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Five demands. - All or nothing.
Retake Hong Kong. - Revolution now.
Fight for freedom. - Support Hong Kong.
At home I speak as little as I can about it.
I want home to just stay home.
I just do not tell them that I am one of the protesters.
Don't give up.
Five demands. - All or nothing.
Five demands. - All or nothing.
They were ferociously beating that man. He could not defend himself.
I feared I would be next.
It made me want to cry, but I had to wait until I was safe.
When you get used to violence, and to responding to violence with violence...
...I fear you will never escape it anymore.
I am sorry.
Are these from Taiwan? - Yes, they are.
How much? - 100 Hong Kong dollar.
Before this politics were never an issue for me.
I was touched when I saw the news.
I did not know how to deal with that emotion, how to voice my opinion.
I have now moved on in my life.
I read a lot and my professors talk about politics more.
I think more about everything.
That is the reason I want to take action.
The other masks don't take this filter? - No.
I tried, but it did not fit. - No, you are right.
There you are. - Thanks.
I grew up with very few rules.
That is why I value freedom so much.
People born in the eighties, nineties or later...
...are very sensitive to that.
They were raised...
...with a sense of freedom.
They have preciously little left when that is taken away from them.
Where is the switch? - That is how you turn it up.
I want to hear it. How do I test it?
I can only do that when I move away. - I will first try it without this.
Testing, 1, 2, 3. Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3.
Yes, I have heard it now. This feels a bit awkward.
At first we had to learn a lot...
...from movements in other countries, like the Yellow Vests.
We saw people return tear gas cannisters with tennis rackets.
We make a cross when we need first aid.
This means you need goggles.
It's raining. We see Peeping Toms. Open you umbrella.
Open you umbrella. Rain.
It is sad that in my own city I can only talk wearing this.
At first this was not necessary.
But now they are constantly arresting people accusing them of revolting.
The government escalated the situation.
That is why we need to remain anonymous now.
If they had listened to us, and had acted this would not have been necessary.
I do not want to cover my face up.
It feels incredibly un-free.
As if I am not allowed to be free.
When I wear a mask...
...I cannot breathe freely.
That is not freedom.
They used metal carts and steel tubes...
...to try and smash the windows of parliament to get in there.
Protestors held up umbrellas to obscure their identity and their actions...
...to reduce the risk of being arrested.
I feel that day was really very violent.
But now I think we had no choice, really.
Revolution now.
Re-take Hong Kong. - Revolution now.
Five demands. - All or nothing.
Do not give up.
tears shed because of fear for this country
the anger smothers the fear and makes us stronger
stand up and say it loud let it resound:
freedom is near
Open your AirDrop to see the lyrics.
Open your AirDrop.
police chief is not stupid but his men are really dumb
they are incredibly incompetent
It was full of tear gas. Super smoky.
Then we saw there was a big fire in front of us and a lot of black smoke.
So we had to stop. We took some rest and contacted people.
There was a first aid big brother.
He said his friend's restaurant was nearby.
He could provide us with clean clothes. We could rest there and drink water.
We got scared and we got into an argument.
I wanted to go on, but she pulled me the other way.
There was no smoke there, so it was much safer.
She was too impulsive, and she could not hear me.
She ran and I had to pull her back hard. - We were like this: 'Run, run, run.'
And she was pulling me like this.
So, in the end I decided to just follow her.
My parents are a bit older.
I know they imagine things, like many parents.
They think we were bribed or brainwashed to create chaos.
At home I speak as little as I can about it.
I want home to just stay home.
I just do not tell them that I am one of the protesters.
I just say I am going out. That is enough. It is better to keep them ignorant.
That last tear gas grenade did not affect my eyes at all.
But I did inhale some of the gas.
I just do not get this.
The police are responsible for a lot of abuse.
That is why I secretly like the fact that they are being attacked.
Though throwing Molotov cocktails is taking it too far, I think.
