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  • Oh, 200 people!

  • Waitthat's the warm up?

  • Oh no, no way!

  • No way!

  • Okay, so the next exercise is the third one, okay?

  • So, I mean

  • oh no, it's programming.

  • No, it's really easy.

  • I mean,

  • you knowit's very easy.

  • "Joey doesn't share food!"

  • "Not yet."

  • "I still cannot believe you're engaged."

  • Well,

  • I'm clicking every button right now, but the video doesn't seem to work.

  • That's really too bad.

  • SO, what were you saying, Mike, about the contract?

  • Did you get John on the phone?

  • Hi Mom!

  • Mom, I only see your ear.

  • Mom, move,

  • click on the round thing down the bottom of the phone.

  • Click "reverse" so I can see your face.

  • Mom, I only see your ear.

  • Oh well.

  • Wellhow are you?

Oh, 200 people!


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卡羅琳-德-梅格雷找到了完美的檢疫方式|Vogue Paris (Caroline de Maigret finds the perfect way to quarantine | Vogue Paris)

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