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  • Hello, Taiwan.

  • I'm Julian or broken doing english dot com.

  • And this is a quick video to announce my trip to Can you guess where that's writes?

  • I'm going to Taiwan in particular.

  • More specifically time.

  • Hey, I'm gonna be there.

  • From what?

  • By time I actually get there because it's a long flight from here in, uh, not so sunny Island.

  • It'll be about December 2nd gonna be there for about three weeks.

  • The main reason I'm going really actually is just to learn about the culture.

  • Learn about the language, see the country.

  • Many of my clients come from Taiwan.

  • Andi, I feel like I do can help them better if I've actually being to their country.

  • Experience their language, experience their culture.

  • Onda.

  • That is the main reason I'm coming.

  • There are other reasons.

  • Of course.

  • You see what happened.

  • Waas I was about a year ago leads my herself said to me Hey, Julian, if you ever come to Taipei, if you ever come to Taiwan, let's do something.

  • And I had that kind of all my mind for a while.

  • Andi Then it was about three months ago by complete coincidence chance I saw information about the Taipei International Marathon on my fault.

  • Why not?

  • You see, I do.

  • The Northbrook, apart from being a coach for people who are using English is a second language out A bit of a runner on I fought.

  • Hey, why not combine my passions?

  • Combine My passion for English is a second language for languages for culture with a bit of the old running.

  • So on December 15th I am going to be running the Taipei International Marathon.

  • If you're in the area, come along, cheer me on will be easy to spot.

  • Will be that blond guy dying after the first dying?

  • No, even 1/4 of the way through the rest.

  • Um, yeah, that'll be me.

  • Have a beer with me after because, you know, I'm gonna need it.

  • What are we actually gonna be doing in terms off collaborative stuff myself and leads mine?

  • Well, on December 7, we have a bit of a social shin Dig a bit of a party will be the leads Judean Garland night, And it's going to be at the leads in my school, and it's just gonna be a bit of fun.

  • It's gonna be a chance to have a couple of drinks to meet me to meet the gang.

  • My assistant Kim will be there on.

  • I know a lot of my clients are very excited to meet Kim in person because she's really the person who keeps my courses and coaching programs actually running.

  • Whilst I'm off travelling and doing all kinds of different things on, it's just it's gonna be a lot of thumb.

  • Come along.

  • Then, on December the 11th we're gonna be doing more of a formal lecture where I'm gonna be talking about a particular, quite advanced topic that is going to help you.

  • The frustrated learner of English as a second language cut away a lot of what you are doing.

  • That actually isn't effective for you personally and speed up the improvement process considerably.

  • You see, a lot of people are doing a lot of things to try and improve their English that whilst good advice for someone Els, it's no actually effective for them personally, and as a result, what they're doing actually isn't taking them anywhere.

  • What we plan to do in this particular event is get you completely clear about these things and you guys should come out of it.

  • I've prepared some hand outs in this and exercises and things that you're gonna do.

  • So you're going to do the what?

  • There.

  • Along with me?

  • Ah, where the idea is you're gonna come at the end of this with a clear roadmap off sorts that you can use to say, Okay, this is really, really effective for me personally.

  • I'm gonna do this.

  • Where is this other thing?

  • For example, perhaps shadowing shattering is one of the things that I'm known for.

  • But it's not effective for everybody on That's what we're gonna do.

  • And you're gonna come out of it with this road maps.

  • You know exactly what's gonna be useful for you and what's not gonna be useful for you.

  • That's on December 11th.

  • Definitely come along to both for those that party on the seventh and then the lecture on the 11th.

  • Come and cheer me along for the mayor of From and the Observant among you will have noticed that that's only three days out of my three weeks or so in the city.

  • What am I gonna do for the rest of my time?

  • You know, I actually have no decided at this point, I don't know.

  • I want to pose this question to you.

  • Dear friend.

  • What should I, Julian Northbrook do?

  • Whilst I'm in Taiwan?

  • Let me know.

  • What are your top recommendations?

  • Let me know.

  • What I'll do is I'll maybe take curse on those popular ones or some of the most interesting looking ones.

  • I'll go do them and I'll make some videos.

  • Andi, it'll be a great learning experience for May.

  • And I can and then share that with people on my YouTube channel on my Facebook page on all that good stuff.

  • So why has this gonna focus?

  • Uh, let me know in the comments.

  • Wherever you can watch it on injured in Norfolk.

  • Do in Taiwan on.

  • I'll look forward to seeing you there.

  • This is Majored in Northbrook, signing out from this video.

  • Bye bye.

Hello, Taiwan.


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