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  • Los Angeles is a huge city and there are so many different areas to visit

  • but if you are in downtown Los Angeles for the first time, you'll definitely want to

  • explore a few iconic places.

  • Here are our top four recommendations on things to do in downtown Los Angeles on your first visit.

  • First stop, Little Tokyo.

  • Start off your morning in Little Tokyo which is the largest Japan town in the nation.

  • Head to Yamazaki bakery for breakfast and indulge in a freshly baked melon pan.

  • It's a delicious sweet bread that goes great with coffee.

  • After your breakfast, take a walk around Japanese Village Plaza

  • and explore all the stores and restaurants.

  • Pop Killer is one of our favorite shops with a wide variety of trendy accessories and clothes.

  • Next, check out the Japanese American National Museum

  • which is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Japanese Americans.

  • The museum shares powerful World War II stories of Japanese Americans

  • who were forced into incarceration camps from 1942 to 1946

  • For lunch, head over to downtown's landmark, the Grand Central Market.

  • This market is filled with an array of cuisines including Japanese, German, Chinese,

  • Mexican, American Barbecue and so much more.

  • Our favorite stops here were Robin Hood and PBJ L.A.

  • We're huge fans of ramen, so we had a try the 100% vegan ramen at Robin Hood.

  • We were a bit skeptical at first but very surprised at how delicious the ramen was.

  • It's probably one of the best ramens we've had in Los Angeles and just couldn't believe it was 100% vegan.

  • PBJ L.A. is a great stop for a snack.

  • They offer classic and unique peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

  • All their nut butters, jams, and milks are house made from scratch with organic ingredients.

  • We went with the New School sandwich that use almond butter instead of peanut butter.

  • Number three, The Last Book Store.

  • The Last Book Store is a fun stop if you are in downtown L.A. Especially if you're a book lover.

  • It is California's largest used and new book store with over 250,000 books on two floors.

  • It has grown in popularity over the years because of its clever way of shaping books for fun photo ops

  • like the book tunnel.

  • There are also unique art installations using books as well.

  • It's such a creative space and you can tell the owner, Josh Spencer, has a huge passion for books.

  • Lastly, head over to Bradbury Building.

  • This building is located directly across the street from the Grand Central Market.

  • This is a historical landmark in downtown L.A. and it was built in 1893.

  • The skylit atrium and the ironwork of the stairs are magnificent.

  • You're not allowed to take pictures inside with your camera

  • but you can take pictures with your iPhone.

  • There is so much more to do in downtown L.A.

  • but if you're a first-timer visiting the area, these are the spots you must hit.

  • Enjoy your time in sunny California!

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Los Angeles is a huge city and there are so many different areas to visit


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初到洛杉磯市中心的4件事 (4 Things To Do in Downtown Los Angeles for First-Timers)

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