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“We are having peaceful speeches, we have a reverend —”
Protesters gathered outside in Minneapolis on Saturday,
for the fifth day in a row.
This group was demonstrating
outside the city's Fifth Police Precinct.
“I can't stand the fact that some people in our society
can't walk around without feeling scared
that a cop is not going to come to them with a death sentence.”
Just after 8 p.m., police came out
to enforce the city's curfew.
“You are in violation of Minneapolis
city curfew ordinance.”
They began firing pepper spray and tear gas
to disperse the group.
“I swear to God! I swear to [expletive] God —”
Protesters here told us why they were out on the streets.
“Honestly, the world is watching the United States,
and more specifically Minneapolis itself,
to see how we're going to react and get justice
for Mr. Floyd.
And for me, being out here is a huge thing.”
“The Minneapolis Police Department
is notorious for their racism here.
Black men are about 13 times more likely
to be killed by cops than white men in the city.
And I think that people just finally had enough.”
“They tortured him, right?
What else is there to do but get their attention?”
Since George Floyd's death, peaceful protests
have mixed with looting and rioting at night.
Most protesters we spoke with oppose the violence,
but many said they understood the frustration and anger
people are feeling.
“No justice, no peace!
No justice, no peace!”
“We are here for justice for George.
We're sick and tired of being abused and oppressed
by the police.
They've been doing that [expletive] for years and years.”
“Man, we've got to come together as a people, as a one.
This racism's been going on for too long.”
“All four hundred years or more.”
“Too long.”
“All this [expletive] can be replaced.
The body cannot be replaced.”
“The body can never be replaced.”
“I don't want to see businesses burned down.
But, I mean, we're in kind of a war zone out here.
And so, that's kind of, I think, the least of our worries
in a lot of ways.”
“Bring him, bring him, bring him one block.
Bring him one block to a medic.”
“What happened?
Someone hit him with a bat?”
“You've got to calm down. We're on the same team.”
“You've got to calm down.”
“Calm down — what happened, what happened?
We've got about 12 medics here.
We're going to do the best we can.
We've got a combat medic here, OK?
But we've got to dial it down —”
“We've got to keep it down.”
“— because they're looking for any reason to kill us.”
One protester described the violence that broke out
after she confronted a group of rioters
in the neighborhood.
“There was a group of guys who started
screaming at the police, throwing things.
I asked them, 'Who are you?
Who are you to come in here and do this?'
They ran up on me with big steel pipes.
They got in my face.
And one guy came at me, holding the pipe,
and he stepped in, and he took it.”
“You're going to be all right —”
“What message are we sending by destroying what is ours?
How does that, how does that get the message out
about how we need change in our city
if all we're doing is destroying it
and burning it down?”


怒火延燒全美 非裔男子之死掀起執法正義之爭 (‘We’re Sick and Tired’: Voices From Minneapolis Protests | NYT News)

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