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  • (cheerful guitar music)

  • - Hey, I'm Norah Jones,

  • and my favorite "Sesame Street" memory has to be

  • when I got to sing with Elmo and the letter Y.

  • We had great times, I won't forget

  • - That's good.

  • Spelling words like yarn and yet

  • - Ah! (laughs)

  • But now the Y has gone away

  • How I yearn for yesterday

  • But also from when I was a kid, I remember Bert and Ernie

  • fishing on a boat, and Ernie was catching fish by saying,

  • "Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy,"

  • and that cracks me up to this day.

  • - Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!

  • (fish thudding) Three fish, four fish,

  • five fish, mm-hmm. - Wow!

  • - Happy birthday, "Sesame Street."

  • (lively music)

  • (upbeat music)

(cheerful guitar music)


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芝麻街的記憶:Norah Jones|#ThisIsMyStreet諾拉-瓊斯|#這是我的街道 (Sesame Street Memory: Norah Jones | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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