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hey there psych Tagore's are you
wondering if your best friend likes you
as more than a friend do you think that
might have feelings for you without you
knowing it you spend so much time with
each other we've been opening up to them
about everything it can be hard not to
wonder if there's a romantic spark there
so here are seven subtle signs that your
best friend secretly has a crush on you
number one everyone thinks you're
already dating does everyone you meet
assume you and your best friend are a
couple many friends and family members
seem convinced it's only a matter of
time before you start dating maybe the
reason why everyone thinks you're
together is that they see something you
don't does their mood always improve
when you're around do they treat you
differently from all their other friends
these could be telltale signs that
they're interested in being more than
friends too you catch them staring a lot
do you notice your best friend staring
at you when you're not looking this
could be another clue that they might
have a crush on you but are too shy to
admit it often when you're romantically
interested in someone you can't help but
stare as they talk or pass by their
presence can effortlessly command your
attention making you notice only them
and nothing else
3 they're physically affectionate
towards you does your best friend hug
you every time you see each other or
hold your hand when you're walking they
sit next to you put their arm around you
or lay their head on your shoulder all
of which are nonverbal signs of romantic
attraction if your best friend has a
crush on you it's only natural that they
want to be around you as much as they
can or they're more attentive towards
you does your best friend pay special
attention to you and act more attentive
towards you if they always go the extra
mile just to make you happy it could be
because they want more than a friendship
with you they give you their full
attention whenever you're together cheer
you up when you're feeling down and drop
what they're doing just to meet you five
they remember the little things when
your best friend remembers all the
little things and make sweet and
thoughtful gestures for you they might
be trying to tell you that they like you
they make an effort to appreciate your
interests and hobbies to feel more
connected to you all these gestures show
that you're important to them
and that they just might be romantically
interested in you number six they're
very protective of you does it feel like
your best friend has higher standards
for the people you date than you do it
might seem like no one will ever be good
enough for you in their eyes
they're always protective of you when
they go out of their way to let you know
all the reasons why they think you
shouldn't be with this person and while
you may think that they're just looking
out for you it could really be that they
want to be the one to date you and seven
they're not interested in anyone else
finally if your best friend never seems
to be interested in anyone else then it
might be a sign that they have feelings
for you they talk to you about
everything but their love life no matter
how many times you ask if they always
choose to spend all their time with you
instead of anyone else well that's a
pretty good sign that they might have a
crush on you do you relate to any of the
signs mentioned here do you feel like
your best friend might want to be more
than friends or are you secretly hoping
for it to happen let us know in the
comments below if you find this video
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share this video with those who might
benefit from it the references and
studies used in this video are added in
the description below thanks for
watching and we'll see you in our next


7 Signs Your Best Friend Has A Crush On You

78 分類 收藏
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