵包

  • we must refrain from the bread from now on the chicken is delicious I squeezed a

    從現在起我們必須避免麵包 上雞好吃我擠了

  • bit of lemon juice on talked earlier very nice and it also has the skin which

    前面說過一點檸檬汁 非常好,它也有皮膚

  • is nice and crispy and golden messy oh yeah I'm just going with little pieces

    很好,又脆又金黃,凌亂哦 是的,我只是一小塊

  • now it's all a bit more body there isn't as much meat on it but it's actually

    現在身體多了一點 上面有很多肉,但實際上

  • still very tasty when you do get to the meat it does take a bit more effort I

    當你去那裡仍然很美味 肉確實需要更多的努力

  • think I'm gonna get a dessert just for me so for you four out of six and for me

    以為我要去吃甜品 我對你,六分之四對我

  • five out of six that's not bad that's a pretty good score not bite it off you're

    六分之五還不錯 相當不錯的成績不會讓你失望

  • gonna sleep all tonight let me tell you guys I'm like the biggest pig in the

    今晚要睡一整讓我告訴你 伙計們,我就像是最大的豬

  • world I can't believe having dessert obviously

    世界 我真不敢相信吃甜點

  • I'm gonna help me with this this is that pancake with dulce de leche if you want

    我要幫我這個是 如果想要的話,與杜爾塞·德萊希煎餅

  • to know how to say it locally it's called pancake a the humble so de leche

    知道怎麼在本地說 叫做薄餅,謙虛的

  • basically like a crepe stuffed with the dulce de leche which is like a caramel

    基本上像是縐塞滿了 像焦糖一樣的杜爾塞·德萊什

  • it's been heated up dusted with some icing sugar oh my gosh it's delicious

    它已經加熱了一些灰塵 糖粉哦,我的天哪好吃

  • I've already had a bite meet some of the large quantities of

    我已經咬了一口 滿足一些

  • meat this is so amazing - do you guys have one piece we're gonna

    肉,真是太神奇了 -你們有一件我們要

  • say goodbye for now we see it on the bill arrive late

    說再見,現在我們在 賬單遲到

  • well what do you got in your head a box full of meat

    好吧,你的腦袋裡有什麼 充滿肉

  • yeah we've been feeding your dog's we basically give him some more he's ready

    是的,我們一直在餵狗 基本上給他一些他已經準備好了

  • for it Oh puppy so there's some stray dogs there's a lot of there's a few

    為此,哦,小狗,所以有些流浪 狗很多很多

  • stray dogs by the bus station yeah when there aren't too many in the town to be

    公交車站的流浪狗 鎮上沒有太多

  • honest but we have we were able to keep take care of the second part all the

    老實說,但我們有能力保持 照顧第二部分

  • main meat yeah there's a few organs left yeah what was the price price was about

    是的,主要肉類還剩一些器官 是的,價格是多少

  • twelve hundred pesos or so okay which is around the $30.00 mark yeah and I mean

    一千二百比索左右還可以 大約是30.00美元,是的,我是說

  • it was way more meat oh it's incredible so let's recap so a full bottle of

    肉多了哦,太不可思議了 讓我們回顧一下一整瓶

  • Malbec wine yeah from a good brand salad lots of bread a solid two share two

    來自優質沙拉的馬爾貝克葡萄酒 大量的麵包實心兩個共享兩個

  • courses of meat and a dessert to share so I'd say it's pretty good value the

    肉類和甜點分享 所以我說這是非常有價值的

  • quality was excellent you know we came and eat we were the only people there by

    質量非常好,你知道我們來了 吃我們是那裡唯一的人

  • 9:00 o'clock packed by the time we left at 9:30 949

    9:00 在我們9:30 949離開的時候收拾好行李

  • upon side give the pup somewhere yeah you can have all of it if he wants

    在旁邊給小狗某處 如果他願意,你可以擁有所有這些

  • anyways that was an incredible Argentine grill Argentine padishah my gosh if you

    無論如何,那是令人難以置信的阿根廷 燒烤阿根廷帕迪沙我的天哪,如果你

  • come to Argentina you got to try something like this it's just the best

    來阿根廷,你必須嘗試 這樣的東西是最好的

  • yeah we're so we're so stuffed but in a good way in a good way anyways we're

    是的,我們是如此擁擠,但是 無論如何我們都是好方法

  • gonna say goodbye bye guys more traveling food content from Argentina

    再說再見 來自阿根廷的旅行食品含量

  • soon


guys it is time for the meal we both been waiting for I don't know if we've

伙計們,是時候吃飯了 一直在等我不知道我們是否


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在阿根廷貝爾格拉諾將軍別墅吃典型的阿根廷燒烤 (ARGENTINEAN ASADO | Eating a Typical Argentine BBQ in Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

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