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  • Don't worry, little girl, we're working as fast as we can!

  • That wasn't me, that was SpongeBob!

  • Thank you, little boy!

  • Don't fret, Pearl, it's just the dark. Nothing scary about the dark.

  • It's what's in the dark you gotta watch out for.

  • Monsters, creeps, ghouls, clowns, witches, werewolves, clowns,

  • crawly things, crawly clowns. Those are the worst. The crawly clowns.

  • Well, whatever SpongeBob, I'm gonna find my way out.

  • Pearl, I wouldn't do that!

  • You're not keeping your arms and legs inside the boat!

  • Pearl, wait!

  • I should probably accompany you, you know,

  • in case there's anything in the darkness lurking.

  • Fine, after you!

  • OK, I'll just fearlessly lead the way.

  • Snakes!

  • Those are streamers, fool!

  • Ah, well, maybe I'll just stay up here, keep an eye out for any other creepies.

  • Oh grow up, SpongeBob.

  • There aren't any creepies, there aren't any crawlies!

  • There aren't any snakes!

  • So stop whining so we can look for a way out of here.

  • OK, Pearl, you've made your point.

  • I'll stop talking about ogres, and vampire bat fish, and sharks, and--

  • SpongeBob!

  • And I won't talk about zombies!

  • SpongeBob!

  • Or ghostly pirates!

  • Or laboratory creatures.

  • SpongeBob!

  • Or green beings from another planet.

  • OK, SpongeBob, OK.

  • Or bus drivers.

  • Ah, that's enough!

  • Ssh! Did you hear that?

  • Now I'm scared, SpongeBob.

  • It sounds like a crawly were-clown.

  • But there's no such thing!

  • Oh, he's here.

  • Ooh.

  • Not another skunk!

  • How did you beat me again?

  • Hey you, you find it funny to lock up my friend?

  • Hey, I am talking towards you.

  • Did you see the dimwit who ripped this apart?

  • I unfortunately have no idea who that dullard is.

  • I do know that you kidnapped SpongeBob.

  • Yeah, I don't know about your friend, I'm just the electrician.

  • Wow, I see you are a magician.

  • But that voodoo does not erase what you've done!

  • You need to relax. Have a seat and cool off.

  • Jeez, some people are so pushy.

  • Just don't sit on the lever!

  • Now the ride is stuck in dangerous super fast mode.

  • You told me to sit on it.

  • What's that sound?

  • I don't know, hold me SpongeBob!

  • Huh?

  • Hey, the hall of Great Romance.

  • OK, OK, I think I heard you, I will not sit on anything else!

  • I'll just gingerly lean on this wall.

  • Huh?

  • No!

  • Wow, how romantical.

  • I imagined it bigger.

  • Look, Pearl! A sweet, adorable cherub.

  • Pearl, I don't think this is the Tunnel Of Glove.

  • It's the Tunnel Of Evil!

  • Pearl!

  • Ah, stupid kid.

  • Hey, ah, nice facilities. Great water pressure.

  • Neptune's mother!

  • What's that noise?

  • She's gonna blow!

Don't worry, little girl, we're working as fast as we can!


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海綿寶寶和珍珠卡在 (SpongeBob & Pearl Get Stuck in the)

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