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  • Welcome to my humble abode.

  • This is the front door- doorS... plural lol.

  • And so I guess let's start right here. In this door I've got jumper cables. Because you always need jumper cables!

  • The coolest part... I CAN STAAANDD!! But, so on this chair over here... I've got my hat that I always have.

  • And then I'll keep any sweaters that I'm wearing that day. Nothing fancy...

  • Dirty laundry I've got in a plastic bag. I know, kill me, I'm going to get rid of plastic soon.

  • It just- this is, you know, what does the job right now.

  • Then I have a little trash can that's made out of a container that is just cut.

  • Then there's a trash bag in there and that kind of just gets passed around.

  • And so at the very back I have this gigantic bin. In the day time it stores a whole bunch of stuff.

  • And then whenever I need to shower it's like a nice little basin or a

  • bathtub depending on where I am and what I feel like doing. If I can get this open... #thestruggleisreal

  • And then so in this storage bin I have my shower,

  • and then I've got like all my cooking supplies in here. And you know, utensils!

  • Just like little tools like scissors and screw drivers and then I have a- well there's a ukulele.

  • There is- I have my have my first aid kit. Pretty much that's kind of what's in here. Just odds and ends.

  • Then I have this giant IKEA bag, so most of it's in here and then there's also like a Tupperware

  • kind of bin, that's plastic. So it does pull out really easily into like 2 containers. The IKEA bag &

  • the plastic bin so it's not too hard to pull stuff out when I'm gonna take a shower or use it as a bathtub, whatever.

  • But in the future I definitely don't want to have to do that and like take stuff out just to use it.

  • But for now it does the trick. And also, once this is on and like all latched up

  • Then if I'm eating or I need my computer this actually works pretty nice as a table.

  • So kind of like three purposes in one. And then right behind it I just have

  • water. These water jugs. Ugh this one's full. Usually I have at least like four but

  • I'm running low so I actually like have to go replace that. I have some Clorox wipes,

  • shoes... and that's all for right here. On the other side I've got my food in here.

  • I do have this cooler, I never ever put ice in it just because I don't want

  • to deal with melting ice and having to replace it and then having it get like

  • your stuff all wet, let's just not. So I have- lol yeah I have PopTarts

  • But, idk there's a whole bunch of stuff in here & it works as a nice little pantry. I have my stove, there's no

  • special place place for it. It literally just sits here and even though it just kind

  • of chills here, luckily when I drive it doesn't really- as long as I don't brake

  • like suddenly, which I don't really. It kind of- it just stays in place.

  • And then in between, in this little crack, right here, I keep some propane. It sits nicely in this little crevice

  • When I push the cooler right up next to it stays- it's like pretty much stuck in there.

  • And then here, I have these crash pads. Basically like a little makeshift staircase.

  • Then, all the way at the back there's the bed area. The bed this- it's a futon mattress just covered in a sheet.

  • Then there is a blubber pad & underneath that there's two more crash pads so that is what the bed is.

  • And this is my sink. I use it to wash my face, wash dishes, yeah anytime I need

  • like a basin of water... Here we go! And this was like 80 cents, so kind of really awesome.

  • Over here we've got- I keep my tripods for my cameras. It's kind of stuck under this basket- oh there we go.

  • So I keep my tripods over there. In this basket I have my sleeping bag. It is a special like zero degree sleeping bag.

  • So if I get cold- well getting cold is not really a problem.

  • Underneath that I have the mecca! 2 electric fans.

  • So they run on batteries, which is amazing. So if I get hot in the middle of the night or just in general I have 2 of them.

  • And then I also have a more camera stuff in here.

  • And I have like an extra sheet, I have a blanket, I have shampoo, sunscreen and another blanket and then I have a little pillow...

  • and then I have a mirror, this thing is so cool because it like- it lights up! Yeah, I think it's pretty awesome.

  • And it kind of serves as like a decent nightlight if I'm just like chillin inside and it's really dark.

  • And then soap and apple cider vinegar. My soap, it's all natural, so it's- if you dump it out in the grass...

  • obviously I try not to, but if I do, it's not gonna hurt the plants or anything because it's all natural ya knowwww.

  • Hums: putting things awayyyy, put eveyrhing away do do doooo

  • And then on this side,

  • I've just got some like extra little knickknacks and gear.

  • And then underneath- this is like my main backpack and this backpack is what I carry like-

  • I have my laptop in here, I have my toothbrush, my toothpaste, my face wash, like a notebook. I have basically all my daily essentials

  • in this bag right here like my wallet my phone

  • everything goes in here so this is the backpack that I take with me everywhere.

  • So this is usually just right there and underneath it I have my yoga mat

  • that's about it for back here. So driving area... and then up here I have a bag with-

  • I'm still- still making this blanket that I've been trying to make a really long time

  • but I have my crochet/knitting stuff in there. I have my tent in here

  • I have some extra reflectix and then I have some reflectix window covers.

  • They cover all the windows except for this stuff up here. So everything back

  • there they completely cover it up and that way when I sleep it gets super

  • super dark which is nice and I can sleep in and then if I'm going to take a

  • shower or something in that bin then I can easily just cover up all the windows

  • and put like one of the sheets that I have I can drape it over here just like

  • holding it up with this tent. I know, ghetto rigged, don't sue me.

  • And so yeah, it'll be completely blocked off I can take a shower or bath in the

  • van and nobody will see me so yeah oh and then one other important thing I

  • have everyone should always have. Hand sanitizer! That is the tour of my van

  • hope you guys like it as I said don't judge me it's going to be way nicer in

  • the long run I'm just making due for right now oh yeah okay peace out ya'll!

Welcome to my humble abode.


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