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  • -So, I wanna ask you

  • about this -- In the wake

  • of Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden,

  • you wrote a really beautifully written post on Medium,

  • that I recommend everybody check out.

  • You talked about being a sexual assault survivor, yourself,

  • and how survivors' justice

  • is a really hard thing to achieve.

  • How do you think moments like this need to be addressed,

  • regardless of political party?

  • -Well, they have to be addressed in good faith

  • and I have to, you know, just point out the fact

  • that I think many who are offering commentary

  • in the discourse are not doing that in good faith.

  • They don't care about survivors' healing and justice.

  • They don't care about due process.

  • You know, they're doing what people have done

  • for far too long, and that is to take this issue,

  • to take my survivor community,

  • and use people as political fodder and footballs.

  • These are the same people that vote consistently

  • against the Violence Against Women Act authorization,

  • which is still sitting on the desk of Mitch McConnell.

  • So, we have to operate in good faith.

  • We have been to be good faith partners.

  • We have to be willing to have hard conversations.

  • I think we have not gotten this right,

  • as a society, as lawmakers, as a culture,

  • and this is an opportunity, through partnership

  • and hard conversations, to get there.

  • -You were recently honored

  • as Villain of the Week on Fox News.

  • -[ Scoff ] -Is that

  • [ Laughing ] something that

  • you take as a point of pride,

  • when something like that happens?

  • -Let me brush my shoulder.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • So let me just say this.

  • I'm so proud of our daughter Cora.

  • She recently earned straight "A's"; and, in fact, two "A+",

  • one in Spanish and one in science.

  • And, you know, we printed it out and we put it up, you know,

  • on our family sort of wall/ bulletin board

  • and I did the same thing when that came out.

  • If Fox is calling me the Villain of the Week,

  • that is really only evidence that I'm being

  • the woman my mother raised me to be

  • and that I am advancing progressive values

  • and making people uncomfortable in the pursuit of progress,

  • and I am perfectly fine with that.

  • So, judge me by my enemies, please.

  • -Congresswoman, thank you so much

  • for making the time for us today.

  • It was a delight to talk to you

  • and keep up the good work.

-So, I wanna ask you


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眾議員艾安娜-普雷斯利為被評為福克斯新聞周最佳反派而感到自豪。 (Rep. Ayanna Pressley Takes Pride in Being Named Fox News’ Villain of the Week)

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