But as we collectively agreed 'no division and no betrayal'...
...I support everything that is being done. We are one team.
Here you see that they have shut the gate at the MTR station to stop them.
But that was no use, because they just pulled it up.
They beat up anyone they see. You see them chase people.
I remember that day. It was around 11 pm and I was taking the MTR home.
As I passed by the West Rail line I could taste fear in the air.
Most protesters probably had no gear. They only had umbrellas as weapons.
But as you can see here the guys in the white shirts held iron bars...
...and wooden sticks, et cetera. Fatal weapons.
The anger, the fear, the confusion...
Every time I go out, every time things happen...
...those emotions are amplified. I feel more and more negative emotions.
We need solutions so I can live peacefully in Hong Kong.
But what is the solution? Asking the government to act.
Why is the tram bouncing?
It's like bounce, bounce.
Look at that graffiti. So cool.
They must have climbed up there. - I want to paint graffiti as well.
I forgot to buy spray cans. Are we going to buy some?
Not everybody is on the frontlines.
Some stay at home and write reports on the Web.
Others join the school strikes.
Only a few of us join 'the brave fighters'.
Five demands. - All or nothing.
Of course we need the youth.
It is very brave of them to confront the violence...
...to be at the frontline and to suffer all those blows.
That may be a bit too much of an ask...
...for people who are over forty. Those people are not as brave.
Fact is we now have a group of highly motivated people...
...who will never give up. It is all or nothing.
When the young people took to the streets the effect was unparalleled.
Our fight...
...is more than a fight against the government of small city.
Everything is connected.
Possibly in every country, everywhere.
You are confronted with it when a central power oppresses or attacks you.
What most civilians want...
The government should really have a softer approach. At the moment...
...their approach is very antagonistic. That is why we had to resort to violence.
I still have the feeling...
...we are shoulder to shoulder with the 'brave fighters'.
We are still side-by-side.
As we develop further...
...China will stay true to the principles of peaceful reunification...
...'one country, two systems'...
...and ensuring wealth and stability in Hong Kong and Macau.
The China I know is a beautiful country.
It has a 5000-year-old culture, magnificent architecture...
...and every region has its own customs. It is great.
But that I love the country does not mean...
...that I condone the government's iron grip on everything. Deep down I hope...
...that my country will return to its beautiful side...
...leaving behind the Communist Party.
I have family members who like to go to the mainland for massages.
Others like to shop there, to buy stuff.
I would not even do that once...
...because I reject China. My impression of China is not positive.
The unity of the nation, its security, its prosperity...
...and world peace...
They grow up in a really different culture. Hong Kong wants democracy, freedom...
...but the Chinese are primarily concerned with food and housing.
Five demands. - All or nothing.
Retake Hong Kong. - Revolution now.
Fight for freedom. - Support Hong Kong.
I got the idea society had become dangerous.
That is why I decided to begin teaching self-defence classes.
You have to realise that that person wants to hurt you.
So, you have to be prepared to do everything you have in you.
It is you or that person. Do whatever you can.
China wants to annex Hong Kong, and so the mainland is the enemy.
As far as I can see...
...the Chinese government's strategy concerning us is changing.
But the Chinese government and Hong Kong have a stalemate.
It seems like they are taking each other's measure.
There is some sort of power play going on.
Like in chess: always thinking about the next move.
There seems to be no ending.
There is no power...
...that can shake the position of our great nation.
Chinese border with Hong Kong
If Hong Kong were to lose...
...I, because I am still young, might still have the strength...
...to make a completely new start.
Hong Kong is like a cockroach, I think: Indestructible.
We can start anew. We can handle anything.
As long as we persevere, there is hope.
tears shed because of fear for this country
the anger smothers the fear and makes us stronger
stand up and say it loud let it resound:
freedom is near
whatever fear remains confidence is strong
never give up
blood, sweat and tears we march on
for this great and free Hong Kong


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