A2 初級 美國腔 10 分類 收藏
- Mom and dad are driving me insane.
I miss you, will you come home soon?
- I miss you, too.
But hey, I had to live with mom and dad
for four years before you were around.
- But you don't even remember that.
- Yeah, it was that bad.
7 things only sisters understand.
- Oh my god, grandma's birthday is tomorrow,
I completely forgot.
- Oh, well, you can sign my card.
- Really?
- For $20.
When you get the same gift.
- Are you serious right now?
Go change.
- Why do I have to change?
I changed last time.
- I'm older.
When you get compared.
- So you're Michelle's little sister?
- Yeah, Yeah.
- Oh my God, I love her, she's like the best thing ever.
She has really good hair.
You have nice hair.
You're easily confused...
- What's up Michelle?
...For each other.
- Hey Michelle!
- I'm Madeline.
You know each other too well.
- Does this look okay?
- Yeah.
- You're not even looking.
- I already know, you're the one
who got mom's waistline.
Alright, it looks good.
She may drive you nuts...
- Michelle!
- Dress go?
- Michelle...
...But you love her to death.
- Madeline, you'd look so good in this dress.
- Oh, thanks!
Wait, am I your maid of honor?
- Well, yeah.
- Good, I already have a Pinterest board.
- Just gotta find a guy.
- Mom was married by now, right?
- People get married when they're like 30.
- Some people just get married too young
and then get divorced.
- I could do two weddings, maybe.


7 Things Only Sisters Understand

10 分類 收藏
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