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it started as most addictions do. I was at a party with some friends having a
lot of laughs, a lot of high fives when my friend offered it to me. "Try it out", he
said. All the cool kids had experienced it before and they insisted that I
should too I had no idea what I was getting into in
case you're unfamiliar with Animal Crossing new leaf it's an adorable game
where you play pretend mayor in a town filled with a wide variety of villagers
I had never played an animal crossing game before but I've always been a huge
sucker for simulation games so I gave it a try after a train ride with a nosy cat
a brief by a helpful dog go, and a crippling debt bestowed upon me by a
trifling-a** tanuki else free to explore there was so much to see and do
I could go fishing at the river collect shells by the beach mine first secret
treasures and shop for collectible items this world was my oyster
as I fished by the river under the moonlight I was approached by an
unfamiliar ball of glue I turned as he greeted me three words
all it took was three words and there was no turning back
he said to me for some addiction takes the form of a purple dragon for me it
was a blue squirrel by the name of filbert's
I know most Animal Crossing fans wouldn't refer to filbert as their
favorite villager but he was the first villager I got attached to he's hard not
to like he was always so chill and appreciative of our interactions it may
be he wants to hang out with him all the time we did everything together we would
explore the village take part in local events visit each other at home and even
write each other letters he would tell me about his dreams almost all of them
would involve copious amounts of food yes I made sure to bring him snacks as
much as possible his relaxed demeanor made me feel okay about the world
he made me feel like everything was gonna be all right
I played a new leaf every single day just so I could play with him he was my
best friend in the game and my favorite part of it all overtime I paid off my
debt to Tom Nook bill all the public works products I wanted to and fully
furnished my home my life in Animal Crossing was perfect but on one fateful
day he right up to me I'm thinking of moving he said what do you think about
that I told him that I didn't want him to move that he should stay my village
despite my objections he told me he felt like our friendship was so strong it
would last no matter the distance and informed me that he would be leaving in
a week
he wrote me one last letter thanking me for everything
the only pieces of his memory that I had left was a photo of him and an empty
plot of land where his house once stood just like that he was gone suddenly the
house that I spent tireless efforts expanding felt so big so empty and no
longer felt like a home all the fancy furniture the tournament trophies they
didn't matter to me anymore well as the point of being mayor without my favorite
villager with a cured addiction and a broken heart I stopped saying newly for
good hey everyone thank you so much for watching my first ever youtube video I
hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it
huge shout out to all my friends who provided me with feedback and support
throughout the making of this video and this channel
I truly appreciate you guys now that we have all this time at home I'll be
making more videos featuring my roommates and our pets and I can't wait
to show you guys in the meantime stay safe and healthy and I'll see you next


Animal Crossing Addiction

19 分類 收藏
ally.chang 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 28 日
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