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What do you guys want to do for lunch?
I don't know, candy?
Good morning, I'm the new nanny.
Mary Poppins you came!
Indeed, now where are my charges?
Duh, we're right here!
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that I would be looking after some children?
Oh, I wrote that--we need help Mary Poppins.
We're terrible at adulting.
Yeah, you know, doing grown-up stuff.
Like going to the doctor, cooking, paying taxes.
Cars--just the concept of cars?
Right, yes I do see that you do need my help.
So, ah let's start with some tidying.
♪ There's cleaning to be done but we can have some fun, ♪
♪ Why are you still sitting there not doing anything? ♪
Oh, we don't clean.
You don't clean?
No, we're grown-ups. There's no one forcing us to do mundane life things, so we don't.
How did all this fit in there?
Good little girls don't go through other people's things.
I'm not a girl.
If you won't clean, let's start with something else.
When was the last time any of you went to the dentist?
♪ See your dentist once a year and you will have no fear ♪
Where do I find a dentist?
Oh your insurance provider should have a list of the...
Is there a difference between a preferred provider and a participating provider?
Practically perfect plan participants provide people plenty...
Oh, I got frustrated and started watching fails.
Well, did you at least eat anything today?
I had, um, three cookies?
I had a flavored condom.
I had Grant's left-overs.
Okay, so why don't I teach you all how to make yourselves a balanced dinner?
♪ A simple cup of rice ♪
What are you looking for now?
I'm looking to see if there's like cereal or something I can eat instead of cooking.
Like a Think Thin?
Making cereal doesn't count as cooking.
Cooking is boring!
Lots of adult things are boring, you do them anyway.
I mean, you don't enjoy paying your power bill, do you?
You do pay your power bill, don't you?
♪ LADWP it powers you and me, hello! ♪
I'm making all these up on the spot, it's quite impressive.
You can't swing into a river on a rope.
No way!
It never works.
What is wrong with you?
♪ Mary Poppins you know we, ♪
♪ Lack accountability, when you grow up, ♪
Ally, get out of my bag!
There's someone in here!
Hey what's up it's Ally from College Humor, click here to subscribe, click here to see more cool stuff, and if you want see a hot babe in the city, click her--i made that, this is what I like.



當《愛.滿人間》的保母要照顧的對象是大人會發生什麼事? (Mary Poppins for Adults)

1278 分類 收藏
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