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  • I mean, it's... it's got some good food in there, like, it's just a cool spot, like, they got a little bit of everything.


  • The NBA's obsession with The Cheesecake Factory is well-documented.

    NBA 球員對芝樂坊餐館的迷戀是有充分證據的。

  • Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves is known to take his teammates out for cheesecake while Russell Westbrook calls their brown bread "the".


  • There's even once a Twitter account dedicated to tracking NBA player sightings at the chain.

    甚至還有一個推特帳號專門追蹤 NBA 球員在芝樂坊餐館連鎖店內用餐的照片。

  • The love has also trickled down to celebrities linked to the league.

    這種熱愛也延伸到跟 NBA 聯盟有關的名人身上。

  • The Kardashians have been captured at Cheesecake by Just Jared, US Weekly, and X17.

    卡戴珊家族也在芝樂坊餐館被 Just Jared、US Weekly 和 X17 等娛樂報社拍到過。

  • And Drake, who serves as global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, even featured it in one of his music videos.


  • So, why is it that so many of them are obsessively flocking to a casual dining chain typically found in shopping malls?


  • For one, it could be that The Cheesecake Factory has locations surrounding every NBA city.

    其中ㄧ點可能是芝樂坊餐館都座落在 NBA 城市的周圍。

  • Meaning players can eat there whether they're at home or traveling for an away game.


  • And since it's a chain, the food is typically pretty consistent whether you're in LA, Chicago, or Dallas.


  • The Cheesecake Factory for the players, I'd say, represents, one, familiarity.


  • 41 games out of the regular season, they're on the road.

    41 場常規賽的結束後,他們在回去的路上。

  • So, they wanna eat food that they know is good and that they know they can rely on.


  • You know, when they go to play in their hometown, their friends and their family are gonna come out and they wanna go eat somewhere that can accommodate all of them.


  • So, they're going to Cheesecake Factory and they're taking them all there; it's just a really good, dope scene.


  • Also, as anyone who's ever been to The Cheesecake Factory knows, the menu is so big it's spiral-bound.


  • With dishes ranging from filet mignon to Tex-Mex egg rolls, and the portions are notoriously oversized.

    從菲力牛排到 Tex-Mex 春捲都有,每份都是出了名的大份量。

  • It can get real bad in there, like, you can get 8,000 calories on a meal in there, like.


  • [I] try to try something different every time but, you know, I could eat the same thing every single time.


  • My go-to is the... the egg roll, the Tex, yeah, yeah, yeah, I... I get that all the time.

    我必吃的是 Tex 春捲,我每次都點那個。

  • Buffalo Blast is probably the best things, uh, thing on the menu.


  • Aside from huge portions, what else keeps players going back to The Cheesecake Factory night after night?


  • A lot of these guys are huge; look at Draymond Green, you look at Demarcus Cousins, these are borderline seven-footers.


  • And they're not skinny; these are big guys.


  • Cheesecake Factory has the seating arrangements in a way that you could sit down and it's not a tiny seat.


  • These guys need space, they need to lay their bodies out and have a good time, and Cheesecake Factory has that space.


  • So, for all the fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite NBA player, The Cheesecake Factory might be almost as good as the court itself.

    對想要一睹喜愛的 NBA 球員的粉絲們來說,芝樂坊餐館可能是最適合的地點。

  • Do... Do I like The Cheesecake Factory?


  • Yeah, I like The Cheesecake Factory, man, they got so much good food.


  • I... Can we go there right now?


  • Let's go.


  • Yo, it's big, so he's like, "Yeah, you gotta help me."


  • So... [I] tried a piece and, you know, the rest is really history.


  • What are you looking for, like, in a pizza?


I mean, it's... it's got some good food in there, like, it's just a cool spot, like, they got a little bit of everything.


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NBA 球員為何對芝樂坊餐館如此愛不釋手? (Why Is the NBA Obsessed with the Cheesecake Factory?)

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