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  • hey guys Sam here and in today's episode we're back in India where I'm going to

    嘿,山姆,在今天的節目中 我們回到印度,我要去

  • be taking you on an incredible do-it-yourself Hyderabad Street food

    帶你去一個令人難以置信的 自己動手做海得拉巴街美食

  • tour I did this trip in India while back with my friend David from David's been

    我回來時在印度做了這次旅行 和我的朋友大衛來自大衛

  • here who's a fellow foodie and traveler our mission was to sample as much Indian

    這裡是美食家和旅行者 我們的任務是盡可能多地採樣印度

  • Street food as possible and this day was especially delicious in this episode

    盡可能的街頭小吃,這一天是 在這一集中特別好吃

  • we'll be focusing on sweet and spicy Indian food in Hyderabad's old town

    我們將專注於甜和辣 海德拉巴老城區的印度美食

  • we'll try traditional buttery biscuits called Osmania really warm I favor a

    我們將嘗試傳統的黃油餅乾 叫Osmania真的很溫暖,我很喜歡

  • chunky mango malai let's try drinking the spicy ginger

    矮胖芒果馬來 讓我們嘗試喝辣姜

  • chicken that will set your mouth on fire oh my god bought super delayed onset

    會讓你大火的雞 哦,我的上帝買了超級延遲發作

  • with the spice fresh pomegranate sold right on the street it's amazing return

    與香料新鮮石榴一起出售 就在大街上,驚人的回報

  • troopers and a refreshing lassi with ice cream to cool down after a busy day of

    士兵和冰爽的lassi 忙碌了一天之後,面霜降溫

  • eating and sightseeing apparently this is the best place to get it in Hyderabad of course no

    吃飯和觀光顯然是這個 是在海得拉巴獲得它的最佳地點

  • visit to Hyderabad old town would be complete without also visiting Charminar

    參觀海得拉巴舊城區 無需參觀Charminar即可完成

  • so we'll climb up this impressive mosque which offers stunning views of the city

    所以我們將爬上這座令人印象深刻的清真寺 可以欣賞到城市的壯麗景色

  • bring your appetite and join us as we explore Hyderabad on this street food

    帶來您的胃口並加入我們 在這條街頭美食中探索海德拉巴

  • tour


  • anyways we are going on a food tour I've got my friend David of David's Been Here with me we're gonna

    無論如何,我們要去做美食之旅 有我的大衛的朋友大衛和我一起在這裡,我們要

  • have a really good time like we're going to five different places we're in the

    玩得很開心 到五個不同的地方

  • heart of the old town it's bustling here there's some awesome places to grab some

    老城區的心臟,這裡很熱鬧 有一些很棒的地方可以抓住一些

  • food let's go do it let's go

    食物讓我們去做 我們走吧

  • we already standing now in Nimrah Café and Bakery Limerick even Vicki my name is Aslam I am your owner's

    我們現在已經站在NimrahCafé和Bakery Limerick Vicki我的名字叫Aslam我是你老闆的

  • son we have a 25 variety of cookies okay and special Irani Chai and

    兒子,我們有25種餅乾 好的,特別是伊朗柴和

  • then we have a traditional food in our bakery

    然後我們有傳統食物 麵包店

  • I'll show you look at this it's a traditional the script any in Hyderabad

    我會告訴你看這是一個 海德拉巴的傳統腳本

  • everybody can make this made this one try once if you want to be try to pace

    每個人都可以做到這一點 如果您想嘗試節奏,請嘗試一次

  • it up please right all right so before we sit

    它起來 請好吧,所以在我們坐之前

  • down we've been invited to try a biscuit raise from the tray this is amazing this

    下來,我們受邀嘗試餅乾 從托盤中升起,這很棒

  • is the traditional biscuit oh it's kind of it's quite a heavy one to love

    是傳統的餅乾哦,很親切 這是一個沉重的愛

  • oh man that's good you want reminds me of a friend Rico much of a shortbread

    哦,那好,你想提醒我 朋友Rico的脆餅

  • cookie its buttery it's also just melts in your mouth

    餅乾它的黃油,它也融化 在你口中

  • oh my gosh that's so good it's not overly sweet either I taste more watery

    哦,天哪,太好了,不是 太甜或者我嘗起來更水

  • than it does sweet I love it this is the most famous biscuit

    比它甜,我愛它,這是 最著名的餅乾

  • every dude so buttery so buttery it's like the whole in size bill butter yeah

    每個傢伙都那麼黃油,那麼黃油 就像整個比爾黃油一樣

  • it's so cool they invited us to the back of the kitchen where they're showing us

