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  • How to Make Fortune Cookies. Making homemade fortune cookies is a snap, and your loved

    如何做幸運餅乾 做幸運餅乾很簡單 你愛的另一伴

  • ones will get a kick out of their personalized predictions. You will need Paper Scissors

    也會非常享受為他們量身訂做的預言 你需要紙剪刀

  • A nontoxic pen A cookie sheet Butter or nonstick cooking spray 2 large egg whites 1/2 cup of all-purpose

    一隻無毒筆 一個烤版 奶油或不沾黏烘培噴霧 兩大份蛋白 1/2杯萬用麵粉

  • flour 1/2 cup of sugar 1 tsp. almond extract Wax paper Measuring cup and muffin tins. Step

    1/2杯糖 一茶匙杏仁粉 蠟紙 量杯和馬芬造型杯

  • 1. Cut paper into 16 2- by ½-inch strips and write a fortune on each with a

    步驟一: 把紙剪成16片長2英吋寬0.5英吋的紙條 接著用無毒筆在每一張紙條上

  • nontoxic pen. Step 2. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and grease a baking sheet with

    寫下命運 步驟二: 把烤箱預熱至375度 用奶油或不沾黏烘培噴霧

  • butter or nonstick cooking spray. Step 3. Whisk egg whites in a medium-size bowl until

    在烤箱紙上油 步驟三: 在一個中型碗中把蛋打均勻 直到都是泡沫為止

  • theyre just foamy. Step 4. Add the flour, sugar, and almond extract to the egg whites

    步驟四: 把麵粉 糖 杏仁粉加進蛋白

  • and beat until the mixture is smooth. Step 5. Drop four separate tablespoons of batter

    一直攪動直到混合物變均勻 步驟五: 在烤板上分開撒四湯匙的麵糊

  • onto the cookie sheet, spaced far apart. You have enough batter for about 16 cookies, but

    記得平均放置 你會有足夠的麵糊來做16塊餅乾

  • don’t attempt to bake more than four cookies per sheetthey need room to spread. Step

    但是不要嘗試在一張烤板上放超過四個餅乾 因為他們要空間鋪展開來

  • 6. Use a butter knife or the back of a spoon to spread the dropped batter into circles

    步驟六: 用奶油刀或湯匙背面 塗抹麵糰直到變成

  • about two inches in diameter. Step 7. Bake the cookies until the edges just begin to

    直徑約兩英吋的圓形為止 步驟七: 烘烤餅乾到邊緣都變成棕色

  • turn brown: about six minutes. The centers should remain pale. Step 8. As soon as you

    大約需要六分鐘 餅乾中央應該會維持白色 步驟八:

  • take the cookies out of the oven, lift them off the cookie sheet with a spatula and place

    當把餅乾拿出烤箱時 馬上用小鏟子把餅乾拿起來

  • them on a piece of wax paper. Step 9. Place a fortune in the center of a cookie, and fold

    並放到一張蠟紙上 步驟九: 把一張命運紙條放在餅乾中央

  • the cookie in half to form a semi-circle. Pick up the cookie and place the straight

    再來把餅乾對折成半圓形 拿起餅乾並直的

  • edge across the rim of the measuring cup. Fold the pointed edges down, one on the inside

    放在量杯的邊緣 折下尖端 一個是在杯子裡面

  • and one on the outside of the cup. Put the cookie in a muffin tin so it retains its shape

    一個是在杯子外面 把餅乾放入馬芬造型杯 這樣餅乾在冷卻後

  • as it cools. Work as quickly as you can! Once these cookies cool, they will be impossible

    仍可維持形狀 動作越快越好! 一旦餅乾冷卻後 就不可能把他們攪勻了

  • to bend. Step 10. Enjoy the looks on your loved onesfaces when they read fortunes

    步驟十: 享受你愛的另一半 看到專屬幸運紙條後的表情吧

  • written just for them. Did you know The largest fortune cookie manufacturer in the world is


  • located in Brooklyn, New York.


How to Make Fortune Cookies. Making homemade fortune cookies is a snap, and your loved

如何做幸運餅乾 做幸運餅乾很簡單 你愛的另一伴


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如何製作財神曲奇 (How to Make Fortune Cookies)

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