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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is how do I pronounce three words access or permission excess

  • meaning extra and axis a reference line let's go ahead and jump right in

  • because this is a little bit of a confusing lesson for many of my students

  • the way we're going to look at this today is we're going to think about

  • syllables and syllable breaks and what I mean by a syllable break is where that

  • little tiny pauses between syllables if you do pause too long it can sound like

  • you have two words but it's sort of that natural break and each beat of the word

  • so again think about that think about the syllables or the beats and the word

  • and where they break along with each sound okay so keeping that in mind let's

  • go ahead and look at these we have access and syllable number one is going

  • to be ack then we have excess and syllable number one is going to be eck

  • now for axis syllable number one is going to be ax and they think this is

  • again where the confusion is is where we break these words so let's look at word

  • number one access so to say this we're going to start with that ack and to do

  • this mouth is open wide in a round circle the tip of your tongue is low in

  • your mouth and the back of your tongue is pulled up ack then we're gonna end

  • with SeS and then to say this you're going to start with that s sound sss tip of

  • your tongue is either pointed down or behind the top front teeth not touching

  • the teeth at all air moves out and then move to that short eh sound and to do

  • this your mouth is slightly open and you can see just the tip of your tongue

  • between your top and your bottom teeth eh and then end with that SeS

  • ses ses let's put it all together access access access the difference

  • between access and excess is mouth opening so I'm going to contrast those

  • two we have access and then excess so for this short e again your mouth is

  • slightly open and you're just going to see the tip of your tongue between those

  • top and bottom teeth eh eh excess excess excess excess access excess access

  • excess and then for axis again think about the first beat here acs and to do

  • that we know how to say the ak and then we're just going to add that s sss by

  • allowing that air to move out of the mouth tip of the tongue is not touching

  • your teeth at all aX aX aX if this helps you this is the word aX okay and then

  • we're going to add the ending is you can say is s or us I'll give you some other

  • options here is just about that second syllable being shorter all right so we

  • have aX is axis axis axis if it makes it a little bit simpler for you if it's

  • too hard to just do this s at the end you can add another one at the beginning

  • there that's totally fine that will kind of all blend together and it'll sound

  • okay when you put it all together axis axis axis axis okay

  • let's try them all again access access access

  • excess excess excess axis axis axis give it a try I know people are

  • going to notice the difference if you'd like to help all of your other English

  • learners out there try to use those words in a sentence that was a tough one

  • for me so if you found this helpful we'd love a like and a share and a subscribe

  • check out all of our products on Google Play iTunes and now teachers pay

  • teachers for all of you English teachers out there and I hope to see you all

  • again next week thanks everybody take care

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's


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如何發音EXCESS, ACCESS, AXIS - 美式英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce EXCESS, ACCESS, AXIS - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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