A2 初級 美國腔 68 分類 收藏
you're the food guy I've been labeled
with that for years
I know everything about food absolutely
everything we find all sorts of horrible
things from people's teeth to old pairs
of undies we do have one of my friends
kids used to write notes on the toilet
paper and flush it nobody read them the
one of the strange is the one time we
went to Bendigo in the whole pond each
system was a just a flood with corn I
think there must have been a festival
and nobody chewed we're out at the wavy
treatment plant
we're probably half of Melbourne
toiletries go
everything is biologically bad in this
point everything you do much as it looks
Pleasant that's a very nice pond
anything in this thing is gonna make you
sick if you get it on you type of diving
we're doing is known as encapsulated
diving so that you're fully sealed into
the unit like an astronaut one two three
yeah really good clearer in that hat
louder in that hat where you seen the
double pipes down here we're working at
each one of those double pipe so we've
got one set then we swim under across
the next set and we've just got to pull
them down further and try and create
more buoyancy out of them okay guys
start stripping
it's really peaceful phone doesn't work
you only get one person can talk to you
the time it's thick and sludgy it's like
being in big part so every now then
you've got to walk and your suit get
stuck in the mic it's got a it's like a
gum but put your leg in this keep moving
do you get it free and then go again you
kind of get used to keeping your eyes
closed so you'll have visibility for
about 300 mil with this nice yellow
color and then beyond that it just goes
back your along a hundred put on your
skills because you can't see anything so
you're going by the mental picture
you've created before you go in there
and then your hands actually say what
you're doing you just get a picture more
guys will side the side I get a really
good mental picture what they're doing
even though they can't see it
the size was good there's a lot of hard
work absolutely no vision whatsoever
throughout the whole Drive so everything
was by feel when you're commercially
diving it really doesn't matter you
could be anywhere with his work that's
how we make our money the guy's ever
saying you're the smells like money when
you come out here we've got to ask to do
a TV show one time when my couple of my
girls are very young do a live TV
interview and I told them about it and
they started to cry because I said it's
bad enough they knew what I did for a
they don't want all their school friends
to know as well I do big hours big days
I work most days of the week and I do
really enjoy my job I'm pretty lucky


在糞便裡游泳?化糞池潛水員的工作 (Meet A Professional Poo Diver)

68 分類 收藏
Winnie Liao 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 27 日
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