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- Today I'm gonna be reviewing the eJohn.
A bidet that has wifi and Bluetooth capabilities
and its on social media network,
so you can be clean and connected.
Let's jump right into the video.
Welcome back to my travel vlog,
I'm in Barcelona right now, mes amigos, mis amigas
hope you're ready to see some sights
let's do this thing, yeah!
(upbeat music playing)
Okay, actually I'm in my apartment in Tulsa.
I'm gonna show you how to survive for three weeks
out in the wilderness with nothing but a pair of
common household toenail clippers.
I'm gonna teach you how to
get confident, get rich, get babes, and stop being a loser,
and you know the best way to do all three of those things
is to get an audiobook from our sponsor, Eardable.
I didn't wanna do this,
but I have got to call out the haters,
who have been leaving nasty comments on my videos
talking about my weight,
talking about the size of my booty.
I am sick of it.
I am a person too.
My life is hard.
All right, I'm gonna make this pizza now and eat it, okay?
I know you all think you're ready for the tea
I'm about to spill, but oh honey, trust me you are not.
Be very careful cause the beverage
you're about to enjoy is very hot.
Breathe deeply with me,
and recite these mantras
I am enough.
I am capable.
That mean thing that my mom said on the phone
this morning is not accurate.
Now the first part of writing a song
is to go to sleep and in your dreams a song will come to you
and you wake up and you write it down.
But, if that doesn't work for you,
I guess you could look out the window?
You could write a song about a cool dog you saw?
Now that I've baked the fries, let's see how they taste.
My oven is precisely calibrated
and yet, they are still soggy.
I cannot begin to express the depths
of my disappointment right now.
You're not gonna make it in business
unless you have a (bleeping) team, all right?
Without a team, who the (bleep) are you gonna throw
under the bus when things go wrong?
I dunno man, why else would Denver International Airport
be so big and so far from the city,
unless underneath it was hidden an underground city
built by the New World Order?
We've got a lot of packages to get through.
What is this, a shirt?
It's a really big box
for such a small shirt, thanks.
What is this?
Nearly took my finger off.
What is this, a hat?
Awesome, thank you.
What is this?
What are these, homemade cookies?
What is it?
(upbeat music)
Oh, there's somethin' in those.
LonelyCutie123 thank you for your question
about your boyfriend and his mysterious locked basement
that he won't talk about.
My gut is telling me that this relationship
is just not right for you, and that you should leave him
right now, like don't even finish watching this video
just get out of there.
Welcome back to my play through of Skyrim,
I'm playing as a pacifist character, no weapons, here we go.
It's going really well so far.
(upbeat music)
Passing the question on to you,
what do you think about all this?
Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.
I won't read them of course, because I don't really care,
but it helps the video rank higher in searches.
Be sure to give this video a big thumbs up!
And for those of you who give thumbs downs,
I can't even relate to you.
What kind of monster are you?
Did your mother not love you
when you were a child?
I feel for you, I really do.
til' next time, eat all your vegetables,
and be nice to people.
(happy music playing)
If you wanna own
some of these cool designs to wear on your own body
the link is in the description
you can be reppin your favorite YouTube channel,
which is this one.
with nothing but a pair
Okay, I'm gonna get some weapons now.


16 Personalities as YouTubers

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