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  • In 3 years over 3200 events

  • in 126 countries and 47 languages

  • 13,000 TEDxTalks

  • one conversation.

  • Anwar Dafa-Alla: Typical TEDxsters

  • they are dreaming about big stuff.

  • How they can do something bigger than themselves.

  • And they are dreamers.

  • Jim Stoltze: And if you find somebody who shares your dream,

  • step up to him or her,

  • and ask, "How can I help?"

  • "How can I bring your idea further?"

  • Y. AlAbdeli: I told him, "I have a dream."

  • "I want to bring this experience to Iraq, to Baghdad."

  • TEDx is what brought me back to my home country.

  • And the reason I waited so many years,

  • I didn't want to go empty-handed.

  • I found something that could make an impact in my country.

  • And in this case, it was TED.

  • I started watching videos on

  • I was really inspired, didn't sleep the whole night.

  • The next day, okay, if this thing inspires me,

  • then, why not? I'm going to share this

  • to my community in Ethiopia.

  • Part of my community in Serbia.

  • This is my community.

  • My community.

  • Communities that are tucked away in villages across the world.

  • To tell the world that we have great thinkers and great doers.

  • The sum of the local is the global.

  • Turn off the TV, log off from the Internet

  • and stand up and start doing something!

  • With rubber bullets, fire bombs,

  • a wall of human chain of young Egyptians

  • decided to hold hands to protect a museum.

  • It's an opportunity to contribute to their communities

  • and change the world in their own way.

In 3 years over 3200 events


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【TEDx】TEDx。許多聲音,一次對話 (【TEDx】TEDx: Many voices, one conversation)

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