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  • (Ian) Shut Up!!

  • [Narrator] Comes with 5 friendship modes. Batteries not included.

  • I'm talking really fast right now because it's what they do at the end of commercials.

  • Oh my god! I have to get one of those.

  • MOM!

  • Can I have one?

  • Please!? for my birthday? Please!

  • Ian's Mom: But your birthday is not for 9 more months.

  • Fine!

  • If you're not gonna give me a Bot Best Friend

  • Then I guess I will just show everyone your secret video TAPE!

  • You wouldn't DARE!

  • TRY ME!

  • *intense staring*

  • *staring intensifies*

  • [Bell Dings]



  • But whatever you do, don't turn it to the fifth friendship mode!

  • Yeah, whatever MOM!


  • Alright! Let's see what this baby can DO!

  • Best friend mode activate!

  • *gasps annoyingly* I'm bored...

  • What else can he do?

  • House cleaner mode activate!

  • Well that was... weird.

  • Uh, see what else he does.

  • Groovy dancing mode activate!

  • Holy sh!t, the robot is doing the robot!

  • ROBOTCEPTION! *dramatic music so loud your ears burst*

  • Hallright! What's next?

  • Sexy sexy baby mode activate.

  • What in the hell was that about?

  • I dunno!

  • *what a sight!*

  • I don't think I like this mode... (sure you don't anthony.)

  • Me neither! (peer pressure peer pressure.)

  • Let's try the fifth mode!

  • Du-dude! Wait wait wait!

  • Your mom said to never to put it to that mode!

  • SCREW THAT! I'm a grown ass sassy man! I do what I want!

  • Murderous Rampage Mode Activate (Ian, you dun fucked up.)

  • Dude this mode sucks, it's not even doing anything!

  • *anthony sees the robot take off its pants* Dude look...

  • You know what, it's some stupid prank my mom thought she could pull on me!

  • *anthony cant save his friend* Dude! It's got a--- *mumbling*


  • I knew if I told you not to put it into the fifth mode, you would!

  • Now my secret dies with you!

  • *cackling*

  • Now onto more important things!

  • Let's see (the sexy mode) hmm...

  • ROBOT: It's time to get busy!

  • Aww! Groossss!

  • I kinda liked it. (cause you a perv, anthony.)

(Ian) Shut Up!!


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