    太酷了,他們邀請我們回去 他們向我們展示廚房的地方

  • how they prepared the local cookies you have one guy loading it up on a long

    他們如何準備您的本地Cookie 有一個人很長一段時間加載它

  • stick and the other guy throwing it into the oven and there's so much space in

    堅持,另一個傢伙扔進去 烤箱,裡面有很多空間

  • the back of the oven that they can put like maybe 10 20 trays and at once and

    他們可以放烤箱的背面 例如大約10 20個托盤

  • here come the cookies the biscuits fresh from the oven

    餅乾來了嗎? 從烤箱裡

  • incredible look at that so these are 25 varieties of cookies that you make there

    令人難以置信的是,這是25 您在那裡做的各種餅乾

  • do you make these every day sir yes Wow it looks delicious

    先生,您每天都做這些嗎? 看起來很好吃

  • thank you so guys these are the 25 different varieties of cookies that you

    謝謝你們,這些是25 您所使用的各種曲奇

  • can get at this Nimrah bakery absolutely incredible the diversity and there's

    絕對可以在這家Nimrah麵包店買到 令人難以置信的多樣性

  • some that have coconut or some that have mixed nuts mixed fruits pistachios

    一些有椰子或一些有 雜果開心果

  • there's some cream stuffed in the middle chocolate they've got it all in they've

    中間夾著一些奶油 巧克力他們已經擁有了一切

  • got it all I'm gonna try to over try to so I'm gonna start with first cookie I'm

    得到了所有我要嘗試的嘗試 所以我要從第一個cookie開始

  • getting coconut with a cherry on top this looks amazing

    頂上椰子和櫻桃 這看起來很棒

  • I love coconut so I know I'm gonna like this one they take a big bite to get the

    我愛椰子,所以我知道我會喜歡 他們花了一大口才能得到

  • cherry in there


  • Oh wonderful my coconut is so sweet and chewy it's just like it's become melted

    噢,太棒了,我的椰子真甜, 耐嚼,就像融化了一樣

  • and it was fused together it's very dense oh it's just so rich and delicious

    它融合在一起,非常 濃密的哦,它是如此豐富和美味

  • oh my gosh this is one of my favorite alright for

    天啊 這是我最喜歡的之一

  • my second selection I picked the one diet two biscuits with cream inside so

    我的第二個選擇我選擇了一個 飲食兩個餅乾,裡面有奶油

  • let's pop the hood time to try this


  • Oh crumbly in the middle I think we have a vanilla and lemon filling delicious

    哦,我中間很脆弱 香草和檸檬餡美味

  • this is a great second choice I mean we've been trying a few now everything

    這是一個很好的第二選擇 我們一直在嘗試一些

  • has been delicious here if we weren't moving on to try more things maybe I try

    如果我們不喜歡的話這裡很美味 繼續嘗試更多的事情,也許我嘗試

  • all 25 this is special Iranian chai it's a specialty of this

    這25個都很特別 伊朗柴是這的特色菜

  • particular cafe let's try it oh yeah so rich so flavorful milky so spicy - a little bit frothy

    特定的咖啡館讓我們嘗試一下哦,是的,所以 濃郁,美味,乳白色,辛辣-有點泡沫

  • on top makes for a great snack had a great experience at this cafe

    最上面的小吃很棒 在這家咖啡館的豐富經驗

  • it's just bustling look at how many people coming in and out all the time

    只是繁華地看看有多少 人們一直進出

  • that is the sign of an excellent place to visit if you're traveling always look

    那是一個很棒的地方的標誌 出門拜訪總是要看

  • for a busy location look for locals coming in that's how you know it's good

    在繁忙的地方尋找當地人 進來就是這樣,你知道這很好

  • irani chai with a little cookie that is the way to do it man that's the ultimate

    irani柴和一個小餅乾是 做人的方式是終極的

  • way to do it


  • definitely let it cool down a little bit I don't know why in India they love super

    絕對讓它冷卻一點 我不知道為什麼他們在印度愛超級

  • super hot chai I know 35 degree weather I'm scared to go outside after this I mean

    超級熱柴,我知道我是35度天氣 我的意思是害怕去外面

  • I'm from Miami I can not drink coffee in the heat I'm from Canada I'm getting

    我來自邁阿密,我不能在這裡喝咖啡 我來自加拿大的高溫

  • destroyed out here with that chai in the heat that's good

    在這裡被柴摧毀了 熱量很好

  • I'm in desperate need to cool off after walking around the heat like I'm just

    我迫切需要冷靜下來 就像我只是在火上漫步

  • drenched in sweat so I've come to this place Milan Juice Centre where I'm gonna try mango malai

    渾身濕透了,所以我來了 我要去米蘭果汁中心的地方,嘗試芒果馬來

  • for the first time I've never had mango malai it obviously has mangoes and

    第一次我從未有過 芒果馬來它顯然有芒果和

  • has some milk based products it is made from heating non homogenized whole milk

