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Hi everybody!
Today, what should we make?
It's some kind of delicious side dish, but you don't need to pay a lot of money.
Cheap ingredients
But it turns out so luxurious-looking.
Awesome side dish, Korean banchan
What is banchan? Banchan is you can eat with rice.
We Koreans eat 3 meals with rice.
Rice and we need side dishes.
So this is one of banchan (side dishes).
It's called sweet, spicy, crunchy tofu.
In Korean, dubu-gagngjeong.
You remember my sweet, spicy chicken?
Sweet, spicy, crunchy chicken recipe.
But this one is, instead of chicken I'm using tofu.
It's one of my cookbook recipes.
If you have my book, open to page 354.
Here you go! Nice and beautiful, eh?
Crunchy tofu. So let's start!
I'm going to use this one package of firm tofu.
Let's open!
14 ounces, but you could also use 1 pound tofu.
I just quickly rinsed this.
And this is my kitchen towel.
And then pat dry.
And I will just cut this into bite-sized pieces.
Like this...
Small bite-sized pieces.
I just made this way.
And look at this, this is a rectangular shape.
And how many of this tofu...
(counting quietly)
So 28 pieces.
I'm going to coat this with potato starch.
So first, this method is very very useful.
That's why we need firm tofu.
If you use soft tofu it will be all broken.
It looks like a lot!
Ok, and we need this potato starch.
You guys can also use corn starch.
Potato starch makes it crunchy.
Quarter cup, and add this here.
And close the bag.
And just gently shake it.
To coat evenly.
You see, inside there is no potato starch powder left.
We still need this plastic bag.
Just cut this some and spread it out.
And then...
This is 2 cups of vegetable oil.
You guys can use grape seed oil, or any cooking oil.
or corn oil. And turn on.
To medium-high heat around 5 to 6 minutes
until it reaches 330 or 340 Farenheit.
When you add this, it should be bubbling.
I went to Korea to learn temple cuisine.
And I stayed in a temple
we had a buffet-style dinner.
And all side dishes, vegetables, beans,
and all kinds of nice vegan style dishes.
But this is also the most popular, it was gone quickly.
If it bubbles, it's ready.
You see? Bubbling. Ok.
So now I like to cook this over medium heat so I'm going to turn down the heat to medium.
I don't want to make it too brown.
Slotted spoon, I will just use this way.
I can just use my hand but it's dangerous.
So you can use this way.
This is my 12 inch large skillet.
And I put all this tofu here but each tofu should not stick to each other.
You can see this.
I'm going to cook this about 2 to 3 minutes.
Until the bottom side is kind of a little crunchy.
You will see. Brownish. A little brown.
This guy is the first one we added. Already crunchy.
Like this...
All sides should be crunchy.
I'm so excited to release this recipe because I know a lot of you,
You have been learning Korean cooking from me,
You know, I started 13 years ago and some of you guys have been cooking Korean food for a decade.
I'm always surprised.
They show me: "Maangchi, I made this!"
These days they show me some side dishes, this and that
Mix and match with rice. "Oh, I made some lunchbox!"
"Maangchi I made this lunchbox!"
Even I didn't tell them how to mix and match but they know exactly what Koreans are doing.
I'm so proud of them and also I'm so happy.
Now look at this, each piece expanded a little bit.
Let's strain.
Nice. And I will put it here.
And then turn off.
I just switched this because I'm going to make seasoning sauce here.
I need another skillet
Tomato ketchup. Quarter cup.
Rice syrup. Quarter cup.
Korean hot pepper paste.
Gochujang. Around 3 tablespoons.
Turn on the heat.
Medium-high heat.
Now it starts bubbling.
Mix this well.
Just one minute!
One minute cooking.
This sauce makes this tofu sweet and spicy.
Now really bubbling and turn off.
And then at the last minute I'm going to mix this all together, the tofu should be coated.
Just my method, do you remember? Double fry.
I'm going to cook this one more time, double fry, so that makes it really crunchy.
So I'm going to switch this again.
And, medium-high heat.
About 1 minute.
Until it reaches 330 Farenheit.
This is optional.
Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds green color makes it really pretty.
This really goes well together, I'm going to add pumpkin seeds.
But if it's not available just forget about that.
Temperature is 330.
And I will add all this.
I'm going to fry this until golden brown.
Ok, I cooked for 3 minutes, all sides are crunchy and golden brown.
Just strain this.
Ok put it here...
I'm going to garnish this with pumpkin seeds, 1 tablespoon.
Around 10 seconds.
And then, let's coat these.
Ok you see it's bubbling?
Ok let's add tofu!
Just stir this and coat.
This seasoning sauce is the perfect amount for this tofu.
Turn off.
Look at that! Nice, isn't it? Pretty!
And these pumpkin seeds.
Let me taste!.
(crunching) Mmm! (laughs) Crunchy sound! Mm!
This sauce is very juicy and sweet and sour and spicy. The sauce is coated perfectly.
And crunchy tofu all together.
It turned out so good.
And delicious!
It reminds me of sweet, spicy, crunchy Korean fried chicken.
Instead of chicken it's tofu.
You can prepare this as a side dish for rice.
Especially when you make a lunchbox
Korean dosirak - it's going to be a good side dish too.
I hope you guys enjoy this recipe and make this
and let me know if you make it and how you enjoyed with your friends and family.
Today we made sweet, spicy, crunchy tofu.
Dubu-gangjeong in Korean.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!


Sweet and crunchy tofu (Dubu-ganjeong: 두부강정)

60 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 1 日
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