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This game is really addicting
and every living and breathing person I know is playing it.
I swear everywhere I go, it's there at my desk on YouTube.
B o o m, right corner
on the toilet grabbing my phone on Twitter. B A M, right in front of me
You set one step on social media, and the first thing you see is Animal Crossing.
The second thing is also Animal Crossing.
The third thing is also Ani-
You see what I mean, there is no escaping this, okay!
This game is basically a curse that would just do well in the background for the next couple of months.
Now this isn't to say that Animal Crossing New Horizons is a bad game. No, I really, really like this game.
It's a buttload of fun. It has to do with this building progression aspect of it.
It's so addicting. Slowly expanding your island, trying to make it look cool is really fun.
These games also do this and uhhh... I've played them way too much in the span of 10 years
But not even Minecraft comes close to the amount of posts there currently are about this.
It has turned into an actual war zone. The biggest reason for this explosion is without a doubt, the charm of Animal Crossing.
It's so warm-hearted and lovable. You might say wholesome. Now if you know me, I
I hate the word wholesome. It has gotten this reputation of fake positivity which I despise,
but Animal Crossing really isn't that.
It's happy, full of character and color. Characters aren't going
PUPPER 100 Keanu Reeves
Breathtaking keyboard spam, which thank God they don't. The dialogue is charming and funny, everything looks adorable.
Characters start to sing and just stare at them with a big-a*s smile on your face.
This is amazing...
All of them have their own schedule, and things they like. It isn't extremely deep, but it's just fun to see them walk around.
But there is one character in this game, a single one, a character with white hair, a pair of black cat eyeglasses
and a business suit, that won't leave me alone.
I hate this guy.
This cat is Raymond,
and it's all I see! People are praising this cat like some sort of god. You remember when I said that the only thing
I see is Animal Crossing on social media. Well, 50% of those posts are about this cat.
That's not even a joke. Now as a design perspective, I think it looks cool.
But because of the amount of s*it I've seen about him,
I just want to hit him with a but a goddamn hammer. F*cking hell, man.
Why is everyone addicted to this single NPC?
The most overrated character you can have on your islands and meanwhile, my man Moose over here completes in utter disrespect.
Now I'm gonna be honest. He's not the most attractive looking guy out there,
but come on, this isn't necessary. He's a gangster
I just want to fish and decorate my Island with furniture. Meanwhile, you have these people imprisoning their neighbors because they're ugly.
I'm so confused, man. Honestly, I really like this game. Don't get me wrong. But god, damn is it everywhere.
It's actually becoming annoying. At the end of the day, these people are just having fun. But please tone it down a bit.
It's just getting too much. I also kind of saw this coming, this gigantic explosion. It's animal crossing we're talking about.
An extremely, replayable fun game basically made for sharing memories.
So be sure to stand Moose and give him some love since he deserves it.
Piece of s*it,
and now please, uh, please join my discord-


Animal Crossing New Horizons is EVERYWHERE

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luna.chou 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 20 日
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