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  • Shinanomachi in northern Nagano is an outdoor lover's paradise

  • Surrounded by mountains and centered around a lake

  • there are plenty of things to do all year round

  • Snow activities dominate in the winter

  • hiking and camping are popular in the warmer months

  • while local delicacies and traditional crafts can be enjoyed throughout the year

  • My name is Raina Ong, staff writer for

  • Here's the trip itinerary

  • From Tokyo we'll take the shinkansen to Nagano

  • where we'll transfer to the Shinano Railway to Kurohime Station in Shinanomachi

  • First, we'll first visit a haiku museum, and then a knife forge

  • For lunch we'll make our own soba noodles

  • and afterwards we'll spend the afternoon snowshoeing at a local ski park

  • before going to our accomodation for the night.

  • Day two will be spent fishing in the morning

  • then having lunch at a local restaurant and guesthouse called Lamp

  • and finally visiting a sake brewery before catching our train back home

  • So follow along as I experience an undiscovered part of Nagano

  • the town of Shinanomachi.

  • Day 1

  • We're here in Shinanomachi where we'll be for two days

  • and follow along as we look forward to wintery views and local delights

  • One of the traditional crafts that Shinanomachi is known for is knives

  • Known asshinshu uchihamono

  • Now we're at a forge and we're going to see how one is made

  • We're at the Kurohime Fairytale Museum where I'm going snowshoeing for the first time

  • So my rental gear I've got from the rental shop over there

  • And on this trip we're going to the lake and back

  • Kanpai!

  • We're staying at a resort hotel in Shinanomachi tonight

  • Where there's ski slopes out at the back, as well as an onsen, and an indoor pool.

  • And tomorrow I'm going to explore Nojiri Lake as well as a sake brewery.

  • Hope I don't freeze!

  • Day 2

  • There are a bunch of activities that you can do on Nojiri Lake

  • and in the winter right now wakasagi fishing is one of them

  • That's the boat I'm going to go on so follow me

  • I'm at a local sake brewery in Shinanomachi

  • And I'm going to learn about how sake is made

  • And hopefully I'll get to taste some at the end

  • Thus ends my short visit to Shinanomachi

  • one that you also could do as a weekend trip

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  • Happy travels

Shinanomachi in northern Nagano is an outdoor lover's paradise


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日本隱藏的寶石城市-長野縣新野町|日本導遊網 (Japan's Hidden Gem Towns, Shinanomachi in Nagano |

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