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you keep beating yourself up
persistently perseverating on where you
went wrong
perhaps you steeped in self-loathing and
blame or drowning in anger that's
directed towards your ex maybe he was
too much of a flirt or maybe she was too
controlling maybe just maybe there was
nothing you could do you too just
naturally drifted apart over time
there's a ton of reasons that break
relationships let's illuminate eight
reasons that will provide insight into
your current or future relationship lack
of trust is one of the leading causes of
breakups and divorce trust issues often
manifests as jealousy possessiveness
emotional or sexual infidelity mind
games and unreasonable demands
oftentimes insecurity which mainly stems
from our internal fears and
preconceptions is the root of the
problem to prevent these issues from
reoccurring people post-breakup try to
work on themselves couples with poor
communication are equally doomed if you
and your partner judge criticize or
challenge each other's worth contempt
will grow you'll begin taking each other
for granted bringing each other down
instead of up then when the mutual
respect is lost you'll both be less
motivated to find a solution and more
motivated to point fingers in the end
poor communication leads to
misunderstandings that can drive
partners away when communication is an
honest and forthcoming in the beginning
then relationships can break due to
different expectations and priorities at
the beginning you and your partner
formed a spark based on common interests
and physical attraction that's the easy
part the trust test of a relationship
occurs when the realities and demands of
daily life
settle in when your interests don't
align your paths begin to diverge maybe
you prioritize the relationship while
your partner prioritizes work
resentfulness can grow when one partner
feels like they're sacrificing too many
of their needs different expectations
and priorities are often the result of
growing at different speeds one of you
might be excelling in school while the
other might be stagnating one might
already be willing to settle down
if you
can't grow together it becomes
increasingly difficult to coexist in
harmony this is why high school
relationships usually don't sustain
themselves it's an age where you're
still developing maturing and learning
about who you are
incompatibility is the fourth reason
relationships fail did your partner
reveal characteristics that inherently
clash with yours maybe you're a free
spirit and your partner's conservative
line of thinking is stifling you perhaps
all that's been sustaining the
relationship is great sex whatever the
case be it personality types
intimacy levels or attachment styles
couples who can't bond don't last a more
extreme cause of relationship failures
is abuse which ranges from verbal
emotional physical sexual and
psychological abuse be on the lookout
for manipulative passive-aggressive and
excessively dominant behavior unlike in
media portrayals abuse is often subtle
and insidious sometimes an abusive
dynamic is born out of a partner's toxic
lifestyle gambling drinking drugs and
sex can all lead to addiction which
places major strain on relationships
have you ever been in a relationship
with someone who struggles with some
form of addiction it makes it near
impossible for the addict to accommodate
anything else let alone a lover despite
everything the eighth reason
relationships break is due to it
reaching a dead end have you ever been
with your partner for a while
stagnation in boredom can grow until it
becomes increasingly hard to stay
together for example in long-term
relationships life obligations can get
in the way of connectedness this is why
parents can experience empty nest
when their kids grow up and move out
they discover that aside from the
children there's nothing else between
them did we miss anything what are the
reasons that your past relationships
didn't work out we would love to hear
your thoughts be sure to leave a comment
below also please be sure to subscribe
to our channel as well for more helpful
tips and share this video with others
thanks for watching


8 Things That Break A Relationship

156 分類 收藏
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