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  • D.J., will you marry me?

  • Yes!

  • This wedding is one that I never thought would happen.

  • I get to marry the love of my life

  • alongside my sister and my best friend.

  • A triple wedding!

  • Steve isn't just marrying me.

  • He's marrying my entire family.

  • I just want everything to go well.

  • How is Steve handling this?

  • I'm a nervous wreck.

  • Surprise!

  • To family!

  • Why does it have to end?

  • People like it so much.

  • I'm not ready for it to be done.

  • I want to binge more.

  • What are you guys talking about?

  • Ice cream.

D.J., will you marry me?


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告別的季節。官方預告片|Fuller House|Netflix (Farewell Season: Fuller House | Official Trailer | Netflix)

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