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to be or not to be that is the question
Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo
double double toil and trouble fire burn
and cauldron bubble these are just some
of the very famous lines from some very
famous plays written by one very famous
playwright and they were all originally
performed at one very famous theater the
globe the globe was first built in
London way way way back in 1599 by a
theatre company called the Lord
Chamberlain's Men and you've probably
heard of their playwright a guy called
William Shakespeare Shakespeare is a
bloke who 400 years ago sat down and
wrote a bunch of place and we're still
performing them today that none of
itself is an amazing thing yep and the
place that bloke wrote are some of the
most well known in history my favorite
would probably be back there Macbeth
handler Romeo and Juliet yeah I like
Romeo and Juliet because it's simple
everyone gets the idea of it and yeah
it's a cool story
another Shakespeare's plays continue to
inspire new movies all the time in fact
you've probably seen some of
Shakespeare's work without even
unfortunately the original globe burnt
down a few centuries ago they did build
another one though just around the
corner from the original which if you're
lucky enough you can visit one day and
see some of these iconic plays in action
but if you can't make it over there
don't worry because this guy has created
a full-size pop up version so
Australians can experience what it was
like to see a show back in Shakespeare's
day too so what we wanted to do was be
as close as possible in every way we
could to the experience of Shakespeare's
own theatre and what we found is that
when you replicate that experience boy
is it engaging it's a night like any
unforgettable there are a few big things
that make the globe really different to
anything you'd see today it has three
storeys of seating and can hold up to
3,000 people but at the base of the
stage there's an area called the pit
where people stand and watch the
performance although there's also no
roof so if you're standing you might
want to bring an umbrella just in case
there's like a rock concert instead of a
conventional theater experience there's
nothing button-down about it it's closer
to footie match than a piece of theatre
it's fantastic it's having this entire
building filled with 900 people
screaming and yelling and booing and
whoring and covered in blood
wait did he say blood ah don't worry
it's all fake
the pop-up globe has been popping up
around the country and now it's popped
up in Sydney where these guys say
audiences are sure to get an awesome



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ka ka 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 29 日
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