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- [Voice Over] I don't have a commute to work anymore,
but I'm still trying to keep my routine.
So I wake up a couple hours early to get ready.
I go sit in my car for 45 minutes to simulate my drive,
while I listen to some podcasts.
Then, I make my way to the desk in my bedroom
so I can clock in at least 10 minutes early.
- Oh boy, a video conference call!
Now I won't be so lonely that I end up
talking to squirrels outside the window.
No offense, Mark.
- Who's Mark?
- Mark's a squirrel.
Oh my gosh, how are you guys?
I know we've got a big agenda to get through
and that the business is hemorrhaging money
and we're about to go under but I gotta know...
How are you all doing?
Okay, I'm logging off now, for real this time.
No, you leave the meeting first!
(computer beeps)
Hey, he left the meeting first.
It's been great working from home
because I've had all this extra time to relax
and even pick up some hobbies.
Like last week, I made some sourdough bread.
It was awesome!
I sent it into a bakery competition, won first prize.
Selling cruises right now is not gonna be easy,
but I can do it!
Give me the project, boss, I'm gonna crush it!
I just want to make sure,
am I still your top employee?
If not, who do I gotta take down?
I wish I could go to my favorite,
independent coffee house for inspiration.
Once, my cubicle was a prison...
now, it's my home.
Now that I have found the window
with the most aesthetically pleasing lighting in the house,
I am ready to log into my video conference call.
My feelings are so hurt.
My coworkers are not listening
to anything I have to say in this conference call.
- Did you try unmuting yourself?
- I get to stop being productive
so that I can attend a conference call
about productivity, yaaaay.
Yeah, I'm listening.
Those projections, or whatever you just said,
sound just great.
I think if we can just keep the competition away,
and... oh crap.
(phone ringing) Nope, it is 5:01.
You people no longer exist to me.
The meeting isn't for 45 minutes
but I wanna make sure I'm here early.
Don't wanna miss anything.
Can you guys see me?
Can you hear me?
Are you sure?
Guys, this video conferencing app
had a big security breach recently.
The Chinese government could be spying at us
through our webcams right now.
Yo, what up everyone?
Check out my cool background.
I've had so much time for extra activities.
Like, I learned how to ride a unicycle.
I've been landscaping my yard.
I've even been doing some ka-ra-te.
I haven't gotten any actual "work" work done, but...
Everyone's quarterly projections look great!
Whatever, blah, blah, blah.
It's five o'clock, which means
it is virtual office happy hour time.
Let's get this thing goin'!
(metal scraping) (grunts)
I've got an important call
that I'm making in the other room,
so I don't want to hear anything
unless you're bleeding or on fire.
Bleeding *and* on fire.
Okay, change of plans.
You're my intern now.
- Will I get paid?
- Yes, in experience and advice.
Now go put on a shirt and tie
and get me a cup of coffee.
I take it black.
Chip, chop, chip.
I'm just not on my A game.
When I can't start the day sitting in traffic,
listening to the morning political shows.
Uh, sorry I'm late to the conference call.
I've just been working really hard all morning.
I got distracted.
Oh no, I have to decide for myself
what I'm gonna have for lunch.
Usually I just see what are my co-workers having
and then I have that.
What are you gonna have for lunch?
- I don't eat lunch.
- What is that, some kind of sick joke?
This break room isn't even stocked very well.
Yes, of course I'm wearing pants.
What do you think of me?
(upbeat music)
Oh, hi Mark.


The Enneagram Types Working from Home

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