    有一些牛奶製成的產品 通過加熱非均質全脂牛奶

  • to about 80 degrees and then allowing it to cool so it forms a thick yellowish

    大約80度然後允許它 冷卻使其形成濃淡的淡黃色

  • layer of fat which is then skimmed off all right time to try that really taste

    一層脂肪,然後被撇去 正確的時間嘗試一下真正的味道

  • of mangoes was a big thick slices of mango very thick fatty milky substance

    芒果是一大片 芒果很稠的脂肪乳狀物質

  • like the consistency is just so chunky like look at those chunks let's try

    就像一致性那麼笨拙 就像看那些塊,讓我們嘗試

  • shrinking that hmm you know what guys it's more like more filling and as

    縮小那個嗯,你知道什麼傢伙 它更像是充滿和

  • refreshing it's a kind of thing that you'd have maybe like it's almost like a

    刷新是一種 您可能會覺得就像

  • dessert pudding in my fave


  • our next stop guys is that Akbar Food Centre as you can see I've got a nice


  • spread of food so I'll let you know what we've got chicken 65 over here ginger

    傳播食物,所以我會讓你知道 我們這裡有65塊雞肉薑

  • chicken over here which I think has bones and parantha this feels like a

    我認為這裡的雞肉 骨頭和parantha感覺就像

  • roti all right so let's try first one chicken 65

    roti好吧,讓我們嘗試第一個 雞65

  • like popcorn chicken man but smoke smoking outside boy tender next up

    像爆米花雞的人,但抽煙 外面男孩嫩抽煙下一步

  • there's a ginger check out it has a copious amount of sauce no need to see

    有一個生薑簽出它有一個 醬汁很多,不用看

  • that but the chicken ginger sauce is like slow-moving lava going down the

    那是雞肉薑汁 就像緩慢移動的熔岩流下

  • drain it's gonna pick up a piece of try it

    排水 它會撿起來嘗試一下

  • it's just covered in that sauce Oh


  • oh I thought oh wow I love it so gingery it's really spicy

    哦,我想哦,哇 我很喜歡它,它很辣

  • so flavorful but oh my gosh it's hot super delayed onset with the spice like

    太好吃了,但哦,天哪,很熱 超級延遲的發作與香料一樣

  • that city be really hard that sauce is very close encoded sauce I

    那個城市真的很難 那個醬是非常接近編碼的醬我

  • look I've gotten all of my fingers so ROM apply to situate chip in the grab

    看起來我已經全指了 ROM適用於將芯片放置在抓斗中

  • the parantha break it in half and you know what it's so spicy I've got

    parantha將其分成兩半 你知道我有什麼辣

  • to try it again let's try it again

    再試一次 讓我們再試一次

  • there's only five rupees each you're talking about seven eight US cents you

    你們每個人只有五盧比 談論你七八美分

  • can just order tons of these and that's how you can clean up all the sauce I

    可以訂購大量的這些,那就是 你怎麼清理我所有的醬料

  • mean I suppose you could even put the chicken in here make a little bit of a

    我想你甚至可以把 雞肉在這裡有點

  • sandwich I mean there's a lot of things you can do with this flat bread taste me

    三明治,我的意思是有很多東西 你可以用這種扁平的麵包來品嚐我

  • I mean I like I really like the food here quite affordable too so I'd

    我的意思是我喜歡食物 這裡也很實惠

  • recommend this place I late


  • while we were in the old town we also visited Charminar which is one of

    當我們在老城區,我們也 參觀了Charminar,這是其中之一

  • Hyderabad's top attractions Charminar is a mosque that was built in 1591 and its

    海德拉巴的熱門景點Charminar是 建於1591年的清真寺

  • name literally translates into four pillars or four minarets we decided to

    名稱從字面上翻譯成四個 我們決定的支柱或四個宣禮塔

  • go up to get a better view of the old town

    上去更好地了解舊的 鎮

  • in terms of admission is 25 for locals 300 for foreigners and if you want to

    就當地人而言是25 300對於外國人,如果您想

  • take video like we're gonna do it's an additional 25 rupees which is actually

    像我們要做的那樣拍攝視頻 額外的25盧比實際上是

  • not so bad not so bad and you gotta know this when you go to India it's always 10

