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  • What does Donald Trump's current battle with Twitter

  • have to do with coronavirus?

  • The social media company this week

  • took the unprecedented step of censoring

  • some of the president's tweets for the first time ever.

  • First it placed fact check notices

  • against two of his tweets which warned about potential fraud

  • in postal votes.

  • Then it went one stage further, hiding one of his posts

  • which appeared to call on the military

  • to use force against protesters in Minneapolis.

  • That tweet said the company violated its rules

  • on glorifying violence.

  • This is the kind of spat we've become accustomed to

  • in the three and a half years of the Trump presidency.

  • So is it just a coincidence that this one

  • is taking place against the backdrop

  • of the coronavirus pandemic?

  • Well, no.

  • One of the reasons the president has been so aggressive

  • on social media in the last few weeks

  • is that his main alternative outlet

  • for rallying his base of supporters

  • through large in-person events is no longer available to him.

  • Instead, he has to engage them online.

  • In fact, I would expect the next few months

  • of the general election campaign to look very different from any

  • we've ever seen before.

  • Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump will have to rally their troops

  • and to raise money mainly online,

  • and that will put platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

  • more in the spotlight even than they were in 2016.

  • I would expect, therefore, both Democrats and Republicans

  • to put pressure on those platforms

  • to act in certain ways.

  • Republicans are likely to talk a lot about the supposed

  • anti-conservative bias being shown by the likes of Twitter

  • and Google.

  • Meanwhile, Democrats are going to be putting pressure

  • on Facebook and Twitter to do more to censor

  • and to fact check some of the more

  • controversial content coming from Mr

  • Trump and his supporters.

  • And one thing is for certain, that without another outlet

  • for his energy, I would expect the president

  • to pick a lot more Twitter fights.

What does Donald Trump's current battle with Twitter


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唐納德-特朗普VS推特DC封鎖日記 (Donald Trump vs Twitter DC Lockdown Diary)

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