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  • How I was able to become # 1

  • with empower is "POSITIONING"

  • basically right? Now how you

  • guys are going to make most of your

  • money is "POSITIONING". Because the

  • system is gonna do most of the work

  • it's gonna do all the work for you infact.

  • Okay. What you gonna be focusing on and

  • we are gonna be adament about it is that

  • we gonna have the 30 30 30 plan implimented

  • So if you guys can make yourself a

  • committment and talk to your significant

  • other make a committment. No plan B.

  • I don't care if you failed last month

  • or last year or last 10 years. Okay.

  • Make a committment to follow the 30 30 30

  • plan. And for those are Platinum and higher

  • will have "30 day to 10k" program. It's gonna

  • tell you exactly what you have to do everyday.

  • I wanna see how many people we gonna see on the

  • stage at next event? It's gonna be awesome.....

  • The reason...I mean this check guys... what I did

  • the $700,000...It's...I don't know if some of you

  • guys will believe me or not, but it's nothing,

  • I mean it's just paper and the money

  • becomes secondary once you have it. You know?

  • It really is. But, what I want to do is I want

  • to get you guys on the stage you know really.

  • I wanna really...I wanna help "Big Idea Mastermind"

  • to be the.....THE.....SYSTEM...THE...PROGRAM.....

  • on the internet.

How I was able to become # 1


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A1 初級

大創意大師--我如何成為第一。Vick Strizheus (Big Idea Mastermind - How I became # 1. Vick Strizheus)

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