    沒那麼差沒那麼差,你必須知道 這個去印度的時候總是十

  • times the price of a foreigners it is and remember yesterday we paint a

    乘以外國人的價格 記得昨天我們畫了一個

  • thousand rupees for video but it was worth it it was worth it up absolutely /

    一千盧比的視頻,但是 值得,絕對值得/

  • now they're ready but this is meeting 1591 this is all steps up the minaret I

    現在他們準備好了,但這是開會 1591這是宣禮塔的所有台階

  • wouldn't say these steps out of that sleep but it's definitely not for anyone

    不會說這些步驟 睡覺,但絕對不適合任何人

  • who's claustrophobic I sort of am but I'll do it anyways I'm doing it for you

    誰是幽閉恐懼症我有點 反正我會為你做

  • guys so you get the views from up top one thing I'll say guys is that this is

    伙計們,這樣您就可以從頂部獲得意見 我要說的一件事是,這是

  • some good exercise and burning off my breakfast I had a huge breakfast this

    一些好的運動,燒掉我的 早餐我吃了一頓豐盛的早餐

  • morning ate lots of dosa


  • what an experience it was to come up top here I mean the views were incredible had so

    登頂的經驗是什麼 在這裡我的意思是這樣的觀點令人難以置信

  • many great views of the whole city and the other part I like was we've got

    整個城市的許多美景 我喜歡的另一部分是

  • to meet some other locals the hangout take some more selfies

    與其他當地人見面 多拍些自拍照

  • 20


  • this is pomegranate straight pomegranate yeah straight pomegranate and it's so

    這是石榴直石榴 是的,直石榴,它是如此

  • refreshing like I saw this guy I saw this stand and I saw another stand like

    令人耳目一新,就像我看到的那個人 這個架子,我看到了另一個架子

  • further down the street and I'm like I know I'm glad try this have to try this

    在街上,我就像我 知道我很高興嘗試這個

  • and at that price 15 for one you can't beat it

    而且以這樣的價格15,你不能 打敗它

  • thank you oh look at that man it's all sliced up

    謝謝 哦,看著那個男人,一切都被切成薄片

  • you see the pomegranate seeds you know what it's gonna go dig right in oh yeah

    你會看到石榴籽 哦,它會去挖什麼

  • so juicy so sweet sour mmm it's amazing for 10 rupees

    如此多汁,如此甜酸,嗯,真是太神奇了 10盧比

  • it's maybe the best value snack I've had all day Wow

    這可能是我吃過的最超值的零食 一整天哇

  • so these are the faces of two pretty tired dudes it's gonna be our last stop

    所以這些是兩個漂亮的面孔 好累的傢伙,這將是我們的最後一站

  • of the day it's been incredible and we're gonna finish off with lassi which

    那天真是不可思議 我們要結束與拉西

  • you just got handed check that out looks delicious we're gonna cool off with this

    你剛得到檢查,看起來 美味,我們要冷靜下來

  • I call it a day final sweet stack of the day or getting

    我有一天 一天中最後的甜蜜收穫

  • a lassi apparently this is the best place to get it looks amazing looks

    拉西顯然是最好的 獲得它的地方看起來很棒

  • really chunky like look at the chunks of them here so lassi if you haven't tried

    真的很矮,就像看看 他們在這裡,所以拉西,如果你沒有嘗試

  • it it's basically a yogurt based drink but this one is special it has malai it also

    它基本上是一種酸奶飲料,但是 這個很特別,也有瑪萊

  • has ice cream in it look at that ice cream and time to try it I'll try the

    裡面有冰淇淋看那冰 奶油和時間嘗試它,我會嘗試

  • ice cream part later oh yeah oh it's one of the chunkier lassi I've ever had

    待會兒要放些冰淇淋哦,是的,這是一個 我曾經吃過的矮胖拉西

  • it's very thick it's rich it's refreshing - they could taste a little

    它很厚它很豐富 提神-他們可以嚐一點

  • bit think it's like a raspberry raspberry sauce that's been infused into

    有點像覆盆子 注入樹莓醬

  • it

  • let's taste it try some of that ice cream I've been told to mix it so I'm

    讓我們品嚐一下冰塊 我被告知要混合奶油,所以我

  • gonna do that from the top corner let's try that alright guys so I think I'm

    從上角開始 試試那個好傢伙,所以我想我是

  • going to end the video here what an incredible food tour in the

    在這裡結束視頻 多麼令人難以置信的美食之旅

  • city of Hyderabad if you come here you visit the old town you can check out all of these

    海德拉巴市,如果您來到這裡,您將參觀古老的 鎮上,您可以檢查所有這些

  • places they're all right beside one another if you enjoyed this video give

    放在旁邊的地方 如果您喜歡這個視頻,請給另一個

  • it a thumbs up subscribe to my good friend David's Channel David's been here

    豎起大拇指贊成我的好 朋友大衛的頻道大衛來過這裡

  • also subscribe to our Channel Samuel and Audrey we'll see you soon with another

    還訂閱我們的塞繆爾頻道 奧黛麗,我們很快會再見

  • food and travel video from India ciao for now

    來自印度的美食和旅遊視頻 目前

hey guys Sam here and in today's episode we're back in India where I'm going to

嘿,山姆,在今天的節目中 我們回到印度,我要去


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