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Like everyone else these days, we're doing life inside.
From picnics in tents to school at the dining room table,
we're doing new things like making masks and celebrating birthdays online.
But we prepare for the future by cleaning our car and practicing our driving,
so sit back and relax as we do Life in Japan.
What is going on?!
Mommy put a tent up for us.
Chillin' in your tent.
Daddy's having a picnic!
Picnic time — oh look at all the yummy food you brought.
Here's some crab for the camera.
For the camera? Munch munch munch.
And here's some food for you.
For me? Munch munch munch.
And here Joshua — some sushi.
Thank you.
Do you like sushi, Joshua? Mmm hmmm.
And here's some watermelon for me.
Watermelon for you?! Aw yum!
Here's sum. Mmmmm.
What is your favorite thing to eat?
Maybe pizza.
Oh there's pizza, yes! Awesome! Here's some pizza for the camera.
OK here you go, camera.
My favorite is... guess what my favorite is!
Hmmm, tomato. No.
Eggs. No.
Steak. No! Should I tell you?
It's a strawberry.
Strawberry, of course!
Yes! Joshua, what is your favorite?
Um, ice cream and pineapple and a hamburger.
Whoa! Ice Cream... And French Fries!
Ice Cream, Pineapple and a Hamburger and Fries?
There's Ice Cream
It was so good. Thank you for inviting me.
I'm going to cut the food.
Whoa! What are we doing?
We are making masks!
E! Subarashii (wonderful)
(It's good, isn't it?)
Oh, there's yours.
Just haven't put elastic in it yet. Really?
Dozo (Go ahead)
Here — let's see.
Whew! It's over your eyes.
This is my friend from school.
This is your friend from school? Awww!
I've got the Moog framed up really pretty here so I can record into our next project that will go out this Sunday.
Oooo! Daddy!
What is everybody freaking out about here?
There was a bee! There's a bee?
It was like this close!
It's ok. You're so much bigger than a bee.
Right where?
In the bushes. I don't even see it.
Look! See the flying thing right there?
See the flying thing? There's the bee! There's the bee!
I actually messed with him and he stung me.
We were trying to make a home right there but...
There was one time I was stung by a bee — I was swinging...
And then I jumped and then I landed on a flower with a bee on it.
It pinched me. Yea, it stung you.
Yeah, it like stung me. Did it really hurt?
Yeah, I cried at school.
I cried too because I was scared.
Hey Joshua, whatcha eating?
Some cake. Some cake?!
What kind of cake do you guys have?
Strawberry! Whoa!
Yum! Anna-cakes eating cake!
Strawberry cake, ah ho ho!
Good thing you don't need your two front teeth for that.
There's jam in the frosting, right?
Jam? There's jello.
Sounds like another one of mommy's yummy creations.
Mmmm hmmm.
It's our little babies. Becca, show yours.
Aww, do you guys all have your little babies?
Aww ahh!!!
Oh no!
Poor baby!
Oh my goodness!
How's it going, guys?
One of my favorite times.
We do our stories together.
And we have the tent setup. Who's in the tent tonight?
It's Sarah and Big J! Well hi guys!
It's night night time camera, so night night.
This... Is home-schooling.
Is the home school zone.
What are you working on, Rebecca?
I don't know, sansu (math).
Sansu. How's it going?
You about you, Anna cakes? What? Sansu, yeah.
Sansu too.
Oh yea, they read with Grandma now.
Oooooo. That's the time they're reading.
Watch this one. This is the hardest one ever.
That's the hardest one ever?! Yeah!
OK, good luck. Gambatte.
Do you see the spikes?
Are you playing it over here with just one hand?
I know how to do this. You just wiggle.
(Reading) Instead, he jumped over logs covered in... Curved...
Curved in and out of trees
It's the simple things in life that have become the most meaningful — like going to the grocery store — yeah!!
Hey dude! Hey! Are we going to go in the car? Yes!
Where'd he go? Where'd he go?
Where is he?
Where is he? Oh! I found him!
What has happened to my family?
You know someone could come in here to have a little alone time if they needed to.
No, if they're fighting they can come in here.
Normally alone time would be a punishment, but now...
Ha ha ha. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas?
Anna's been working super hard on her song!
And now she's going to practice it with a microphone and the piano at the coffee shop, right?
Coffee shop. Your voice is so loud!
Oh, look who's in the cart!
Oh my goodness!
I'm Luigi, and I passed Daddy on 200cc.
We are having an intense game of 4-player Mario Kart, right guys?
Luigi is number 1 right now. We'll see.
Sarah's doing good though. She beat daddy in the last race! And so did Joshua.
Becca got first place but we'll see — there's still another race left.
Who will win?! Cheer for Luigi!
Cheer for Mario, Mario!
Cheer for me.
What, what are you bragging about?
I beat daddy! I BEAT DADDY!!
Yes you did. Luigi number one, then Dry Bowser. On 200cc!
Mario did pretty good and Sarah, you did really good! 200cc!
My niece Sophie had her 10th birthday party quarantined in her house in America.
So we celebrated with an online birthday party and fun quiz that she made up.
You want to go over the rules, Sophie? Yes. Rules.
To answer the question, say "Ding" and we will call on you.
This will be multiple choice. What is Sophie's favorite food?
Pizza, spaghetti, steak or... Ding!
Oh, we heard Grandma first. Grandma.
Pizza. Nope.
Aunt Hannah. I'm going to guess Spaghetti.
Correct! Ohhh!
What challenge did Sophie do for the Awana Variety Show?
Drawing, play recorder, gymnastics, or dribbling two basketballs.
Oh, Japan Reutters.
How did you bring it upstairs then? Daddy did.
Oh it's heavy.
Oh yeah, it's 25 kilos.
It's 25 kilos of flour. It's heavier than me.
Whole wheat flour.
So you guys are making about 25 kilos of cinnamon rolls today?
Just one batch is all. One batch is all.
Oh, but lovely. Cream cheese frosting.
Whoa big guy!
You're all wet! What happened?
We played a game to spray each other. We use that car thing and "chya."
Yeah, and sprayed us!
Should we pull the car out then?
We're getting in the van so they can be inside when they spray it.
Use this. Go like this and then you wash the car.
OK now go wash the car.
Wait Joshua, over here!
3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1.
Are you OK?
3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1.
Should I wash you Daddy?
Oh, Becca's helping out. That's great! Ooo.
Wow, look at how nice that's looking, Becca.
Life in Japan may not look like what it used to, and it may not ever go back to what it was — at least not for awhile.
You can look at all the restrictions and stress out over all you can't control,
or you can choose to focus on what you can control and make the world a better place.
We choose the latter. I pray you will too!
Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing to our channel. It helps make the world a better place!
Hey, you're not making Grandma dizzy, are you?
Until next time, we'll see you on Life in Japan.
It's lunch time and boy does it smell good up here!
Daddy, I've got a new name for this: Pizza chicken.
Pizza chicken! Oh, yum!


Life Inside | Life in Japan Episode 53

72 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 2 日
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