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Hi there!
How are you doing today?
this is Vivi from Taiwan.
There's something that I would like to share with you.
With more than 1.7 million confirmed cases (2 million now)
and 100 thousand deaths around the world,
This is an unprecedented time that has affected
the lives of everyone in our global community,
regardless of race, gender, culture, or skin colour.
At this defining moment in history,
cooperation will bring upon the relief and clarity needed
to triumph over a common threat facing humankind.
In this fight, I, as a citizen of this global community, believe
is a guiding principle of all health professionals,
as well as a message that has resonated with us
Taiwanese people through the toughest of times.
In 2003, the SARS outbreak devastated my home country.
Left isolated and marginalised by the WHO in the fight against SARS,
we learned, through fearful uncertainty,
how to tenaciously combat pandemics.
But most importantly, the people of Taiwan
experienced firsthand what it felt like to be left behind.
Taiwan, despite just being miles off the coast of China,
has effectively managed the spread of coronavirus in our country.
And it is the belief that we should 'leave no one behind'
that motivates us to play our role in the global community.
In the past few weeks,
the Taiwanese government has donated more than 10 million surgical masks
to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia,
India, Central America and South America.
Other medical supplies are also finding their way
to all continents around the globe.
Since the very first days of this outbreak,
the Taiwanese government has devoted itself to fighting this pandemic.
Through information transparency, quick response, early deployment
and the effective use of big data,
the functions of our society continue without interruption.
To share our knowledge on COVID-19 (with the world),
we created virtual forums, participated by numerous countries,
of our successful and internationally recognised public health policies.
Our government and research centres have also teamed up
with the Czech Republic, European Union and the United States
in sharing tactics and technology
and collaborating on the development of vaccines and rapid test kits.
Finally, we have worked with different governments
in analysing the economic, social and psychological impact of the epidemic
and related isolation measures.
This virus can tear up the world,
but it will not shake the foundations of humanity's values.
For a worldwide pandemic
that does not discriminate based on borders and nationalities,
it is crucial that we, in times of a crisis like this,
stay stronger
Taiwan never forgets her friends from around the world.
We are part of this global team
and we are in solidarity with the rest of the world.
Taiwan stands with you.
Thank you for your time.


【新冠肺炎】來自台灣給全世界的一則訊息 (A Message to the World (From Taiwan))

1845 分類 收藏
eunice4u4u 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 28 日
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