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  • The other night I was taking Portia out to dinner, which

  • I do often, and I'm like that.

  • And I said, is there any place special you want to go?

  • And she said, no, I don't care, wherever you want.

  • So I took her to the Cheesecake Factory,

  • and then suddenly she cared.

  • She was like, oh.

  • Well, next time, have an opinion.

  • OK?

  • So I don't know if you've been to the Cheesecake Factory

  • lately.

  • But the menus are huge.

  • There's a lot of a menu there.

  • And this is true--

  • they're the only menus visible from space.

  • True story.

  • This is what the menus looked like when I was growing up.

  • It was just-- and these are all the food we had too.

  • This is-- we had a hamburger, a cheeseburger, fries,

  • and grilled cheese.

  • Those are the four.

  • Life was simpler back then.

  • Of course, your waitress was smoking

  • when she took your order.

  • But this is all we had to decide from.

  • And then they found artichoke and things like that,

  • and then we expanded the food groups.

  • So here's a menu from the Cheesecake Factory

  • that I stole.

  • And all right, so like, literally, I

  • didn't know if it was a menu or a Tom Clancy novel.

  • I was like, what is going on here?

  • And then it's actually if you-- it starts with their story.

  • It says, "Oscar and Evelyn Overton always dreamed

  • of owning a successful family business."

  • Actually, it's a pretty good read.

  • I got the menu on tape.

  • This is crazy.

  • OK, so it starts.

  • There's cocktails, and then there's more cocktails,

  • and then there's wines.

  • You don't even get to food till page 5.

  • And then it starts with small plates and snacks.

  • And that's not even appetizers.

  • So the small plates and snacks are appetizers

  • for the appetizers, I suppose.

  • And then there's several pages of appetizers.

  • And then there's pages of specialties.

  • There's specialties there, specialties there,

  • specialties there.

  • Then it's not special anymore.

  • You can't have that many specialties.

  • The point of specialties is there's just a few of them.

  • And then you get to a Coke ad because I

  • guess they needed a sponsor to pay for this thing.

  • Then there's two menus inside.

  • Here's the skinny, skinny menu.

  • And it's for people who are on strict, strict diets who

  • choose to eat at the Cheesecake Factory.

  • And then there's a one-page, simple menu.

  • It's like Cliff Notes for the menu.

  • Why not just go with this?

The other night I was taking Portia out to dinner, which


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艾倫有一些關於芝士蛋糕工廠菜單的問題。 (Ellen Has a Few Questions About The Cheesecake Factory Menu)

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