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  • The spring semester has certainly changed dramatically for the class of 2020.

    2020 年畢業生的春季學期絕對被戲劇化地改變了。

  • COVID-19 is canceling or postponing major milestones that all of us enjoyed when we were in high school.


  • Tonight our Jennie Runevitch talks with a Crawfordsville student who has now written a moving song for her fellow seniors.

    今晚我們的記者 Jennie Runevitch 與一位寫了一首感人的歌曲獻給她畢業生的夥伴們,來自 Crawfordsville 高中的同學進行了訪談。

  • This is "Here's to You, Class of 2020."

    聽好了,這首歌是寫給你們的,2020 年畢業生們。

  • Music has the power to heal when we're hurting, and unite what's been divided.


  • Remember on our first day, walking through the hallways


  • When we can write a song about it and put it to music, that justthat solves everything.

    當我們可以寫一首關於這個情況的歌,並將一切情感託付給這首歌… 這解決了所有事情。

  • And now we're in the last year, yeah, we should be there, surrounded by our friends


  • It's why Crawfordsville senior Abby Bannon and her friend penned lyrics about the losses of senior year.

    這就是為什麼 Crawfordsville 高中畢業生 Abby Bannon 還有她的朋友執筆寫下了關於他們高中最後一年的歌詞。

  • But we'll have to leave it all behind


  • As a way to cope with the curveball, none of her classmates expected.


  • Everybody can relate in some way.


  • Like all the seniors can relate to this.


  • Bannon and student athlete and class president is one of so many seniors whose last year of high school's been cut short by the coronavirus.


  • Quarantines, e-learning days, an empty Athenian parking lot...

    居家隔離、線上課程還有空曠的 Athenian 停車場。

  • The milestones of that make memories for all teenagers won't happen for them.


  • Like senior proms, senior skip days, senior prank, graduation, most likely.


  • I mean, it has affected every aspect of this senior year that you have always dreamed of and hoped for and thought about, like basically my entire life.


  • She realized missing high school moments is not the worst that could happen, especially during a health crisis.


  • Obviously this stinks and we are missing out on lot, but there are so many better days ahead.


  • And so many other things for us to look forward to.


  • College in the fall, careers after that.


  • But for now, it's an emotional loss seniors and their families are facing.


  • And Abby's song, shared thousands of times in just two days, has resonated with all of them.

    而 Abby 的歌,在兩天內就被轉發了好幾千次,與所有的畢業生們產生了共鳴。

  • Abby plans to study business and music in college in Nashville this fall.

    Abby 計畫秋天將在 Nashville 的大學修讀商科還有音樂。

  • If you like to hear the entire song, we've got a link with the story on

    如果你想聽完整歌曲,我們在 上有歌曲連結還有這個故事的連結。

The spring semester has certainly changed dramatically for the class of 2020.

2020 年畢業生的春季學期絕對被戲劇化地改變了。

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