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  • And here we go! [GASPS] Oh, wait!

  • We almost started without our special guest.

  • Helpsters! - Talib Kwali!

  • Oh, it's so good to see you.

  • How y'all doin'?

  • Oh, we're doing good. All right, Helpsters.

  • So we start looping our sounds when Talib tells us to,

  • and then we stop looping when he stops singing.

  • Got it? - Got it!

  • Sounds good, sounds good. Let's start with Scatter.


  • OK, how about some Heart?


  • Mister Primm, what you got?


  • Cody, what's up? [CODY SINGS] OK.

  • ♪ I like bees. ♪

  • See, bees live in colonies, ♪

  • buzzy MCs with a stinger for emergencies. ♪

  • Cooperate to pollinate, never work alone. ♪

  • Just don't bring a honey home to the honeycomb. ♪

  • Like money in the bank, nectar in the tank, ♪

  • got the hive organized, everybody's got a rank. ♪

  • So when you see a flower, gotta thank the pollinator. ♪

  • Give it up for bees, peace out, buzz ya later! ♪


  • A song about bees! Well, now I've heard everything.

  • Thank you, Sir Kwali.

  • You are quite welcome, Mister Primm.

  • Helpsters! ♪

And here we go! [GASPS] Oh, wait!


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B2 中高級 美國腔

Talib Kweli - Bees!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天 (Talib Kweli — Bees! Buzzy MC’s | Helpsters | Apple TV+)

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