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- Hi!
I'm here for my annual physical.
I haven't been in years
because I didn't have health insurance.
- Great.
Fill out this stack of paperwork
that you know none of the information for
and wait an hour after your
scheduled appointment to be seen.
- Really?
An hour, even though there's literally no one else here?
- Mhmm.
- Step on in.
Time for a canned joke about gaining weight.
- I am laughing but I tie a lot of my personal value
to the number on the scale, and if it's too high
I'm gonna be devastated.
Hey, can I waste your time by acting
like taking off my jacket's gonna
make any difference at all?
I don't wanna tear this paper,
but I don't know why I give a shit
because it's just paper.
- Hi, I know that you waited long,
but I'm still gonna say that I hope you didn't.
- Oh, that's okay.
I've just been on my cellphone despite all the signs
telling me not to.
- Now I know what you're thinking,
and yes, I am younger than you.
- Oh, yeah, that's what I thought.
Well, now I'm wondering are you qualified,
but also, what am I doing with my life?
- Let's get started.
Tell me everything that's wrong with your family.
Now you could have all of that or none of that,
either way, most likely we won't be able
to tell until it's too late.
- Oh, okay.
- Now I can tell just by looking at you
how much you exercise, but, I'm still gonna have to ask.
- Every day, but I do consider walking
from the couch to the toilet exercise.
- Great, while you're lying, let's talk
about how much you drink.
- Oh god, the real number shocks even me,
but if I say it out loud,
it's kinda cementing a problem, right?
So let's just say one or two times a week.
- Shit-faced every weekend, gotcha.
Can't believe I have to ask this one, but do you smoke?
Or were you not clear that that's a terrible thing
to do to your body?
- I do smoke, but only weed, and since I was
so honest about that, I don't feel bad
about lying about that other stuff.
- Cool, well all of that doesn't tell me really much
of anything, so let's get you checked out.
- Okay.
- 120 over 80.
- Oh good, I have no idea what that means.
- And breathe like a weirdo.
- Ah.
- Gross.
Anything else before you leave?
- I guess there's this one tiny thing
that bothers me every day, but I do nothing about it.
- Let me write you a prescription for that
so that this annual physical that's supposed
to be covered by your insurance is now a consultation visit
that you have to pay for.
- Oh.
- But don't worry, you won't find out
until you get the bill in the mail.
- Oh, well thank you so much.
I'll see you never again.


Honest Trip to the Doctor

14 分類 收藏
luna.chou 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 12 日
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