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  • - So, first of all I have to ask you

  • how did you get left out of the bling notification?

  • Everybody's shining, got sparkles, you're sparkleless.

  • - I sparkle inside.

  • - He sparkles inside, I love that.

  • I'm so excited for your tour, you guys are about to hit

  • this crazy tour.

  • Is it competitive going out on the road with the other guys?

  • - No, no, no we stopped doing that a long time ago.

  • I think we just want to have--

  • - Just a good time.

  • - Just a good time.

  • Yeah, it's gonna be playing a lot of bowling

  • and drinking games.

  • So it's gonna be fun.

  • - That sounds like a good time on the road.

  • Now you guys have such an incredible music catalog.

  • Now looking back on these songs is there anything

  • you don't want to dust off?

  • You're like, oh, I gotta sing that again.

  • - I would never play other people's music.

  • Well, what do you think Trey?

  • - I'm saying your music, your songs.

  • - Oh no, they're all, we could play about 150 of them

  • like right now.

  • - Wow, that takes talent.

  • Right now you could literally pull it out, no notes?

  • - Yeah, I think so.

  • - Are we getting a live,

  • I would take a live Green Day moment.

  • That's kind of legendary.

  • - [Billy] All right.

  • - [Trey] Play something.

  • - Here we go.

  • She, she screams in silence

  • ♪ A sullen riot penetrating through her mind

  • So I got that.

  • - What?

  • - I'm sure all of the artists are doing live improv.

  • - No, they're not.

  • - For Billboard.

  • - Yeah, yeah, what else can I play?

  • (guitar strumming)

  • - I think my phone just automatically purchased

  • tickets to the tour just now.

  • (Billy and Trey laugh)

  • So that worked and I'm sure it's gonna work

  • for everybody else at home.

  • - Hey Siri, buy six tickets to Hella Mega Tour.

  • (laughs)

  • - I just did.

  • And guys, what's your Billboard moment?

  • Like we're celebrating 125 years, we just want to know.

  • What's been the biggest moment for you?

  • - Wow, I think the first time we ever had a bullet

  • next to our name.

  • That was probably.

  • - Yeah.

  • - So back in 1994, when you see a bullet by your name,

  • get ready to shoot some guns.

  • - Incredible, well, I love it.

  • I'll see you guys on tour thank you so much

  • for talking to us.

  • - All right thank you so much.

  • All right, take it easy guys.

- So, first of all I have to ask you


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綠日樂隊即興的紅毯原聲表演|AMAs (Green Day Gives Impromptu Red Carpet Acoustic Performance | AMAs)

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