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Have you heard of 5G?
you know, the wireless network that everyone is talking about?
except you're like, "What is it exactly?"
Well, I'm here to set the record straight
with five facts about 5G!
Fact one: 5G means 5th generation wireless technology.
hmm so just as 3G brought email to our phones and 4G
allowed for things like rideshare apps and streaming video, 5G might one day
give us driverless cars or drones that control their own drones or something.
We don't know. But there are some things we do know which leads me to fact number 2:
Not all 5G is created equal. Now, imagine I'm inside a guitar.
Wireless networks are built using different frequencies of radio waves that do different things
think of it kind of like sound.
First, there's the high band or millimeter wave.
these cycle at a ridiculously high rate. They can transmit a lot of
information. But they don't go very far because they get absorbed easily.
Next is the mid band. Now, these waves can go a little farther but there's not a lot of
mid band available for 5G.
Finally, there's low band like the six hundred
megahertz frequency the T-Mobile built its nationwide 5G on.
So let's learn a little bit more about that signal. Which brings me to fact number 3:
600 megahertz 5G can travel through walls and buildings.
Sort of like the way light
travels through glass.
You know how you can always hear that fat bass on your
neighbor's stereo but not the high notes?
It's because that lower frequency
doesn't get absorbed or scattered by obstacles the way high frequencies do.
Hey, turn that down!
Now why does this matter? Because if your wireless signal
doesn't travel through walls, it's not nearly as useful.
00:01:54,820 --> 00:02:00,000 Now the other interesting thing about 600 megahertz 5G is fact number 4:
600 megahertz 5G goes farther.
which is really important because well, America is really freaking big!
and you need a 5G signal that can travel
further and cover more Americans and more places instead of say just a few of
us living in big cities.
oh and guess what?
fact number five: T-Mobile is the first and only carrier with nationwide 5G
T-Mobile's nationwide 5G already covers 200 million people and counting and it's
in over 5,000 cities and towns right now.
That's a lot of access to 5G for a lot of Americans.
share this video if you think more people should have access to 5G


5 Facts about 5G Explained by Bill Nye! | T-Mobile

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