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It's Fall in Japan, which means beautiful weather,
lovely colors are coming out and there's lots of fun things to do.
We're going to have a BBQ,
We're going to go to Yomiurilando, an amusement park with lots of fun
so stay tuned and enjoy this episode of Life in Japan, right?!
The whole group's here.
This is Yoshi's famous BBQ!
Whoa! You're doing great!
I can guarantee you that this is some of the best BBQ I've ever had in Japan.
How is it? Is it yummy? Yeah? Oh good!
How's the meat here?
Looks good! Oh, it sure does!
How is the meat? Is it good? Did you try some yet?
Not yet. Not yet?
Good? Very nice.
Hey Dude. He's so so thirsty.
Were you so so thirsty?
So good.
The fun doesn't end!
Did you see that?
He's pushing all that dirt down!
(Singing "Happy Birthday")
Cupcake yum!!!
Joshua's like "Just give me the frosting."
It's like a cupcake party.
Hanako is like "Yes! Finally!"
She and Sarah.
Oh, how's the Yakisoba?
Is it good? Oishii?
We're having some Razor-Ripstick races!
What did you find?
Grasshoppers Grasshoppers?
Here's the biggest one. Wow!
The hunter hunting for grasshoppers.
Let's go!
Hey Becster! Are you tired?
Hey Anna! Why do I see just a thumb and a hand? Is there a head somewhere?
Oh! There we go!
Oh! It's going to start!
I am wide awake now!
Oh, now you're wide awake, huh?
(Tuba warms up)
That wasn't bad.
EPB plays "The Chicken" by Jaco Pastorius
What are we doing today?
Yomiurilando, ah!
Why are we coming here today?
Because it's your birthday.
It's my birthday? And ours.
Oh, it's because it's your birthday we're coming here.
What looks fun to you girls?
This one and this one. Yeah?
And this one.
If you can do a roller coaster you can definitely do a ferris wheel.
Yeah, no problem! I can, but it's too scary.
What did you guys think?
When it fell down and when it came up my tummy pushed so hard.
My legs are just wiggling right now.
Jurassic Car!
We're on the Ptera Cycle!
And here I go!
My knees almost hit.
Whoa, here we go!
Anna's being so brave because she doesn't like ferris wheels.
But you already did the Bandit!
Super high
Super fast
Did you like the Bandit?
(Anna singing) Fuji Fuji Fuji san, that's a song!
The loopy-doop one The loopy-doop one?
Like that one? I don't want to.
Isn't [the ferris wheel] cool? Not bad anymore.
Yeah see! I knew you would like it and be brave.
Having lunch.
It's a guest appearance from Aunt Hannah!
I wanna get your picture next to Anna.
It says right here, I can't read it, but I think it says it's the best drink ever.
This Kirin Lemon is what you need to drink right now!
This is not an ad but it could be, huh?
Go-cart time!
Alright Becca!
Anna's turn!
There you go! You're doing good, you're doing good!
No problem Anna! Alright!
Whoops! You hit the side, oh no!
Elevated track — here we go!
You gotta keep your eye on the road. Yep.
Super good.
Super good. Super good.
Anna can't walk anymore...
There's a ride I want to do so bad!
...so Becca's carrying her.
My treat is some coffee.
My treat is popcorn.
And Anna's treat is the bathroom.
Those are so cool, aren't they?
Is this cool guys? Yeah.
We have our popcorn, huh Anna?
We're watching our show here.
It's the very end.
Anna looks like she's bundled up for winter!
I'm like summer.
Becca wants to do the Bandit one more time.
What's the line? Full.
It's long? Yeah.
Well girls, that was super fun.
Thanks for watching!
If you like this episode you've got to check out our episode about Fuji Q,
another amusement park here in Japan that's full of thrilling roller coasters.
In that episode we also go downtown to Ginza,
and check out downtown Tokyo.
Thank you for liking and subscribing to our videos,
Until next time, we'll see you on Life in Japan.


Fall in Japan: Yoshi's BBQ and Yumiuriland Amusement Park | Life in Japan Episode 31

84 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 2 日
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