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  • Aww Yeah! Let's learn English with the legal drama TV series, Suits.

  • Now, guys, I'm really excited about this one because it is one of my favorite series,

  • and the scene that we've chosen for you is fantastic because it is where the two main characters

  • meet for the first time.

  • It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to learn some advanced English expressions

  • as well as to pick up on some vocabulary related to the law (also known as Legal English).

  • Now, I have a special announcement coming up for you in just a little bit,

  • but, before we get into any of that, I wanted to let you know that if you're new here,

  • every week we make new lessons just like this one

  • so that you can have fun learning to understand fast-speaking natives

  • without getting lost, without missing the jokes

  • and without subtitles.

  • Just like Achiko, who says that our videos are different than any others they've seen

  • because they keep them motivated and interested to continue learning.

  • So if you want to have fun getting confident, fluent English,

  • then, you're in the right place, just hit that Subscribe button and the Bell down below,

  • so you don't miss any of our new lessons.

  • Now let's learn English with Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in Suits.

  • Hey guys! So as I mentioned we have a special for you.

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  • and now let's get back to our lesson with Suits.

  • As I mentioned, my favorite series and one that I recommend often to English learners.

  • In fact, it formed a part of a lesson that we recently did

  • in which I shared 10 of the best series to learn English with this year.

  • So, I highly recommend that after you finish this lesson,

  • you check that out by clicking up here or down in the description below.

  • Awesome! So, I hope you found today's lesson really practical and useful.

  • Be sure to give us a like to let us know if you want more lessons with Suits,

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  • Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom and live your English!

  • Aww Yeah!

Aww Yeah! Let's learn English with the legal drama TV series, Suits.


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