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So a couple of weeks ago I made a community post asking you guys about
what you needed help with the most right now and the most up voted comment was
this one how do you get things done when you're not in the right mindset so
that's gonna be the subject of today's video now for the purposes of this video
instead of using the word mindset I'm gonna use the word stories because the
stories that you tell yourself and believe in essentially make up the
mindset that you have about life now the thing is without a proper story it's
pretty much impossible for you to get things done at least consistently for
long periods of time and this is because your stories are actually your source of
motivation let me explain before we had this whole worldwide
crisis most of us had a clear plan a clear story that we believed in and the
most common story that people told themselves went something along the
lines of okay I'm gonna study hard work hard make good money and this in turn
will allow me to do whatever it is I think will make me happy whether it's to
travel the world or to make my parents happy or to start a family or to grow
fulfilling business that will make me happy
right chances are most of us believed in some variation of this story and because
we believed in this story we were motivated to study and to work and to be
productive and all that because that was part of the plan
we believed that doing so would get us from point A to point B where happiness
resides but now that's not really the case anymore most of us don't have a
clear idea of what's coming in regards to our community in regards to the world
economy in regards to our own personal future most of us don't really believe
in our old story anymore but the thing is without a proper story to believe in
planning for the future starts the same pointless right what's the point of
studying for school if you don't even know if your degree will be useful after
you graduate what's the point of working out and sticking to a diet when you
don't even know if you'll be going to any social events or on any dates
anytime soon what's the point of staying away from your bad habits if there isn't
a bright future waiting for you and when you start thinking like this it becomes
near impossible to sacrifice instant gratification for your future self
because the phrase what's the point is going to be constantly linked
in the back of your mind in order to combat this you need to find a new story
that you can buy into and the only real requirements you have to keep in mind
when crafting such a story is that number one it should be a story that you
find to be believable and number two it should be a story that inspires hope
where the future is better other than that there are no requirements which is
why I can't tell you what story you should believe in you sort of have to
figure that out on your own but if you're interested let me tell you my
story so I believe that the virus is gonna mess up the world economy on a
scale that we've never seen before this will cause us to enter the worst
depression in modern history most of my family and loved the ones who are
basically all from New York City will have an extremely hard time finding work
in the coming years and it will be up to me to support them financially therefore
I must work twice as hard to create more videos and to take on more projects so I
have a good source of income so read up on the economy and some make smart
investments so I can protect and grow my wealth to stay in shape and to eat well
so I can stay healthy and to generally just be on my a-game because that's the
only way I'll be able to protect my family this is basically the story that
I've been telling myself whether or not the premise of my story becomes true
doesn't really matter because number one I believe it to be true and number two
this is a story that has hope I believe the future can be better so long as I
put in the work so there's hope and because I have a story that meets these
two requirements I've been extremely motivated to work harder in fact I was
working something like 20 hours a week on average for most of last year but
recently I found myself putting in more than 60 hours a week all because of the
motivation from this story that I tell myself you got to look at your
surroundings look at the facts and craft the story that you can genuinely believe
in that has hope tell yourself the story over and over again until you believe it
and then your motivation should return and that's how you get things done when
you're not in the right mindset you basically have to change your
mindset by finding a new story to believe in which brings us to the
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How to GET STUFF DONE When You Don't Feel Like It...

47 分類 收藏
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