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  • This game is really addicting

  • and every living and breathing person I know is playing it.

  • I swear everywhere I go, it's there at my desk on YouTube.

  • B o o m, right corner

  • on the toilet grabbing my phone on Twitter. B A M, right in front of me

  • You set one step on social media, and the first thing you see is Animal Crossing.

  • The second thing is also Animal Crossing.

  • The third thing is also Ani-

  • You see what I mean, there is no escaping this, okay!

  • This game is basically a curse that would just do well in the background for the next couple of months.

  • Now this isn't to say that Animal Crossing New Horizons is a bad game. No, I really, really like this game.

  • It's a buttload of fun. It has to do with this building progression aspect of it.

  • It's so addicting. Slowly expanding your island, trying to make it look cool is really fun.

  • These games also do this and uhhh... I've played them way too much in the span of 10 years

  • But not even Minecraft comes close to the amount of posts there currently are about this.

  • It has turned into an actual war zone. The biggest reason for this explosion is without a doubt, the charm of Animal Crossing.

  • It's so warm-hearted and lovable. You might say wholesome. Now if you know me, I

  • I

  • I hate the word wholesome. It has gotten this reputation of fake positivity which I despise,

  • but Animal Crossing really isn't that.

  • It's happy, full of character and color. Characters aren't going


  • PUPPER 100 Keanu Reeves

  • Breathtaking keyboard spam, which thank God they don't. The dialogue is charming and funny, everything looks adorable.

  • Characters start to sing and just stare at them with a big-a*s smile on your face.

  • This is amazing...

  • All of them have their own schedule, and things they like. It isn't extremely deep, but it's just fun to see them walk around.

  • But there is one character in this game, a single one, a character with white hair, a pair of black cat eyeglasses

  • and a business suit, that won't leave me alone.

  • I hate this guy.

  • This cat is Raymond,

  • and it's all I see! People are praising this cat like some sort of god. You remember when I said that the only thing

  • I see is Animal Crossing on social media. Well, 50% of those posts are about this cat.

  • That's not even a joke. Now as a design perspective, I think it looks cool.

  • But because of the amount of s*it I've seen about him,

  • I just want to hit him with a but a goddamn hammer. F*cking hell, man.

  • Why is everyone addicted to this single NPC?

  • The most overrated character you can have on your islands and meanwhile, my man Moose over here completes in utter disrespect.

  • Now I'm gonna be honest. He's not the most attractive looking guy out there,

  • but come on, this isn't necessary. He's a gangster

  • I just want to fish and decorate my Island with furniture. Meanwhile, you have these people imprisoning their neighbors because they're ugly.

  • I'm so confused, man. Honestly, I really like this game. Don't get me wrong. But god, damn is it everywhere.

  • It's actually becoming annoying. At the end of the day, these people are just having fun. But please tone it down a bit.

  • It's just getting too much. I also kind of saw this coming, this gigantic explosion. It's animal crossing we're talking about.

  • An extremely, replayable fun game basically made for sharing memories.

  • So be sure to stand Moose and give him some love since he deserves it.

  • Piece of s*it,

  • and now please, uh, please join my discord-

  • NO

This game is really addicting


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動物穿越新地平線是無處不在的 (Animal Crossing New Horizons is EVERYWHERE)

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