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  • I actually remember the first time I wore a two-piece bathing suit.


  • And I remember sitting on the edge of the pool and just crouching over and trying to pull the top down because I wanted the two pieces to connect.


  • The bikini is a fashion icon.


  • Let's be honest, people like to look at people in bikinis.


  • But the skimpy nature of the bikini doesn't quite explain all of its popularity.


  • So how did the smallest suit in the world become the biggest one?


  • It's pretty crazy that the bikini is the most popular swimsuit on earth, given how restricted women's clothing has been throughout history.


  • Up until the 1900s, people in Europe and North America used this really weird contraption called a "Bathing Machine"-- a wooden box on wheels, like a mobile changing room.

    1900 年代歐洲和北美地區的人會使用一台裝有輪子的木箱作為行動更衣間,而這台奇怪的裝置叫作「沐浴機」。

  • Women would sit in the box, which was then pulled down to the ocean by a horse.


  • This was meant to keep women hidden away from the eyes of men.


  • A lot of places had strict laws about minimum swimsuit length.


  • Police would even walk around with rulers and straight up measure your bathing suit.


  • That is so gross.


  • Public opinion on the matter didn't really change until Annette Kellerman, a swimmer and silent film star, was arrested for wearing a more form-fitting suit in 1907.

    民眾的不滿並未改變這項不合理的規定,直到一位名叫 Annette Kellerman 的游泳健將兼默劇演員於 1907 年因穿著緊身衣物而被捕入獄,事情才有了轉機。

  • Kellerman's high-profile arrest caused people to re-think the frumpy suits in favor of a tighter, more aerodynamic approach.

    Kellerman 的入獄事件引發各界高度關注,人們也開始重新思考以風阻小的緊身衣取代傳統蓬鬆的衣服。

  • It's good to note, more revealing two-pieces had already existed for hundreds of years.


  • These mosaics from the Villa del Casale in Sicily feature women in bikini-like outfits as early as the fourth century.


  • So when did the skimpy swimsuit finally resurface?


  • Fast forward to 1946.

    回到西元 1946 年。

  • The United States has been testing nuclear weapons in a place called Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.


  • A French engineer by the name of Louis Reard decided he wanted to make a similar sized explosion in the world of fashion.

    一位名叫 Louis Reard 的法國工程師決定要在時尚界丟下核武般的震撼彈。

  • Reard had created what he called the smallest bathing suit in the world.


  • Basically just two triangle pieces of fabric held together by some string.


  • There's only one problem.


  • The suit was so small, that none of the models in Paris would wear it.


  • Reard had to enlist the help of a burlesque dancer from a nearby casino, Micheline Bernardini, to unveil the bikini at the Piscine Molitor pool in Paris.

    因此 Reard 去附近賭場徵求表演舞者的協助,最後是由 Micheline Bernardini 在巴黎莫利托的泳池展示比基尼給全世界。

  • The suit got a big reaction.


  • The Vatican declared it sinful.


  • Spain and Italy banned it immediately, and Bernardini started getting lots of fan mail.

    西班牙和義大利也馬上禁止比基尼,不過 Bernardini 也收到了許多粉絲來信。

  • By 1950, the bikini was a permanent fixture on European beaches, and by 1960 it caught on in North America.

    在 1950 年的歐洲海灘隨處可見比基尼,1960 年開始也傳遍北美地區。

  • And now, it's one of the most iconic pieces of clothing ever.


  • At the end of the day, you don't have to wear a bikini, but it is pretty nice having the option.


  • What's your experience with a bikini?


  • You can tell me in the comments below, or on social media with the hashtag #WEWEARCULTURE.

    你可以在下方留言告訴我,或是在其他社群媒體上標註 #WEWEARCULTURE。

  • Thank you so much for watching.


  • If you enjoyed learning about that as much as I did, head on over to Google Arts and Culture here, and make sure to check out the rest of the videos by clicking over here.


I actually remember the first time I wore a two-piece bathing suit.


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